2012 Spring Fashion Trends

Wednesday, March 07, 2012 January Gemorie 2 Comments

I’m sure you’re all excited and at the same time giddy for this year’s spring fashion trends, from the most fashionable shoes, clothes, bags and make-up that dedicated for this season up to the loveliest and of course affordable fashion jewelry and accessories there is.

Well, for the record, 2012 Spring Fashion Trend is still dominated by the Pantone colors. Dark Pink, Blue, Purple, Aqua Blue or as we speak the Pantone language, Tangerine Tango, Sodalite Blue, Cabaret and Cockatoo.
Let’s start with clothes, for this year, soft, flowing fabrics in the lovely shades of pastels will be seen in different magazines, runways etc. Black and white will always defy time and seasons so don’t be surprised to see this color’s, more or less in stripe or combined in other colors.

Skirts are the “In” thing and a must have whatever size you are, layered, tulips, bubble and all with whimsical patterns, flowers, plaid or stripe. Also if you love croquet better take it out of your closet and begin wearing them as its making a comeback.

On the other hand, jeans will be in vibrant colors of red, orange, blue, purple and other pastels, high waste, skinny jeans and straight cuts are seen in the runways, better have one before you became a fashion fallout.
As for the accessories, belt bags are a nice idea in replace of a purse, Small Square and flat are better than those bulky ones. Belts on the other hand, are thinner or skinny belts as they say, something that would enhance your jeans or your skirt.

Then for jewelries, there are different fashion jewelry available, big and chunky, some are in loud colors while some remains classic. Bracelets, cuff’s in particular is something you should have, gemstone jewelry is also good especially those who have the same tone in the pantone color.

If you are looking for shoes, better pick something you will feel comfortable walking since its spring it’s nice to walk in the parks or wherever. Also choose something feminine like wedge, ballet flats, high heels, and ankle boots as these types are making the spring trend complete.