Top Accessory Picks For A Cocktail Party

Monday, January 30, 2012 January Gemorie 1 Comments

Attending cocktail parties couldbe a complete headache if you do not know which accessories will fit your shoesand clothes. You don’t want to be someone who’ll grab people’s attentionbecause you dressed up and accessorized lamely. To get rid off of thatgauziness, I will be showcasing here some fine jewelry that could be used in acocktail party.

If you’re the type of personwho’s not used to having something dangling in your ears or finds wearingnecklace a bit off, you can never go wrong with rings. Wearing something likeemerald white gold ring, ruby white gold ring, or any ring with lavish stone isenough to give you a different glow. Just be sure that whatever the color ofstone it will be, it will fit the color of your dress.

A pearl necklace can give you adifferent spark most especially if you’re wearing a tube dress. It does notonly put emphasis on elongating your neck, but it also makes your creates avisual illusion of having that perfect collar bone. This will make you lookmore voluptuous. Be sure that your hair is tied up in a cute, neat bun for thatkiller looks.

If the above options were not soyou, then wearing some dangling earrings or stud earrings is another option.Dangling earrings with shiny stone will definitely do and when it comes tostud, choose the one that matches the color of your dress and shoes or wearsomething which has clear stone color. You definitely won’t go wrong withsomething clear.

Your creativeness and thirst forsome drop-dead gorgeous look will give you the spunk you need to wow the crowd.Nevertheless, sporting the simple yet elegant dress up with proper accentuationwill give you that let’s dance the night away my princess feel. Just don’tforget to have that big grin during the socials and beam everyone some warmth.

Are you in search for someaccessories? You have the options of keeping it simple or make it moreglamorous by checking They’ve got tons of precious gems to choosefrom. Don’t just enjoy the feeling of looking into it, enjoy the feeling ofwearing it.