What Grooming Products Would You Choose for Your Man on a Date Night

Let’s talk about men, their grooming products to be precise.

I’ve dated quite a few, went out with some and have a lot of male friends, not to mention the members of the family. What fascinates me most is their grooming products, their hair care and shaving products, skin essentials, fragrances and more.

Grooming Tips for the Modern Man 2017
There is a limited option as compared to women - of course a hundred plus men’s grooming brands  versus a thousand plus women’s brand is considered limited - but these men’s grooming products are all amazing.

Most of their products either targets a very specific problem or it works in a lot of ways/multi-purpose products, not to mention most of their essentials smells divine, woody, some with a hint of citrus or mint.

So on a girls point of view, think of this one guy, a friend, a prospective partner, a family member, going out on a date and you are asked to choose the products they would or should use for that particular date, what among the options below would you choose?

Hair Styling Products

American Crew Defining Paste, contains natural ingredients, has a medium level of hold, has matte finish, and is suitable for short to medium length hair.

Baxter Clay Pomade contains a blend of essential oils and bentonite clay giving it a strong hold on hair and is suitable for any type of hair style.

Go 247 Cream Wax is a well known brand for men that is versatile and can be use either on wet hair for a matte finish or on dry hair for a glossy finish

All mentioned brands for men’s hair styling has a price range of around $25–$30, buy it online and avail whatever promo the online store offers.

Most Popular Shaving Brands for Men

Shaving Products

Bluebeards Revenge Shave Cream doesn’t need a shaving brush to produce a thick lather, formulated to decrease if not slow down beard growth and has a classic barbershop scent, whatever it smells like.

Creed Green Irish Tweed Shave Soap and Bowl formulated with the brands best selling fragrance for men, has a luxurious lather with the use of shaving brush - minus point for the need to purchase another tool - great at reducing razor burn

eShave Verbena Lime Pre-shave Oil formulated with essential oils and amino acids that helps soften the hair and moisturize the skin reducing skin related issues after shaving.

Except for Creed which is around $80+, all shaving brands for men cost’s around $25 - $30. (I should probably search for more positive points of Creed)

Most recommended skin and body care products for men

Skin and Body Care

Hunter Lab Cleansing Facial Scrub formulated with natural and botanical extracts that helps remove dirt and dead skin cells plus moisturize the skin, perfect men’s product for winter.

Modern Pirate Bay Rum Body Wash a perfect skin cleanser and toner for men, has anti inflammatory ingredients perfect for shaving enthusiasts, combined with a tropical scent.

Penhaligon’s Endymion Deodorant formulated with Penhaligon’s Endymion fragrance line, paraben free and no aluminum ingredients added

Personally, I think all men need this kinds of skin and body care products, not particularly from this brands, especially deodorant as a common courtesy be it summer or winter.

Fragrance for the Modern Men

Fragrance For Men

Lubin Akkad fragrance for men that is formulated with two different kinds of amber infused with vanilla and some clary sage, has mild but masculine scent.

Creed Himalaya a seductive scent inspired by climbing in the Himalayas, uses cedarwood and sandalwood to recreate the feeling of climbing the Himalayas.

This cologne is perfect for the man who loves to live life on the edge and portrays a life of confidence and rugged masculinity.

Costume National Cyber Garden is what you would call modern technology meets classic scents thus creating a harmonizing fragrance of tranquillity and peace.

So, what do you think? Is there something that caught your fancy? Would you recommend this products for your special someone as something he can use not just on special occasions but as a part of his daily grooming routine.

Are there men's brands or a particular product you'd like to add? If so, please be mindful that our product range is around $25-$35. If there is a product beyond that price range that you can truly testify, give me the reason why I should recommend it or purchase it myself to give as a gift.

This post is inspired by a post from Quora: Would You Choose This Grooming Products for Your Men on a Date Night?

2017 Father's Day Gift Ideas and Activities

My dad has been working overseas for the last couple of years. He returns home every Christmas holidays or during summer breaks and usually spends around 2-3 weeks before returning to his workplace. We also visit him regularly, but most of the time, for the last couple of years, I can't remember a day we spend Father’s Day where he is around. I remember calling him, sending him messages and stuff, but no dine out or travels, no Father’s day gifts either.

But early this year, he got feed up with working overseas and call it quits, return home, grab my mom for a vacation. After their vacation he spends his days doing some farming for a couple of weeks, fixing whatever he see’s that needs fixing inside the house then got bored with it so decided to put up a small business. Now both my parents are busy with their new acquisition.

Anyway, going back to father’s day. Since this is a first after quite some time, I find it hard to plan something for him. There are so much ideas in my head that I decided to list it down and put it into a post, maybe there are also others who needs gift ideas, activities for Father’s Day.

Number 1 on my list is travel + spa package, in short a vacation away from their kids - that are no longer kids but still acts like one -, their work, something just for the two of them.

He’s been working diligently for a long time. As a father, as a husband, a friend, brother, uncle basically my dad is the best!

During this past weeks both my parents have been busy with their business that they can’t find time to relax, so I'm thinking of a spa package. Massage, foot spa, hair spa, all the works.

Bali Indonesia Spa and Wellness

I was in Bali last year and it’s an amazing place. Tropical weather, almost familiar food, beaches, and a lot of spa and wellness center’s to choose from. The thing is, there are so many that I can't find or rather choose the right spa and wellness center for couples, so Im open for suggestions since I'm still reading reviews.

Another place I’m looking is Philippines, another tropical country but I’m not sure if I should book them a flight to popular tourist spots like Boracay and Palawan since it's already June, the rainy month.

Luljettas Hanging Garden Hotel Resort Review
Image Credit to Rappler
I’m thinking somewhere not far from the metro. There is this one hotel resort called Luljettas Garden located in Antipolo that’s been receiving really good reviews. I just need to call them, ask if there are still open slots for father’s day.

Number 2 on my list is a shaving kit.

My dad as well as my brother’s regularly shaves. I always see either one of them in front of the mirror every morning holding a safety razor - if they are being lazy or out of time they're using an electric razor-, shaving cream all over their face.

Baxter of California Wet Shave Starter Kit from The Emporium Barber

I found this fancy shaving kit online called Baxter of California Wet Shave Starter Kit, apparently it's a popular brand for men’s grooming. It’s a wet shaving kit, don’t really know what wet shaving means, it say’s shaving kit for beginners so yeah, it’s probably some stuff that men would would actually use to their face.

Anyway, the kit includes a shaving brush, shaving cream, aftershave balm and a safety razor that looks like the one my dad have at home, its Muhle something razor, probably a brand name.

Proraso Shaving Essential for Men in Silver Gift Box

I'm actually slightly torn between Baxter and another shaving set the Proraso Silver Gift Box because of the packaging, I would love to have that silver box for my girl stuff, plus they have almost the same price but the Proraso has more products that Baxter.

I found another not so fancy, but totally great (say’s the ad) shaving bundle Imperial Field Shave Kit, a bit more expensive than Baxter but has more products included in the bundle.

Imperial Field Shave Kit for Men

With all the things in my head, I can actually only share two. Two that is customized for my dad. The other father’s day ideas are still floating in my head without any fix plan. I'm not sure if it’s something my Dad need or want and I’m afraid to share it and get your mind as blown as mine.

Can you share your ideas on how you will spend Father’s Day?

Reasons to Hit the Gym Aside from Losing Weight

Home Exercise for Beginners - JanuaryGemorie

Did you ever felt humiliated or feel so down every time the media bombards us with their "perfect body images" or "tips to get fit this summer" it's as if you are not doing your part to stay fit and healthy.

Most of the time, this kinds of news and images hits our self esteem, sometimes even the latest fashion trends can be annoying. Its like the time you spend sweating on the gym to be fit, to be healthy, to be able to wear the clothes that you are comfortable with is still not enough.

Perhaps being thin is what's ideal, but most women would not agree in that, even I myself believe that being thin doesn't always mean your healthy and being fat doesn't mean your slouching on the couch eating junk all the time. Chubby girls can be fit too, and not because your a few pounds above the scale means your overweight, what about muscles? Muscles weigh more heavier than fat!

Not because one is too thin or overweight means they are neglecting their health. It just means that each person, each body type responds differently to a certain fitness routine. And not because someone spends more time in the gym means all their goal is to shed all those extra pounds, there are other reasons why one spends time working their ass in workout centers and believe me, you should too.

Everyone of all sizes are now more competitive in the health and fitness department and here's some of the reasons why.

Physical activity such as brisk walking releases endorphin's, a chemical in our system that triggers a positive feeling in the body which means you wont snapped when things doesn't go the way you want it to be or when work is filling up.

Less stress means you are unlikely to be depress or feel anxious. Also, being stress free acts as an anti-aging solution. For one, physical activities doesn't only releases happy chemicals, it also strengthen our bones and builds muscles that are strong enough to prevent damages for years to come.

It's kind of a cause and effect thing. A less stressful daily life results a happy disposition. When you are happy, you became more focus with things, more relaxed with your choices thus, creative juices overflows in your system, which only means work is done pretty easily equals more time for yourself and your family. Combine it with healthier options and having strong bones and muscles and you'll last a couple more years to play with your great grand kids.

Yoga Pants - The Upside Sport

Another thing about being in the gym are the sportswear pieces each enthusiast wear. Yoga pants, running shoes, those nice crop tops that shows a great view of abs and biceps. Not to mention who would want to see a sexy butt doing squats?

Extra Info: Did you know that there was a time in the past that women are not allowed to compete in a marathon? They think we are fragile, but there is one women who proved them wrong, Kathrine Virginia "Kathy" Switzer, best known for being the first woman to run and complete the 1967 Boston Marathon under entry number 261 in 1967. -Wikipedia

Gym Essentials to Look “Effortlessly” Good

Nike Sportswear Trend 2016

I haven’t been in the gym for a very long time. In any case, I was never the type to wake up before dawn to prepare for my gym class before heading out to whatever activity I need to do that day. In addition, I’d rather go straight home and rest than visit the gym after office hours. I don’t have the energy left to at least run a few miles after a busy day at work.

I do run during weekends but that was a very rare event. I do crunches and squats but after a few repetitions I will find myself doing something else, like watching Netflix.

Anyway, recently, my office mates are all about cutting calories and getting fit, not to mention the cute guys at the gym or their yoga instructor.

Kidding aside, I think I’ve been gaining weight, no wait, let me rephrase that “I am gaining weight!!”. The stress of becoming a part of a new team and a new job, my slightly sedentary lifestyle, my binge eating habits when I am stress all adds up to my love handles and its freaking me out how my jeans won’t fit the way they usually do.

I decided to check out one of the many fitness facilities around the office. I found a few good ones with great fitness classes. But it’s kind of intimidating looking at the gym enthusiasts. They all look fashionably great.

The last time I was at the gym, I look like a sweating pig on white T-shirt and jogging pants, but these gym goers look all amazing, like running on a full speed treadmill wouldn’t make them sweat.

While most of us aim to be on tip top condition, looking good while sweating seems to be something we should also look after, in any case no one would want to be caught red handed, especially in a place like this where there is a possibility to meet a lot of people.

Here are some simple tips to look effortlessly good while working out.

1. Invest in good sportswear: Dress for comfort, pick up sportswear pieces that will make you feel comfortable, not too baggy, not too tight, you should be able to move without feeling discomfort. Pieces that absorbs sweat and dries out easily are a go to.

Yoga pants and leggings seems to be the in thing, bold colored sports bra or razor back sando’s, crop tops and a size bigger than your original size white shirt can be seen to most gym enthusiasts.

2. Good trainers: As a girl our rule of thumb is that “good shoes brings you to good places”, same with picking rubber shoes and trainers. You have to choose one depending on the type of workout you are into.

Running shoes are made especially for running. Trainers are the best options when you are into sports but it still depends on what type of sports you are into. Cross-trainer are also a go-to option when you’re going to spend more time on the treadmill or just have some light jogging or brisk walking exercises.

3. Bring a Functional Bag: Come on girl, we both know this, you won’t follow the rules of the fitness facility no matter what the gym assistant tells you. I’m sure you will bring this and that with you inside the gym. Better bring a slightly bigger bag that can hold your stuff and can be more functional. Like sportswear pieces and accessories that you can bring beyond the gym, it’s called athleisure fashion, and believe me, you’ll get hooked to this trend.

Kendal Jenner Gym Clothes

4. Go for waterproof: No matter what I tell you, you will still push the no makeup-makeup-look in the gym so better invest in a water proof mascara, a good lip gloss that has better hydration qualities, a well-groomed brow and nothing else. Again, nothing else in your face aside from a water proof mascara, lip gloss and polished brow.

No matter how good you are when it comes to the no-makeup-makeup-look, it will dissolve in a messy, sticky sweat that will be seen on your towel, and it looks gross.

You should also invest in colorful hair tie’s and head bands, to accessorize your hair.

5. Water bottle: No matter how good you look, fainting from lack of water is more horrible than getting caught without makeup on.

Anyway, I am already trying to increase my stamina before I enroll in a fitness class. At present, I am regularly taking a jog, well more like brisk walking - during weekends and taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

I’m also cutting on calories little at a time, decrease in junk food intake, eat healthier foods and sleep at least 6 hours, yes that’s the longest I can get during work days.

And that’s my list. How about you? Did I miss something?  

2016 Summer Beach Essentials

2016 Summer Beach Essentials| JanuaryGemorie

The summer is just right around the corner and I know you’re just as excited as I am. The long cold winter nights are over, dry skin and chapped lips are almost recovering as spring slowly makes its way for summer.

Aside from longer days which means more time playing under the sun, it also means a long vacation and what else, going to the beach! Here are your summer essentials for 2016, I also included some fashion must haves just in case you want to be upbeat with what’s new and what you should put at the back of your closet.

1. Swimsuits: Let’s not forget that summer means wearing swimsuits. It doesn’t matter if you have that #PerfectSummerBody, whatever your size is, you can wear a swimsuit. The best tip I can give is to choose one that would complement your curves.

The current fashion trend is consisting of sporty cut-away bikinis. If you also notice, one-piece swimwear’s are also seen being worn by celebrities, just make sure to look for something with little details like cut-outs, off shoulder silhouettes or something with classic cut ruffles or lace details.

If you still feel unsure or insecure, bring a cover up, wear a sarong or a sheer dress over your swimwear.

Rash guards are also seen being a trendy option for those who are too sensitive to the sun or who don’t want to show too much skin.

Camilla Swimsuit Collection

2. Skin and Hair Care Products: Most of us want some good tan but too much sun can break our skin. Make sure you include a sunscreen with a good enough amount of sun protection, at least something with 30+ SPF. Also, include an exfoliating scrub or body exfoliator and moisturizer to help bring back the glow and moisture of your skin.

If you are prone to blemishes, my best advice it to bring tinted moisturizer, it’s not too heavy so you’ll still achieve the no-make-make-up-look.

You should also bring hair conditioner’s, texturizing hair spray or oil that is advice for your type of hair. Salt water and too much sun damages your hair follicles. Putting some oil on your hair before going out helps in protecting it and keeping it soft. On the other hand, texturizing spray enhances your natural waves.

I would also like to include waterproof cosmetics like mascara. I know this is being too vain but hey, I like my lashes long and thick looking, wearing a water proof one will help me avoid smudges and look pretty at the same time.

Include some lip gloss or lip moisturizer with lots of SPF in your make-up bag to avoid chapped lips. A few sheets of facial wipes and blotting paper to get rid of sweat, grease and grime and a bottle of baby powder to dust off sand.

3. Accessories: Add some glam or a pop of color using different fashion accessories like:
Flip flops, as much as you love wearing your stilettos, it’s not a good idea to wear one on the beach, instead bring on comfy sandals or flip flops.
Sunglasses, the current trend for round faces consists of geometric shapes, rectangular frames to help elongate your facial features and cats eye shapes to sharpen your look. For the those with a more defined jaw, you should opt for curvy frames like butterfly or a round edge cats eye.
Bring some straw hats or fedora hats whenever you got out, it’s not just for protection it’s also for fashion proposes.
Camera, well not really an accessory but a must have beach essential

4. Sand Toys: If you’re going to travel with kids, this is a must have item to keep them busy during the scorching hours. And as the saying goes “you’re never too old to make sand castles or play in the sand”.

5. Extra Bag: Bring an extra bag that is waterproof to put on your gadgets, and another extra bag where you can put all your used clothes and other stuff.

How about you? Do you have a list of summer fashion tips and tricks? Did I miss something? Share me your tips.