Emerald: 2013’s Color of the Year

Friday, December 14, 2012 January Gemorie 2 Comments

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute announced that Emerald is 2013’s dominating color. Hmm, not so surprising at all, to think that the recent spring collection by the top names in the world of fashion and design consists of hues of emeralds.
Pantone Color for 2013 is Emerald

Did you know that Emerald is May’s birthstone jewelry, and my, my, I was born in the month of May, that is why I am so happy and excited, because Emerald being 2012’s color of the year means there will be lots and lots of fashion jewelry and clothes in the shade of green, what a refreshing year we have.

I've been a sucker for emerald since I was 16, and mind you I am only in my early 20's. I still remember, when I was in Elementary my favorite color is pink, then it changed into sky blue when I entered High School, at 16, my mom told me that Emerald is my birthstone jewelry, that explains the emerald gemstone in my earring which I am wearing since I was 3 she said. From then on Emerald is on my top favorites.

Anyway, here's a photo of my very first emerald earring, the one I was wearing when I was three. I just notice that young girls usually have stud earrings, I guess most of us started with a stud earring, I remember when I got my second piercing a mommy and her baby was first in line and her daughter's very first earring is also a stud.

Heart shape emerald stud earring set in gold

Here's another emerald jewelry from my collection. I just want to clarify, I only have a few ones, I'm not rich, neither my parents. Anyway, the heart shaped was given by my mom, while the cross necklace is bought by me when I receive my very first paycheck, well, not actually the first since I saved some more because its quiet expensive and my salary is just on the basic considering I am a fresh graduate.

emerald Necklace

Well, too much about me. Lets all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Cheers!

Cheers to a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013 New Year


Destination Review on Sunshine Coast Australia

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So far, the Sunshine Coast is an iconic place for native Australians but now, this is the most visited holiday spots by tourist from all over the world. It’s famous for its natural pristine beauty. The steamy rain forests, outing seashores and resorts, scenic sights and an untold of other indigenous fascinations are illustrious here.

It’s a one in all tourist package where you spellbind and revel in the beauty of the coastline. It’s the place where natural vegetation and wildlife is a central attraction conceivably; this is Eco-tourists best place.

sunshine coast australia

The Sunshine coast is a 50 Km stretch from end-to-end with most central holiday business zones mainly on the narrow shoreline belt and Blackall Ranges. The overall populace is around 200,000 covering the three distinctive regions namely Caloundra in the direction of the southern, Noosa headed to North and Maroochy on the central part.

Mooloolaba beach and Noosa Everglades are the must explore places. Due to the on the rise vacationer area neighboring and to bliss the greatest swimming experience to the Mooloolaba beach, it is also counted in the shoreline. The coastline surrounds an ample series of enthrallment and housing conveniences from 5-star to Hitchhiker.

It is considered to be the premier day off destinations in Queensland and a wonderland to spend with your kids. It’s a home to seamless seashore as well as beautiful deluxe environs. It has everything to do with like, you can shop, dine, and relax. This is a dreamland and the best honeymoon spot for couples. You can experience a mild wavering in extreme weather conditions and is pretty epitome all the run. Irrespective of the season, one can delight in the Australian ambiances. The lovely weather conditions make you mesmerize.

Few popular Sunshine coast destinations are:
  • Glass House Mountains – The highlands resemble a glass house and thus the name. It’s a series of suffused volcanic wadding's which take over the backdrop of the Sunshine coast vicinity. There’s a National Park located near the mountain where you can go for a picnic or bush walk just to bask in the beauty of glass massifs.
Glass House Mountains
  • Eumundi and Yandina - This is located on the north near Noosa. These are the traditional farming centres. Here takes place weekend market organised by the tribes. It’s a must lodge groovy place. You find historic constructions and typical structural designs of ancient era.
  • Maroochydore - It’s a topographical hub. It’s situated at the crossing flanked by Maroochy (river) waterway and the marine. The airport is located at this place. Many resorts, clubs, cafes and restaurants are located at this spot. In simple, it’s a low-budget luxurious place to stay-in.
  • Alexandra Headland - It’s so-called the Sunshine strip as it’s sandwiched between Maoochydore and Mooloolaba. It’s a rocky cliff with a descent swimming zone to swim. Surfclub is the preeminent roller skate park present here. This place breaks your zest with the background echoes of surfs booming on the shore.
  • Kings beach - This is the place where you can see various holiday bedsitters. It’s called to be the home of flats. It’s toured round the year and has beach side pleasure trips and cook on spit areas. It’s the place where you can treasure trove errands boutiques, superstores and ice-cream parlors.
  • Coolum - It’s a crazy place to devote your lazy breaks. It’s a romantic gateway with amazing weather. You find lively cafeteria here. It’s a place where resources are well-preserved.

    I found it as an interesting destination for its handiness of all the prerequisites. Similar to ppi claims for the redundant people; Life and Medical Insurances for protection of life and health, Travel insurance could be an assistance to travel round the globe.


Look Fashionably Good in Five Minutes

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Running late? Well we all experience something like that once in a while. Don’t let lack of time ruin your style especially this holiday season. Allow me to let you in on my very simple regimen that can me look absolutely fab from being drab in less than 5 minutes. I usually wear a pair of trendy sneaker wedge boots when I’m running late just so I can keep glamour aura all over. Let me know how my go to fix has helped you by leaving a comment below.

Quick Fix Christmas Fashion

Pretty in Minutes Step #1 Wash your face

This should be the foundation of your skin care regimen. Whether it’s in the morning or at night, never skip washing your face because it’s the only way for you to get most of the dirt and oil off your face.

Here are 5 simple ways that would help you clean your face properly:
  1. Use a facial cleanser that suits your skin type
  2. Once you lather on the soap on your face, massage it lightly all over for at least a minute
  3. Exfoliate using a facial scrub at least twice a week
  4. To avoid bacteria build up, use paper towels or a clean towel when wiping your face
  5. Start and end the your facial cleansing by splashing your face with water for at least 3 times
You’ll surely be wide awake and ready for the day after a refreshing face cleaning.

Pretty in Minutes Step #2 Tie your hair in a messy bun

Hollywood is just plain crazy about this hairstyle. Now, everyone can just look fabulous even when they’re running late or having a bad hair day. Messy buns are really the epitome of effortless style and beauty so we should use it more often to achieve an effortless chic style.

Messy buns are easy to do. My favorite way of doing it is just putting my hair all together in a high ponytail, and then I twist my hair on a ponytail several times before I bring it up and around to create a circle. Once I have a bun, I secure my hair with about 6 bobby pins to keep it in place for the entire day.

Since there are many ways to do the messy bun, find which one best fits your style. You can stick to one that works for you or try as many ways depending on your outfit and mood.

Pretty in Minutes Step #3 Slather on moisturizer and sunscreen

If you only have time to put on one or two facial creams, let it be your moisturizer and sunscreen. These two would keep your face supple and protected throughout the day so never forget them.

Selecting the right moisturizer and sunscreen for you is like looking for the perfect pair of leather boots. Aside from finding one that fits you well, you also have to consider what it’s made of (materials used) and if it suits your lifestyle well. Getting a pair of knee-high boots doesn’t make much sense if you live right next to the beach, right?

Pretty in Minutes Step #4 Draw your eyebrows

Did you know that darkening your eyebrows can make so much difference in the way you look? Having well defined brows does wonders in opening up your eye area so don’t forget to define those arches very well to make the upper half of your eyes prominent and noticeable.

Pretty in Minutes Step #5 Put some color on your lips

types of lipstick

And for that final touch, splash some color on your lips using your favorite lip balm or lipstick. When it comes to painting your lips, you can instantly go charming with pinks or sizzling hot with red shades. Putting on an orange lipstick can give an instant beach glow when you pair it with a bronze for that tanned effect.

Do you have other instant fixes? Whether it’s an outfit or a pair of shoes that you love wearing when you don’t have the luxury of time – I’d love to hear how you pull things together in just under 5 minutes. Your tips and tricks can surely help especially this holiday season. Thanks in advance!


What to Do After Thanksgiving? 5 Simple Tasks You Can Do To Prepare For the Busy Holiday Season

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I've already pictured the perfect moment. After a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, where my new pair of ankle boots got the spotlight, I’d be retiring to bed and would be waking up to a normal life – oops! But the following day is Black Friday – I might not be getting the rest I've been dreaming of after all.

Hot Deals for Christmas

It took me a quite to get into to the holiday spirit this. Nope, I’m not Mrs. Scrooge but thinking of all the hustle and bustles of this season just makes me want to sulk all day long. Good thing I got a pair of edgy ankle boots from my sister that really got me all hyped up for the holidays.

If you’re a bit wary of what would happen after Thanksgiving, I’ll share with you my simple to do list for this crazy season to keep me on top of my game and prepared for more shopping, parties and gift giving for the next month.

Here they are…

1. Refashion left over foods. Did you host a big family reunion? Chances are you’ll have a leftover meal or two. With the increasing costs of everything – please think twice or even as much as 5 times before you put that dish in the bin.

Reheating is not your only option nowadays. If you still have no idea what your meatballs can turn into, there are tons of food websites and blogs online they can provide you with recipes that will give your dish a second chance at the dinner table.

2. Clean out your closet. Holidays is a season of (gift) giving and sharing. You’d surely get a couple of gifts that would need a home. Free up some space in your closet by removing clothes, shoes, bags and accessories that do not fit your current personal style.

Since Thanksgiving begins this season of sharing, you should consider donating those items booted out of your closet to the Salvation Army or another charity of your choice. You can also look for a local thrift shop or a bazaar to see if you can make a couple of bucks for these goods. Let your booties find a new loving home in somebody else’s closet.

3. Write a holiday shopping list. With Christmas just around the corner, I’m pretty sure you’d be doing a lot of shopping for food and gifts in the next 30 days or so. Be on top of your game by creating reliable shopping list that won’t only serve as a reminder of the items you intend to buy but will also keep you on the budget.

4. Schedule grocery and shopping trips. Being able to plan ahead and anticipate needs this holiday season is your best defense against turning holiday cheers into jeers. Keep in mind that the holiday season is generally busy for everyone including individuals and businesses.

Start going grocery shopping for ingredients little by little to avoid the last minute rush. This would also help make sure that you get the goods that you really want. Don’t settle for your 3rd or nth choice because it went out of stock even before you could make a trip to the store.

5. Bring in the Christmas tree. Haven’t fully decorated your home yet? After Thanksgiving is a great time to go all out in putting holiday adornments in your home. To make things a little more creative, you can ask your guest to help decorate the tree with you after the Thanksgiving dinner. Kids would surely love this as they get busy with all the fancy decorations.


Be an Early Bird on Great Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Finding a great buy during the holiday season is a million times harder. Although sale events happen more often during the last two months of the year, getting a huge discount on an item doesn't instantly spell savings for the customer. Getting a pair of ankle boots for 10 bucks seem like a steal – but is it in a good condition?

Thanks Giving Sale Be an Early Bird on Great Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Today, let’s talk about being smart shoppers this holiday season. With the Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, we should all gear up to make to make sure that we get the best worth for our money.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to be the customer no business can fool. Have fun reading and share this guide with your family and friends so we can have more smart shoppers any time of the year.

A Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal Be an Early Bird on Great Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

So during the holiday season, I realized that there are basically 3 types of items on retail store shelves

1. Low Price – Low Quality trash. Pardon the term trash but I’m really no good at making things hurt a little less. But kidding aside, this type of goods is the worst ones that you can purchase. Low priced items in poor condition are better off classified as trash especially if you’ll not be able to use them for at least a year or it would cost more than what you paid for to fix the product or the possible damages it can bring.

Here are 3 of the most common examples:
  • Second hand cars that need massive rework
  • Food items and medicines that are expired
  • Skin care and makeup products that use unapproved ingredients
I know that $ 5 can’t possibly get you a pair the hottest pair of Lady Gaga inspired ankle boots. But make sure that the quality or value of the item that you’re buying is justifiable. Getting expired food items that can possibly have you hospitalized for food poisoning is not a good buy at all.

2. High Price – High Quality luxury items. This type of goods got one thing right – their price is equivalent to their actual or perceived value. With that said, these products are often carried by international brands that spell luxury really well like Gucci, Victoria Secret and Hermes to name a few. These designer items have tried and tested quality as well as a spotless reputation which earned them such a status. And even if these items go on sale, they could still cost an arm and a leg requiring budget-savvy shoppers to break the bank.

Buying items under this class is good from time to time provided that you can put them to good use to maximize their cost.

3. And here’s what great deals are made of… Low Price – Good Quality. From what I've been telling you, I’m pretty sure you understand this group of goods available in retail stores and online shops.

Here are 3 foolproof signs that you snagged a good deal with your low priced item:
  1. The product is in mint condition. It doesn't have to be superbly engineered but it should at least be functional without carrying out any repairs.
  2. You found the same product in the same condition at a higher price. This is very common with clothes and shoes and shoe. As an example, I found a chic pair of boots on clearance sale the other day. It has a unique style and a vintage vibe that makes it look like vintage designer pair.
  3. You actually find yourself using the product. Buying a product at a reasonable price is not reasonable until you get it out of the closet and put it to work. If it’s not like that, consider it as your hard-earned dollars making friends with a couple of dust bunnies.
This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, watch out for these hints to make sure that you get the bang for your buck.


Jewelry for a Sophisticated You

Thursday, November 22, 2012 Simone Lerwick 1 Comments

For many people, appearance is everything. In order to look presentable to family and friends, they have to look sophisticated and elegantly groomed. While you can easily achieve this with expensive clothes and make up, it might be a little confusing to know which jewelry will make you look your best. So in formal events where you need to dress up, here’s a little tip on choosing the kind of fashion jewelry to wear for the night.

Jewelry for a Sophisticated You
1. Pearls. If you truly want to achieve the “rich and sophisticated” look, there’s nothing better than a good set of pearls. Once upon a time, pearls were owned by only the rich people. Whenever they went out to town, they had to wear their best pearls to look beautiful. Today, pearls may not be as expensive, but they still give women the boost to look beautiful and sophisticated. The good thing about pearls is that you can easily turn a casual dress into formal attire just by wearing the pearl jewelry sets. Besides, pearls are great with little black dresses.


2. Anything sparkly. Sparkles can turn everything dull into something bright. If you wear a sparkly jewelry set, you can turn any ordinary outfit to something people will envy. However, do be careful in choosing the type of sparklers to wear. Bling-blings aren't always called sophisticated unless you can carry the style well. Diamond rings and silver make a really good team. But if you don’t want to buy diamonds, you can always settle for cubic zirconia jewelry that looks almost like a diamond, without the hefty price tag. Do be cautious in choosing the outfit to wear your sparklers with. Dresses and formal gowns always look great with diamond jewelry, but if you’re on the casual side, it may look awkward or seemingly out of place.

3. Nothing too sparkly and big. Then again, in choosing the jewelry to wear, you should avoid accessories that will make you sparkle like Edward from Twilight. Only he can pull off that look and still get teenage girls fawning over him. If you wear jewelry that sparkles too much, your jewelry might end up looking too grand and eventually, people will notice your jewelry more than they’ll notice you. Avoid jewelry too big for your body as well. They don’t compliment your outfit and you’ll end up disappearing beyond the accessories you wear.

4. Avoid beads unless informal events. Beads can come across as cheap at some time. Be careful in choosing the beaded jewelry you wish to wear. Unless you’re going to a beach party or a pool party, you might as well choose pearls instead. Colorful beads are very effective when you wear them with beach clothes or the boho-chic look.

5. Gold. Some people choose to avoid gold because they tend to look dull against the sparkling front of silver. However, gold can be pretty impressive in certain outfits. Choose gold jewelry if you’re wearing dark colored outfits. Little black dresses, navy, dark green colors complement gold accessories well.

This tips will help you add a nice touch of elegance, sophistication with a touch of femininity so Dress to Ace the Corporate Ladder and administer this tips.


Thanksgiving Sale Alert!

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Were you waiting for a sale to happen? Wait no more. This week, in preparation of Thanksgiving, Eternalsparkles is holding a sale! Beatboxes please.


On November 16 – 22, Eternalsparkles will be giving their customers something to be thankful for. Just in time for everyone to buy their gifts for their special someone, they can now get something extra special as well. For every $50 of purchases, you can get a free pair of cubic zirconia earrings! Yes, an extra something to give to your wife, girlfriend or daughter to top their day. By using the coupon code – “Giving”, you can avail of this promo.

So, to help you make the cut for that extra pair of earrings, here are some fashion jewelry ideas.

1. Necklace and earring sets are usually bought together because they can be easily partnered with a specific outfit. However, when the time comes that you can only get 1 pair of free earrings, you’ll need something to even out your accessories.
  • This Reine de Violettes Crystal necklace is a perfect addition to a simple, but elegant outfit. In this beautiful necklace, you get bezel-set amethyst stones sitting inside a border of elegant golden chains. Sounds expensive? Not really. This beautiful jewelry only costs $24.99. It won’t get you your earrings just yet, but it’s a good start. Did you know amethyst stones are known to protect travelers in their journey?
  • But because one necklace isn't enough for a free CZ earring, you might want to get a romantic Heritage tennis bracelet as well. Because your necklace is made out of gold, it’ll look perfect with this tennis bracelet. Since it has cubic zirconia in it as well, it’ll look perfect with your CZ earrings. This bracelet is adorned with cubic zirconia stones set within the chain of this gold-plated bracelet. Classic, stylish and truly beautiful, this bracelet costs $29.99, just enough to make your $50 cut and receive a pair of free CZ earring.
2. On the other hand, if you’re not too keen with making a set of your own, you can always get something to simply compliment your earrings. Tracey’s Radiant Sun pendant necklace is beautiful and simply stunning to look at. This beautiful piece of jewelry features a sun-shaped pendant within a set of clear cut cubic zirconia stones. This necklace will look great with any black dress or dark-colored outfits. Wear with the free CZ earring by adding another jewelry to your cart.

3. Here’s another idea for your CZ earrings. Wear it on your wedding day! Partner your earrings with a beautiful sterling silver 11-carat sized ring on your finger. Set on top of a sterling silver band is a huge cubic zirconia ring to match it. It’s beautiful, similar to the earrings and it’ll look great with any dress you wear.


How to Pick the Jewelry for a Wedding

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 January Gemorie 4 Comments

Going to a friend’s wedding is definitely a fun way of spending the day, especially if you actually like the couple getting married. However, this also means that you can’t just wear anything to their special day. When a wedding calls for formal attire, this means you have to go all out. Here are some tips to finding the perfect fashion jewelry sets to wear to a wedding.

bridal sale

1. If buying jewelry is not an option, consider renting
Sometimes, finding jewelry can be really hard. If you don’t have any budget to buy new jewelry, your choices are pretty limited. The good thing is that there are many shops that rent jewelry for weddings today. If you really cannot afford to buy your own jewelry for the wedding, renting may be a lot cheaper. Just make sure to get a good set worthy of the price you’re paying.

2. Ask parents for any family jewelry
Parents have all the family jewelry that you’d need for any occasion. Even if it’s not your wedding yet, they may have something that you can wear for a formal event. At least, if you can get your jewelry from them, you won’t have to spend a dime to wear them to the event. In addition to that, they may even let you keep the jewelry after the event.

3. Consider what you’re wearing
Before you pick out your jewelry, always consider the dress you’re wearing. Are you wearing white? Does it have a plunging neckline? Does it have nice neck details? Are you wearing no sleeves? These are just some factors that can help you choose the type of jewelry you might need. For example, if you have a dress with beautiful neck details, you won’t need a necklace to spice up your outfit. But if you’re wearing a dress with no sleeves, you might need a nice bracelet to complete your look. You should always buy your dress first before you choose the jewelry to wear it with.

4. Make it a point to get your jewelry right after you get your dress
Sometimes, people take so much time looking for the right jewelry that they don’t buy any. As a result, a day before the wedding, they panic, cruising through several fashion jewelry brands just to buy the set that they think is expensive enough to fit their dress. Buy your accessories as soon as you buy your dress so you have all the time to pick affordable jewelry.

5. Consider the theme of the wedding
Does the wedding have a theme? You might want to consider that too. If you appear to be out of context of the wedding’s theme, you might come off as disrespectful to the bride. Know the theme of the wedding and make it a point to stick to it.

6. Consider the time of the wedding
Will the wedding happen at night? Or during daylight? There are different bridal jewelry sets for weddings that take place at a specific time of the day. If the wedding takes place during day time, dark suits and accessories are usually avoided.


4 Ways to Display Your Jewelry on Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

In a few weeks, it’ll be Thanksgiving. And just like that, you have to start taking down your jewelry display from last week’s Halloween. No more scary masks, cobwebs and pumpkins to display and everything you put up last week has to be replaced by decorations for the upcoming new holiday. If you think it’s easy to sell jewelry on Halloween because people need it for their costumes, it’s even easier to get them interested on Thanksgiving – especially if they’re the giving kind.

fashion jewelry thanksgiving sale

To attract your market before Thanksgiving, you need to lighten your jewelry display. Here are some ideas to displaying your jewelry for Thanksgiving.

1. Lighten the colors of your display
From your overly dark display last Halloween, lighten all of your display to something more fitting for Thanksgiving – white, beige, cream and even yellow. Create a lighter background. This gives you a chance to display all of your colorful jewelry and help it to stand out more.

2. Pair couple colors together
In order to make a colored jewelry stand out, you need to pair them with something that will help them to look good. This is why black and white look good together. On a white background, black stands out because it’s the partner color of white. On a black background, white will also be the color to stand out the most. Pair up colors like yellow and green, blue and red and you’ll notice that the jewelry will help each other to stand out in a display.

3. Use embellishments
Just because you have a lot of jewelry display stands to help you with your booth doesn't mean that you can’t use embellishments to make it even better. You see, sometimes, display items aren't enough to impress a customer. Other times, you need to use embellishments to get people to notice you. For example, accessories such as ribbons and flowers both make a great decoration to your display. While it can take up a lot of space in a booth, embellishments are a really good addition to those who have jewelry stores. Instead of displaying your jewelry on an empty shelf, use embellishments like pins, vases, flowers, basically anything decorative to make your jewelry stand out.

4. Create a real background
Most jewelry stores create an illusion of a background for their display. They can either print a background or simply use cloth to make the jewelry stand out. However, instead of using portable jewelry display cases on a simple table with matching colored fabric and all the usual decoration, you can create a real background. For example, you can set a side table somewhere in your shop. Place a lamp, some books and decorate it as if you’re decorating your own home. Amidst the decoration, place colorful jewelry to give light to your side table. If you have a simple, clean side table, the colorful jewelry will be the only thing your customers will see.

When it comes to displaying jewelry, colors can be a big help. Use the colors of your jewelry to create an outstanding display.


Movie: The Life of Gia Marie Carangi

Friday, November 16, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

The Life of Gia Marie Carangi played by Angelina Jolie

A friend of mine suggests that I watch the story of Gia Marie Carangi, she’s an American Supermodel during the late 1970’s to early 1980’s. She said her story (Gia Marie Carangi) is a little bit disturbing but something that one should watch. And I though hey, why the hell not!

I was expecting something like Selena’s story, but nope, is a whole different one, I can’t say it’s disturbing, more like normal, something some of us might experience, or is actually experiencing, a broken family the feeling of being left out and all those sad sorts.

Gia Marie Carangi

Anyway, I got too hooked on her story, or maybe because Angelina Jolie played Gia, or maybe because it is something I can relate, though my family is still intact, I have a good life, there where ups and down, low times and high times but my family in always there to support me. I am not telling I have a perfect one, all in all we are one normal family. (hmm what is normal?)

Going back to Gia, from Philadelphia she move to New York where she started her career at the age of 16 or 17 and during her time she was a favorite amongst photographers, magazines and well known fashion brands, her fame is something immeasurable.

Behind her fame lies a sad, sad girl. “She was like a puppy. She was like... love me, love me, love me, love me... and I did. I Did. I did right away. She was my lover. The only person I really loved.” -Sandy Linter, makeup assistant and Gia’s lover, although theirs is unstable.

Here are some of my Favorite Quotes from Gia Marie Carangi.

Gia Marie Carangi Americas First Supermodel January 29, 1960 – November 18, 1986

"Life and death, energy and peace. If I stop today it was still worth it. Even the terrible mistakes that I made and would have unmade if I could. The pains that have burned me and scarred my soul, it was worth it, for having been allowed to walk where I've walked, which was to hell on earth, heaven on earth, back again, into, under, far in between, through it, in it, and above."

"I could learn photography. That could be something to want. I could photograph children. I could have my own children. I would give them yellow roses. And if they got too loud, I would just put them some place quiet. Put them in the oven. And I would kiss them every day, and tell them you don't have to be anybody, because I would know that being somebody doesn't make you anybody anyway."

"You know what I think? I think there's a reason for everything. And I think that there's a plan for everyone. And I think that God has a big plan for me. Just not in this life."

Francesco: I know, I know. Life is so disappointing. Here you are. You have arrived. You are here. This is your moment. What do you have? You have pain. You have everything. What do you have? You have nothing. Everything is right, or everything is wrong. It's disappointing, it's confusing. This is life. What can we do?
Gia Carangi: People keep going away from me, that hurts.
Francesco: Work. You have a gift, use it. Life, life will be there later. When you have worked, and you have lived, and you know who you are, life is easy. Work. It's the only answer I know.
Gia Carangi: I should have been a rock star. But I can't sing.
Francesco: Work now. You'll live later, hm?
Gia Carangi: Hmm, hmm. You'd say anything to get that shot.
Francesco: Hmm, yeah. In this case I am saying the truth.

And my favorite?
...heaven on Earth
back again
far in between
through it
in it
and above...

You should really watch GIA. Then share me your feelings, cause mine? I cant explain it, GIA is really something.


Featured Trend: Burgundy Fashion and Jewelry

Tuesday, November 06, 2012 January Gemorie 1 Comments

Burgundy will be big this coming season. If you've been following the recent fashion week shows, you certainly know that burgundy will hit big in keeping us warm this cold weather. This color is set to grace tops, dresses, bottoms, footwear and even your stylish pair of Bamboo Shoes.

wedding bouquets

As this color begins to dominate the wardrobe of style stars all over the globe, here are 3 must-have closet staples in the rich and deep color of burgundy:

1. Leather Pants

fall winter fashion trend

With the cold weather just up our sleeves, wearing leather pants is a great way to stay warm while making a fashion statement this season. Wearing leather in an unconventional color can make all the difference in your outfit. Instead of having the regular black or brown pants, step it up a notch with this trending color for the coming fall/winter season.

In getting the right pair of leather pants, here are 2 rules that you should follow:
  • Get the right fit. Leather is not a lousy material. It’s supposed to cling on to your curves to show the real you. Keep this rule sacred. Don’t purchase a pair that’s too tight or too loose on you. To know whether you've landed the perfect fit, walk around the store with the jeans. Try to sit and wiggle around. If you can do these things at ease then you've found the one.
  • Go for versatile pieces. In buying clothes, make sure that the piece you like can fit into your current wardrobe. This avoids loading your closet with jeans, tops, dresses and everything else that you won’t actually wear. Remember, it is an unforgivable sin for chic shoppers to purchase pieces because they’re cute. Functional will always be way better.
2. Purse

fall/winter fashion

Little things matter. Like a slight outfit malfunction, your purse can make or break your look. Burgundy is a great color that brings with it a distinct personality of its own. With that, make sure to keep other components of your look simple when bringing in a striking color such as burgundy. Going overboard with accessories or wearing over the top pieces can make your outfit look too busy or worse, looking like heading to the dumpster.

3. Peplum Dress
We've seen this style flourish in the previous. Most of us certainly didn't get enough of it so stylists, designers and other style stars are welcoming it back fresh from the fall/winter season's catwalk.

fall/winter fashion trend

In wearing a peplum dress in burgundy, always remember that this piece of your look automatically becomes the focal point. Not only because it constitutes most of what you are wearing but also because of its color. Tone down the other pieces of your outfit to make it stand out. A black leather jacket and a classic pair of pumps in the same color can complement your look really well.


Halloween Fashion Jewelry

Thursday, November 01, 2012 January Gemorie 2 Comments

Everyone likes unique pieces of jewelry. It makes up a huge part of your outfit and sometimes, it can make all the difference between a simple outfit and an elegant (or horrific) costume. Now that Halloween is upcoming, it’s time to discuss the best types of fashion jewelry for Halloween. And when we say “Halloween jewelry”, we actually mean gross, disgusting, creepy and borderline psycho. Don’t worry though, if you have plans to really scare some people on Halloween, you’ll probably succeed and more.

Here are some of the craziest pieces of jewelry you’ll ever find. We warn you, they’re pretty CRAZY!

ethnic fashion bracelet

Teeth Be Told

Okay, is it just us or is this bracelet completely disgusting? This design includes a set of what looks like real-life teeth, embellished in gold, strung together by a chain. It looks completely real, however and it’ll make a fabulous addition if you happen to be going to a Halloween party as a teeth ripper. Or if you want something more charming, how about going as a tooth fairy? Now that’s pretty cute.
But nope, this bracelet still gives us the creeps.

photo pendant

Smile Much?

If we didn’t know better, we’d have thought this necklace came from a Pedophile. That’s not something you’d want anyone to think about you. This necklace filled with Barbie smiles in can tops looks just as creepy as it is puzzling. Can anyone wear this just for the style? Probably not. Try wearing this to a formal event and you’ll be creeping out everyone in the area.

creepy pendant

Hands to Heaven?

If there’s a design for jewelry with Barbie smiles, then there’s also a design with arms. As amusing as this necklace looks from afar, it kind of reminds you of any massacre movie. But oh well, if you’ll be wearing this to a Halloween party, then you’ll definitely scare a few people and creep many girls out. Scare people on Halloween? Mission accomplished!

thorn necklace

Death by Hanging?

Seriously. This girl must have some kind of death wish to wear this kind of necklace. Just think of how many mishaps one can encounter if they wear this to a party. Sure, it looks really cool and makes a perfect accessory for a glam-rock, wish-I-was-goth kind of party. But when you think about it, this looks more than just the creepy little crown of thorns Jesus was presented when he was being sent to his death. It looks scary and risky. Think of what would happen if she fell down somewhere? What if someone from around the block mugged her and pulled her by the neck? Now that’s a true Halloween scene.

Suicide Mission

Now this is something pretty perfect for a Halloween party. Do you really want to scare your friends? This is definitely one piece of jewelry that will creep and scare everyone who sees you. Looks pretty real right? Just hope that the Principal or your mother doesn't catch you wearing it. They’ll probably ban you from any party in the future. Or they’ll get a psychologist to check you out.

Perfect for Halloween eh!, Hope you like my list, you might wanna check out the most sought after Halloween Costume.


Dress to Ace the Corporate Ladder

Monday, October 22, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

Sexism still exist, be it at school or at work or anywhere else specially those fields that men generally has the highest ratio. Climbing the corporate ladder is extra tough for ladies, there where even times that being a lady, one need to work double or triple times just to meet-up and catch up the expectations of the men around them.
corporate fashion
Nevertheless, we, the ladies of the modern day cannot be defeated. We also have an ego that might be even bigger than yours. We have a certain power, a charm that most men in general doesn't have, a combination of wit and a honey like smile paired with our killer stilettos and your out to face a one tough battle.

Anyway, first things first, ladies, we need to dress up to success, surely a pair of ankle boots is one way, but girl I’ telling you, having another pair is not a bad idea. Not because you are in the corporate world means you need to stick to grays and blacks, well yeah, suits in black makes you look really professional but adding a little bit spice like fashion jewelry is not a bad idea.

Here are some corporate styles that you should try according to what your boss’s attitude is like.

The Robot: Business and nothing else. All work and no play. "I am your superior. You do not breathe unless I tell you to." Something like this, a workaholic, someone who always aims to be the top. Having a boss like this requires a strong stamina and the love for challenges since with this type of boss gives a high level of stress and being always on the go is not surprising at all.
corporate style
Dress like a boss during Monday. It's the start of the week, either you and your boss have a pending assignments or you need to meet up with a few clients. Looking all professional is a must.
dress like a boss
During Tuesday, the weight as well as the volume of tasks will either be heavier and a lot more stressful because of some pending luncheon, dinner, staff meetings. Or, it would be lesser, better be prepared. Adding some spice to your boring sleek black style is something you should think about, its only Tuesday, you're still oh so far to Friday. You don't want the stress to build up this early don't you?
women corporate fashion
Its a Wednesday! For God's sake, take a break from the Black Parade, you're not attending a funeral, neither a widower. Show some arrogance, not by being the "Always righteous one" but be someone "unshaken" no matter how heavy and how stressful your tasks are. Always remember that your not the only stressed out employee, so you better not show how tired you are.
office dress
Show some feminine side. By this day of the week, most probably you are half way through the weekly tasks. Well, that is if you are not slouching out. But if you are slouching, guess you're not going to have a nice Thursday night out with a gorgeous colleague that has been eyeing you the whole week.
corporate style
Finally, a dress down Friday. But this doesn't mean you'll be caught wearing tattered shirts and a good old Levi's. Remember you are aiming to Climb the Corporate Ladder. You still need to show who can be the next boss during the Friday Dinner with a couple of your colleagues and some of your superiors. Not by acting like an asshole but by using your killer lady charms. Perhaps the quote "Charm your Way to the Top" is not a bad idea after all.

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Featured Product: Suede Shoes

Saturday, October 20, 2012 January Gemorie 1 Comments

Footwear is an important component of our wardrobe. Just like any piece of clothing in an outfit, a pair can get you walking like an A-list celebrity or a pauper in the street. Remember that it’s not only the style clean and well maintained bamboo shoes are really comfortable. They can surely take you the extra mile.

bamboo shoes

Here are 2 extremely important reminders that will keep you dancing confidently in your blue suede shoes like Elvis:

The suede brush is your shoes’ best friend
If you’re reading this part, I’m pretty sure you know by now that suede is a delicate material. It is not as cleaning friendly as leather, but the suede material has its own distinct appeal. Just think of the texture it adds to your outfit, right?

how take care suede shoes

Brushing your suede shoes before and especially after use can greatly prolong its life. Make it a habit to remove dirt from your shoes before they could turn into stains or invite molds to live on your precious pair. I’m really inclined to believe that this is the secret of Elvis Presley’s blue suede shoes.

Pre-treatments can save you a great deal
It may not seem practical to fix anything before it’s broken – but it does. Just like in taking care of your health, prevention will always be better than cure. Take the time to scan through shoe care products at the grocery store next time you shop for home supplies. Read up on what substances can help preserve the suede material of your shoes.

ankle boots

Your family and friends would probably recommend getting a leather protection or a preservative spray which since these are commonly used for this purpose. Remember that these substances can make or break your pair of suedes. It doesn’t hurt to be sure by researching thoroughly, asking around and consulting shoe care experts.

Remember: Haste makes waste
This is probably the golden rule of shoe care. Hurrying, in any form, can lead you to drop, bump or splatter anything, anywhere. And this includes you. Decrease the risk of ruining your outfit for the day giving an ample time to prepare. Always a lot a lead time to get you help you relax and settle down before any action at work or in school begins. But when the inevitable happens, don’t panic. Getting a stain on your suede is not the end of the world. Just wipe it out and pretend nothing happen. Wage the cleaning battle when you get home where you have the right tools that would help you deal with the delicate problem.

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One More Night: How to Keep Your Man Want You More than You Want Him

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

Sitting on a salon for hours makes your brain gone wild, from one gossip to another, each movement of the people around, the things they are wearing almost everything, so to keep my mind busy from meddling from their affairs and being the “maldita” I suppose I am, the best and most safest way one can do is to keep busy reading magazines, that is if there is no wi-fi available.

relationship tips
Anyway, browsing the magazine I already forgot the name, was it Vogue or Candy, doesn’t matter, an idea pop up my mind, well not just an idea but lost of it, fashion, jewelry, shoes, cosmetics, relationship etc, etc, and here is one of those topics that pops my head.

“Trying to tell you no, but my body keeps on telling you yes
Trying to tell you stop, but your lipstick got me so out of breath
I'd be waking up, in the morning probably hating myself
And I’d be waking up, feeling satisfied but guilty as hell”

Isn’t this bittersweet? This certain phrase came from the lyrics of the song One More Night of Maroon 5’s Overexposed Album and it keeps on ringing in my head. If only Adam Levine choose me and not those Victoria’s Secret type he wouldn’t experience this. (Oh come on, I know your raising your browse, but hell, who didn’t have hot’s for Adam Levine?)

Well going back to the topic, (have I already mentioned?), our theme for today is How to Keep your Man Want You More than You Want Him. It’s not a step by step process, just some itsy bitsy teeny weenie bits of ideas, things you already have combined with your boldness that needs just a little bit more push a prowess that all women have in their DNA.

1.A Red Luscious Lips. Surely not all women would look good on a red lipstick, but a luscious one would probably catch attention. Practice your pout, I don’t care what shade you’ll be wearing, but I’m hoping it’s not black. Choose something with shine and moisturizer to keep your lips look kissable for hours (4 to 8) as well as prevent lips from drying. Remember to wear one that is transfer resistant just in case you receive a bone melting smooch or two.

Little Black Dress
2.Try something different. Sticking to a routine is good when it comes to certain things, but when it comes to a relationship it’s a total turn off, boring, and might lead to separation. For example, Friday Night is movie night, instead of going to a movie house prepare a meal at home, rent a DVD, and cuddle on the sofa, it might lead to something much more better and hotter.

Maybe he already reserve a ticket, of course you don’t want to waste it, so I suggest to wear your little black dress that has been hanging on your closet for months, put on a nice shade of gloss, slip on your killer stiletto and be naughty and nice by going panty less. Then tell me what happened next (wink wink).

Strength, Ambition, Confidence
3.Strength, Ambition, Confidence. Only Knights and Prince’s would want a girl that always act like a damsel in distress, someone who always needs attention, protection and care, practice your strength, show him your dependable, that you can take care of yourself when he is away or when he needs someone to lean on, being too clingy leads to a fucked up relationship and even knights need someone they can count on even kings need a queen whom he can trust his kingdom during war.

Have an ambition, your world should not revolved solely on him, have a life of your own, an ambition you would chase, you would work hard for because the moment you become a mother and wife, you’re full attention will be fixed on your family.

Keep in mind that when you are strong, when you are working towards your dream, all will lead to confident, witty and attractive women that only losers would shy away.

At the end of the day, it’s just a give and take type of journey, you need him more than he needs you and he needs you more than you could ever know. Don’t be too fixated that you need to be much stronger than he is, more confident, more ambitious than your man. Remember that in every man there is a boy, always.


Style of the Month: Leather

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

Reaching the Vixen Boiling Point, master the Art of Buying Leather Clothing. Oh, My, Gosh! Fall, the season to flaunt your ankle boots around town! Though this style has been taking the most fashionable streets by storm, we can all look forward to wearing these pairs more often to keep us warm in this season.

Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2012
Another fashion staple that can keep us warm is leather. And I’ve got 5 tips for you on how to find that piece of leather clothing that will bring you to the vixen boiling point while keeping you warm.

Leather-Of-All-Trades: Choose Versatile Pieces

Wearing the same piece of clothing over and over again (even if they’re washed) is not the best idea. If you’re not Steve Jobs and your favorite piece is not a black turtleneck – then forget about it. When shopping for new additions to your wardrobe, always consider its "dressability". How would you be able to spruce it up with the other items in your closet? Will it look perfect with one of your jeans or dresses? If not, then you might have to let it go for now unless you plan to buy an entire outfit just to accommodate that piece.

It helps to visualize outfits in your head while scouting for new clothes. This can really help avoid impulse shopping for pieces that doesn’t fit your actual style. Save your dollars for pieces that you can see yourself wearing for at least a year.
2012 Fall Fashion: Leather and Fur

Tone It Down: Bring In Your Feminine Side

Leather is a pretty strong material. Aside from being thick, it exudes a certain level of convention and an air of strictness. If dark plain leather doesn’t represent your clothing personality, take for a ride by mixing it with pieces that are so you. Try throwing in some Florals, polka dots or pastel colored numbers to soften up your look.

Body Talks: Consider Your Body Shape

Fashion is all about flaunting your personal style and preaching your dressing beliefs. However, it is also an area where all eyes can be locked up on you the moment you walk by. And I’m pretty sure you know – you don’t always get people looking at you for the right reasons. Don’t give anyone the opportunity to trample with your style. Always consider the assets that you want to highlight when getting leather clothes. Remember that your sister’s leather skinny jeans may not be as flattering on you.

Straighten Facts: Real or Synthetic?

Clothes always come in different materials. Though two pieces may be made from cotton, they would most likely have different levels of that component present in them. One could be 100% cotton while the other can have as little as 40% of it. Same goes for leather numbers. Are you fancying a piece that’s authentic leather or a faux one? If you are aiming to save a couple of bucks, go for the latter. But if you’re looking for a trench coat that can last you several winters, I say you should invest in a piece made from real leather.
Fall 2012 Leather Fashion

Thrice As Nice: Pay Attention to the Fit, Feel and Finishing Touches

Falling in love at first sight is wonderful. But when shopping for clothes, this may get you in a trouble or two. Always pay attention to how a leather piece fits you. Aside from how you look, feeling good while wearing a piece is important as well. Don’t forget to check on the little details like the buttons and seems as they will make all the difference.

Look great and stay warm this season with anything leather. Perhaps you want to check out Korean Fashion, a nice spice to your fashion style


A Look Back At Christina Aguilera’s Transformation

Sunday, October 14, 2012 Simone Lerwick 0 Comments

My, my. Aging has definitely hit some people hard. And unfortunately for celebrities who are always on the spotlight, people can see how they change – from their fashion styles to their fashion jewelry, to how they wear their hair, their figures and especially their faces.
Christina Aguillera

Christina Aguilera, who has always been in constant wordless competition with Britney Spears ever since they both started in Hollywood has been plagued by critics for her fashion, body and style transformation. Here’s a look back at how things have changed since the day she got what every girl wants.

Sweet. Young. Fresh. Bold and talented. That’s how Christina Aguilera looks in this picture. Despite the fact that her hideous gold midriff-cut top and gold pants may not be passable for today’s fashion style, it was what everyone was wearing at the time she wore it. She was an icon. An icon for singers and fashion for young ladies. Besides, who wouldn’t want to look as sweet as she did back then? Back then, she didn’t even need make up to look good!

Christina Aguillera

A little older a few years later, Christina Aguilera looked fashionable elegant in June 2006. Her bustier dress was highlighted by a diamond chain necklace and a bright red belt that clung to her hour-glass figure. She even matched her lips to her belt and the red clip that kept her hair in place. She now wore more make up, but her face was still pretty much as gorgeous as a few years before.

Christina Aguillera

Looking a tad bit too “birthday cake-y” in this outfit for the 2007 Grammys, Christina Aguilera finally found out how to tan herself. Unfortunately, in this light pink strapless gown with brown chiffon bow, the orange skin really didn’t make her look better. However, we do have to give her props for adding those huge diamond hoop earrings to her outfit – it definitely helped to spice up her dress. Careful on the tanning, Christina, pink and orange do not go well together.

Christina Aguillera

Here’s the Christina we know and love. Fresh faced, simple, elegant and sophisticated. In this simply gorgeous Versace gown, the singer shines at the Golden Globe awards in 2010. She wasn’t overly sexy, she didn’t have too much make-up. She was just right. Her beautiful dress was partnered with a pair of crystal dangling earrings and bracelets that made her outfit simple but definitely elegant. After appearing in a Lady Gaga type of outfit a few years earlier, this was definitely a huge relief for fashion gurus.

Oh we love you Christina, but there’s just something not right about this outfit. Maybe bright purple and bright pink are just too bright to go together. The singer definitely looks healthy and her face has gained some weight compared to her former looks. However, her huge multiple rings are just too much for her outfit and the crystal necklace that hugs her neck is just too much for her overly bright outfit. Something to remember, folks, bright purple is never stylish without reason.