Christmas Gift Guide for Toddlers and Kids

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OMG, December is here! Oh man, what the heck had happened? I slept in an August midnight and wham bam! I woke up on a December morning.

Christmas rush again, I have an on-going list of God children, niece, nephew, sister-in-law, little sister, brothers, colleagues, etc. And unlike in the other countries I lived before, here in the Philippines where I am currently based, Christmas is an event where everyone participates.

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I have tons of people to give gifts, so do you, right? Tell me I am right, that I’m not the only one facing this kind of happy mess.

You know like anyone in the planet who have an on-going Christmas list, I have no idea what to give and at the same time I have lots of options, but with Christmas just a couple of weeks to go and all the stores packed with Christmas shoppers, I don’t think you would want to stay in a jam-packed department store to browse every item, so the best thing to do is prepare a Christmas list, name, options, something like that.

Let’s start with the toddlers. I have an eight month old nephew named Jacob and for kids his age let’s stick to the rule “nothing to small” since they tend to put every single thing they can hold on their mouth.

My first option is a character hoodie shirt but I remember seeing his closet full of those kinds of clothes, Nemo from Finding Nemo, Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon just to name a few, plus buying clothes for toddlers can be a tricky thing, size for one thing, if you are not sure of the kids size stay away from buying clothes.

So my next option according to the internet is a complete set of baby bath things, from shampoo, soap, powder to baby oils to bath essentials and floating toys but I don’t thinks that a nice idea, sure my niece enjoys his bath time but yeah, he won’t enjoy those things plus his grandmothers (take note the “s”, he he he) bought a year worth of supply and remember our rule “nothing to small”.

I think the safest are plush toys both for boys and girls, there are lots of characters to choose from, and an array of sizes, from the 12 inches ones to the bigger ones, take some time watching the Disney channel to see the popular cartoon characters and check the toy store’s or better yet online stores since most of the rare ones are sold online.

As for kids three and up, toys, coloring books and some art materials are the safest choice, maybe toy cars, train set and robots for boys, as for the little ladies, there are tons of options, from dolls to kid friendly make-up kits, brush set with battery operated hair dryer and curling irons (gosh, If I’m still a kid I would love to receive that kind of gift).

So that’s it, feel free to give me some suggestion.


Neil Patrick Harris Fondly Talks About His Italian Wedding

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You must have seen it on TV, or read from leading tabloids and magazines – that George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s celebrated and romantic Italian wedding on September 27th. It sure did get all the attention and media hype as the world’s most eligible bachelor finally surrendered his bachelor and single status to his Lebanese-born British lawyer fiancée Amal Alamuddin.

But Neil Patrick Harris had something to say to the world – that he got married in Italy first. When Harris appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman on September 29, he joked about Clooney not showing pictures of his wedding on talk shows.

Fact is, Harris got married to his long-time partner David Burtka over the summer in a small Italian town near Perugia with about 50 guests witnessing their sweet moment. And Elton John sang a few songs for the couple. Harris told Letterman that Elton John is a friend but he didn’t expect him to do that. He and Burtka were so overwhelmed especially when Elton introduced their first dance as a couple.

They danced to Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This”, a song chosen for the couple’s first dance as they were crazy about Clarkson during American Idol’s very first season where she was declared the winner.

The wedding venue – Italy, was chosen because the couple spent their first trip together in a castle owned by a friend of a friend who knew the dude that owned the castle.

And after being together for over a decade, Neil Patrick Harris and boyfriend David Burtka happily got married – and yes, way before George Clooney did!

For more entertainment news regarding the LGBT community you can visit Proud'nPride.


For Twenty-Year-Olds and Beyond Who Have Never Been Loved

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Red String of Fate | JanuaryGemorie

First and foremost, this is just a re-post from a Facebook friends wall who also re-posted this. Said she found it somewhere in Tumblr but too lazy to browse the entire page to see who originally posted this. I found it somewhat nice and decided to share it to you who's reading right this very moment.

So here it is, hope you like it too, and be inspired, never lose hope, he's/she's somewhere out there with the same hope of meeting you soon.

All of a sudden two decades have passed and you still have not kissed anyone with tongue, or kissed anyone at all for that matter, or had a 3 AM conversation with someone who would rather look into your eyes for ten minutes straight than talk. You have never worn a lover’s sweater or “forgotten” it at home in your bedroom just so you would have an excuse to see them again. You have never even stood face-to-face with someone who makes your hands shake so hard it feels like they’re both having a separate anxiety attack.

This causes you much guilt and self-blame and sadness but above all, an overwhelming curiosity. Are you really that ugly, that unwanted, that uninteresting, that boring, that no one, absolutely no one, has ever looked at you like the only thing on earth?

The answer is no. The better answer is that someone out there, somewhere in the world, is “wondering what it’s like to meet someone like you,” and they have two decades worth of love stored in their veins like a shoot-‘em-up drug, and they’re just about ready to inject it into someone else’s bloodstream. All you have to do is roll up your sleeves and wait for it to happen.

At times you felt so lonely you could stand at the edge of a cliff with nothing beneath you but air and grass and a long, long way down, and you’d still feel emptier than that canyon itself. Maybe you even danced with yourself alone in your room a few times, arms outstretched around a ghost, pretending someone else’s hands were on your waist, someone else’s eyes boring into yours.

Or maybe you fell temporarily in love with strangers on public transportation, fell in love with anybody who so much as accidentally brushed your hand on the way past. For you, falling in love with dozens of people a day was a coping mechanism for not having anyone to love you in return. But people are not eggs and falling in love with a dozen of them does not mean your shell will remain un-cracked. One day you’re going to hit the point where you’re so desperate for human contact that you’re going to snap in half and all your love will bleed out like egg yolk.

But someone out there is eating a bowl of Ramen noodles right now, or putting on slippers, or settling into bed. They are doing all the normal things that you've done in your own life. They are just like you. They have cellulite and extra fat in all the wrong places and goals and fears and doubts and bad handwriting.

The truth is that they are just like you, and being just like you, they’re looking for a lover too. They’re what you might call a soul mate. They think they’re all alone in feeling the way they do, but you’re really both two halves of a whole.

And one day you’ll meet them, bump into them on the street, and your two halves will be put together, and you’ll make one.