Emerald: 2013’s Color of the Year

Friday, December 14, 2012 January Gemorie 2 Comments

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute announced that Emerald is 2013’s dominating color. Hmm, not so surprising at all, to think that the recent spring collection by the top names in the world of fashion and design consists of hues of emeralds.
Pantone Color for 2013 is Emerald

Did you know that Emerald is May’s birthstone jewelry, and my, my, I was born in the month of May, that is why I am so happy and excited, because Emerald being 2012’s color of the year means there will be lots and lots of fashion jewelry and clothes in the shade of green, what a refreshing year we have.

I've been a sucker for emerald since I was 16, and mind you I am only in my early 20's. I still remember, when I was in Elementary my favorite color is pink, then it changed into sky blue when I entered High School, at 16, my mom told me that Emerald is my birthstone jewelry, that explains the emerald gemstone in my earring which I am wearing since I was 3 she said. From then on Emerald is on my top favorites.

Anyway, here's a photo of my very first emerald earring, the one I was wearing when I was three. I just notice that young girls usually have stud earrings, I guess most of us started with a stud earring, I remember when I got my second piercing a mommy and her baby was first in line and her daughter's very first earring is also a stud.

Heart shape emerald stud earring set in gold

Here's another emerald jewelry from my collection. I just want to clarify, I only have a few ones, I'm not rich, neither my parents. Anyway, the heart shaped was given by my mom, while the cross necklace is bought by me when I receive my very first paycheck, well, not actually the first since I saved some more because its quiet expensive and my salary is just on the basic considering I am a fresh graduate.

emerald Necklace

Well, too much about me. Lets all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Cheers!

Cheers to a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013 New Year


Destination Review on Sunshine Coast Australia

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

So far, the Sunshine Coast is an iconic place for native Australians but now, this is the most visited holiday spots by tourist from all over the world. It’s famous for its natural pristine beauty. The steamy rain forests, outing seashores and resorts, scenic sights and an untold of other indigenous fascinations are illustrious here.

It’s a one in all tourist package where you spellbind and revel in the beauty of the coastline. It’s the place where natural vegetation and wildlife is a central attraction conceivably; this is Eco-tourists best place.

sunshine coast australia

The Sunshine coast is a 50 Km stretch from end-to-end with most central holiday business zones mainly on the narrow shoreline belt and Blackall Ranges. The overall populace is around 200,000 covering the three distinctive regions namely Caloundra in the direction of the southern, Noosa headed to North and Maroochy on the central part.

Mooloolaba beach and Noosa Everglades are the must explore places. Due to the on the rise vacationer area neighboring and to bliss the greatest swimming experience to the Mooloolaba beach, it is also counted in the shoreline. The coastline surrounds an ample series of enthrallment and housing conveniences from 5-star to Hitchhiker.

It is considered to be the premier day off destinations in Queensland and a wonderland to spend with your kids. It’s a home to seamless seashore as well as beautiful deluxe environs. It has everything to do with like, you can shop, dine, and relax. This is a dreamland and the best honeymoon spot for couples. You can experience a mild wavering in extreme weather conditions and is pretty epitome all the run. Irrespective of the season, one can delight in the Australian ambiances. The lovely weather conditions make you mesmerize.

Few popular Sunshine coast destinations are:
  • Glass House Mountains – The highlands resemble a glass house and thus the name. It’s a series of suffused volcanic wadding's which take over the backdrop of the Sunshine coast vicinity. There’s a National Park located near the mountain where you can go for a picnic or bush walk just to bask in the beauty of glass massifs.
Glass House Mountains
  • Eumundi and Yandina - This is located on the north near Noosa. These are the traditional farming centres. Here takes place weekend market organised by the tribes. It’s a must lodge groovy place. You find historic constructions and typical structural designs of ancient era.
  • Maroochydore - It’s a topographical hub. It’s situated at the crossing flanked by Maroochy (river) waterway and the marine. The airport is located at this place. Many resorts, clubs, cafes and restaurants are located at this spot. In simple, it’s a low-budget luxurious place to stay-in.
  • Alexandra Headland - It’s so-called the Sunshine strip as it’s sandwiched between Maoochydore and Mooloolaba. It’s a rocky cliff with a descent swimming zone to swim. Surfclub is the preeminent roller skate park present here. This place breaks your zest with the background echoes of surfs booming on the shore.
  • Kings beach - This is the place where you can see various holiday bedsitters. It’s called to be the home of flats. It’s toured round the year and has beach side pleasure trips and cook on spit areas. It’s the place where you can treasure trove errands boutiques, superstores and ice-cream parlors.
  • Coolum - It’s a crazy place to devote your lazy breaks. It’s a romantic gateway with amazing weather. You find lively cafeteria here. It’s a place where resources are well-preserved.

    I found it as an interesting destination for its handiness of all the prerequisites. Similar to ppi claims for the redundant people; Life and Medical Insurances for protection of life and health, Travel insurance could be an assistance to travel round the globe.


Look Fashionably Good in Five Minutes

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Running late? Well we all experience something like that once in a while. Don’t let lack of time ruin your style especially this holiday season. Allow me to let you in on my very simple regimen that can me look absolutely fab from being drab in less than 5 minutes. I usually wear a pair of trendy sneaker wedge boots when I’m running late just so I can keep glamour aura all over. Let me know how my go to fix has helped you by leaving a comment below.

Quick Fix Christmas Fashion

Pretty in Minutes Step #1 Wash your face

This should be the foundation of your skin care regimen. Whether it’s in the morning or at night, never skip washing your face because it’s the only way for you to get most of the dirt and oil off your face.

Here are 5 simple ways that would help you clean your face properly:
  1. Use a facial cleanser that suits your skin type
  2. Once you lather on the soap on your face, massage it lightly all over for at least a minute
  3. Exfoliate using a facial scrub at least twice a week
  4. To avoid bacteria build up, use paper towels or a clean towel when wiping your face
  5. Start and end the your facial cleansing by splashing your face with water for at least 3 times
You’ll surely be wide awake and ready for the day after a refreshing face cleaning.

Pretty in Minutes Step #2 Tie your hair in a messy bun

Hollywood is just plain crazy about this hairstyle. Now, everyone can just look fabulous even when they’re running late or having a bad hair day. Messy buns are really the epitome of effortless style and beauty so we should use it more often to achieve an effortless chic style.

Messy buns are easy to do. My favorite way of doing it is just putting my hair all together in a high ponytail, and then I twist my hair on a ponytail several times before I bring it up and around to create a circle. Once I have a bun, I secure my hair with about 6 bobby pins to keep it in place for the entire day.

Since there are many ways to do the messy bun, find which one best fits your style. You can stick to one that works for you or try as many ways depending on your outfit and mood.

Pretty in Minutes Step #3 Slather on moisturizer and sunscreen

If you only have time to put on one or two facial creams, let it be your moisturizer and sunscreen. These two would keep your face supple and protected throughout the day so never forget them.

Selecting the right moisturizer and sunscreen for you is like looking for the perfect pair of leather boots. Aside from finding one that fits you well, you also have to consider what it’s made of (materials used) and if it suits your lifestyle well. Getting a pair of knee-high boots doesn’t make much sense if you live right next to the beach, right?

Pretty in Minutes Step #4 Draw your eyebrows

Did you know that darkening your eyebrows can make so much difference in the way you look? Having well defined brows does wonders in opening up your eye area so don’t forget to define those arches very well to make the upper half of your eyes prominent and noticeable.

Pretty in Minutes Step #5 Put some color on your lips

types of lipstick

And for that final touch, splash some color on your lips using your favorite lip balm or lipstick. When it comes to painting your lips, you can instantly go charming with pinks or sizzling hot with red shades. Putting on an orange lipstick can give an instant beach glow when you pair it with a bronze for that tanned effect.

Do you have other instant fixes? Whether it’s an outfit or a pair of shoes that you love wearing when you don’t have the luxury of time – I’d love to hear how you pull things together in just under 5 minutes. Your tips and tricks can surely help especially this holiday season. Thanks in advance!