2012 Teen Choice Awards: Movie Category

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2012 Teen Choice Award
Here is the list of 2012’s Teen Choice Awards winners held last July 22, 2012 at Gibson Amphitheater, Universal City, Los Angeles California.

Taylor Lautner
Choice Movie for the Action category goes to Abduction in which Taylor Lautner won the 2012’s Teen Choice Movie Actor Award together with actress Zoe Saldana for the movie Columbiana in which she was given the 2012’s Teen Choice Movie Actress award.

Hunger Games
On the other hand, Hunger Games, the movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins trilogy won the Teen Choice Movie Award for the Science Fiction Category with Josh Hatcherson and Jennifer Laurence as the Teen Choice Movie Actor and Actress, not to mention the Choice Movie Liplock of the year.

Liam Hemsworth or Gail in the movie Hunger Games won the Choice Movie Stealer while Alexander Ludwig sweep his way for the Choice Movie Villain and Amanda Stenberg together with Katnis Everdeen or Jennifer Lawrence in real life won the Choice Movie Chemistry on the same movie.

the lucky one
The Lucky One, another movie adaptation from Nicholas Sparks collection won the Teen Choice Movie in the Drama Category where Zac Efron won his 2012 Teen Choice Movie Actor Award for the stated tier, he also won the choice movie actor for the romance category, also for the said portrayal in the stated film, while 21 Jump Street receive the choice movie for the comedy level with Channing Tatum as the Choice Movie Actor on the comedy category.

Nevertheless, someone is very happy with her awards as Emma Stone sweep off the Teen Choice Movie Actress Award for the Drama and Comedy categories for her portrayal in her movie The Help and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

breaking dawn
As for the Romance category, another book adaptation written by Stephenie Meyer and probably one of the most awaited movie series finale of the year The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn won the choice movie for the romance category and Kristen Stewart as the choice movie actress for the same tier while Ashley Greene won Choice Movie Scene Stealer for her role as Alice Cullen in the said movie.

Kristen Stewart
The recently concluded Snow White and the Huntsman bagged the Choice Summer Movie Star for both male and female from Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal of the huntsman (he also won for his role in the movie the Avangers), Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of Snow White and the Choice Movie Hissy Fit won by Charlize Theron as the Queen.

Furthermore, R&B singer Rhianna won the Choice Movie Breakout for her role in the movie Battleship while Katy Perry bagged her Choice Summer Movie on the Comedy Music Category for her song Part of Me, consequently Taylor Swift take in another inclusion as Choice Movie Voice for her voice over as Audrey in the film Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.


Korean Fashion

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KPop Stars

What is the first thing that you notice when it comes to Korean fashion? Let’s jot it down, first would be their accessories, have you notice how feminine and cute their fashion jewelries are, from hunky bracelet’s and necklace pendants, rings up to the most detailed accessories they have and more.

They love black, the Goth fashion for their jewelries, clothes and make up except they are not wearing too much foundation just black liners for their eyes, but what’s more eye catching would be their love for the vibrant colors of summer, hot pink, acrylic green, neon blue, crimson red, and glitters.

Korean girls love to wear head accessories of the Sanrio Characters, hello Kitty at most, perhaps because it’s pink. If they are not wearing a hair accessory, surely their crown and glory are fixed into something cute, spiky, sometimes curly or dyed, its too rare to see a Korean girl wearing her hair the usual bland straight and black, its either curly, dyed, with ribbons or colorful bobby pins, oh and they loved bangs and some extreme hair cuts.

Another thing you probably notice is their love for nail polishes, even their guys sport a black polished nails.

Images came from KoreanFashionOnline
What else, the girls loves wearing shorts, skirts and dresses in vibrant summer and spring colors, not sure though if it is because of the summer season, but then again, even in winter you’ll see these girls wearing floral prints.

Kpop Style
Image Credits to Korean Fashion
Next would be for the boys, most of the Korean boys wear white and colorful jeans of green, red, hot pink, or if not they would probably sport into checkered ones, then they will pair it with a white shirt with cute prints and eye glasses.

Oh, and both genders loves hats, and shirts with vertical or horizontal prints.

What else, hmm I can’t think any more, this post is just a random one. It was like I’m in a middle of a very important work then I opened a new page and boom! Korean’s. Then I was transferred into a different dimension where time and space collapse in front of me and nothing else matters but to have this post.


Summer Tips for a Better You

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Summer Tips

A few weeks back I’m sure you’re still enjoying the summer heat with your friends on the beach, strolling in the parks with your fashion jewelry, summer dress and all those summer related stuff. But as of today, the blazing heat that summer is bringing has been taking its toll on all of us. Surely, inside the comfort of your home, school, office, shopping malls and restaurant or wherever you are where air conditioners are in full blast there wouldn’t be a problem, but honey the moment you open the doors and step outside this cool places you’ll melt

Summer Protection

Although, there are sun block’s for skin protection, shades are for the eyes and there are certain hair conditioners and fashionable hats for hair protection. Nevertheless these are not enough, surely after a week’s work you’ll visit your favorite spa salon for a relaxing massage and scrub as well as a new haircut or maybe get some hair treatment for hair revitalization.

But then, getting outside that fully air conditioned room is a battle, and sometimes it’s a matter of saving or spending? So here are some useful tips that might help spend less but still gain the same results, even better.

Body Scrub, why not instead of visiting a spa, make your own scrub, less expensive all natural, and everything is in your kitchen? Options vary from sugar, salt and coffee.

Let’s start with a simple sugar and oil scrub. Mix granulated sugar either washed or brown (brown is more suggested) with oil (any kind of oil, scented are much better). Apply and gently massage onto your skin, rinse as usual. This concoction helps in stimulating your glandular system, exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and gives a softer, more moisturized skin.

home made coffee scrub

Next would be coffee, get your coffee maker and see if there are remaining granules inside the pot, there is, go and take it, add some lavender oil and used it as a scrub. You’ll get an instant glowing healthy tan and a moisturized skin without chemicals.

homemade hair conditioner

Hair Conditioner let your hair breath from chemicals shampoo and other hair treatments bring. Instead go check the fridge, see if there are eggs, crack one or two, add some vinegar and apply this on your hair and scalp. Rinse after 20 minutes and see for yourself what the results will be. By the way, mayonnaise is also an option, same procedure without the vinegar.

Cucumber or Tea Bags for Puffy Eyes

As for the eyes, put a slice of cucumber on both eyes. If you have used tea bags, just heat it up a little bit, once warm, put one bag each eye, and leave for 20 minutes. This helps blood circulation, thus at least reduces dark circles.


The Color of July: Crimson Blush

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When I was younger my favorite colors are pink and sky blue, I remember exchanging scented stationary papers in different shades of pink and sky blue, my friends would usually order their snacks on a pink colored lunch box, and the funny thing is all girls would boast on how cute and pretty our school bags are when in fact, we have the same color of pink, most of the time either Barbie or Hello Kitty.

Then I entered high school, still the fascination in pink and sky blue doesn’t fade. You’ll see me with a pink head band, sometimes a sky blue scarf with little pink prints. My notebooks are covered with pink little patterns, sky blue cut out name while the remaining things are either in pink and sky blue.

When I entered my senior high, the pink fascination slowly shift into something much darker, but is still there, I think that part of me will never fade. Nevertheless, I opted for something brighter, from sky blue comes blue and from pink I fell in love with red.

I love the mystery that crimson red gives, the power it exudes and the confidence each wearer visualized. It gives a hint of femininity with an immeasurable confidence. And I wanted to be just like that kind of lady, feminine but confident, strong but knows when she can’t handle it alone, someone soft yet at the same time strong. Can you still understand what I am saying? I hope so, because it’s hard to explain what I feel when it comes to this color.

Anyway, I decided to choose crimson blush as this months color it is a dark red color with a hint of pink simply because the pink blush is a part of me, something I can never erase, sometimes might forgotten but will always remain as a part of me. On the other hand, the dark red represents the birthstone jewelry of this month which is ruby.


Crimson Red Shoes: Color of the Month

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Happy Fourth of July everyone, did you enjoy the brief summer holiday? Well, I was out of the country working, so I didn’t enjoy it as much as most of you probably did. Where did you spend the Holiday? I guess most of you went to the beach, stroll at the park or take a very, very long nap.

Anyway, its Monday again, a new week has begun and all of us will definitely face all the challenges this week has to offer. Honestly, I’m already thinking about the weekend, I want to take a really long nap, perhaps a nice weekend rest sipping some vodka, my foot hurts with this silly wedge boots I am wearing all day, sometimes the whole night, my clients are so hard headed.

wedge boots

Aw! Ranting through this pages (smiling really wide); let’s just go back to our original topic. So I will be out of the country the whole month of July. And since I am miles away waiting for the designated time of every appointment in my calendar. I would sit at a coffee shop, take some sips on my latte and a big bite on my favorite blue berry muffins. As the hands of time ticked slowly, I can’t help but notice the lovely shoes the ladies around me, passing by, on the streets-are wearing, and since it is the month of July where Ruby is the main birthstone, why not feature something on the same color, crimson red.

I notice that most ladies here would either wear something flat, a sandals or a doll shoes but most of them opted for a wedge boots, perhaps because of the weather, its rainy here if you wanted to know, there is even a typhoon if I am not mistaken, its hard to walk wearing heels during the rainy season so most of the ladies are either wearing a flat form heels, slippers or as I mentioned wedge boots.

wedge boots

Some caught my attention, too bad I didn't bring my camera, and if I did, its prohibited to take photos in certain areas, and as of the moment as I am writing this post, I am inside a cafe in a hotel that doesn't allow taking pictures of people, and arguing that I only took the photo of the shoes is not a better option so I just browse the net and look for something close but I ended up taking picture of the shoes I want for myself.

Anyway this post is just so I can express my excitement for this month, as stated on the earlier paragraphs, today's July, the birthstone is Ruby which is red, and I wanted to feature something to commemorate not only this month but also the color of ruby.

I hope you like this post, as for me, I think my clients will arrive in a minute or two. Updating you later. Oh check out my previous post Ruby and July.


Ruby and July

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fashion jewelry

It’s already the month of July, my, my how time flies so fast, I still remember my first post on this blog, it’s also about the birthstone for the month of January. At that time I still don’t know what to write, to share to my readers, I’m basically blind on what to post. Nevertheless, as time passed by, slowly I started to realize what I wanted to share, and then a definite plan is established, I am a girl, I love fashion jewelry, gossip, fashion trends, shoes, etc.

fashion jewelry earrings

Anyway, going back to the subject, since its July wouldn’t it be nice to post something that is related to this month? The holidays are over, reality strikes back, we need to work our ass off in a fashionably nice way. Consequently, since it’s the month of July why not wear the birthstone Ruby to compliment this month?

fashion jewelry pendants

So you are not born on the month of July? Does this mean you can’t wear the Ruby birthstone? Of course not, Ruby represents deep passion, integrity, a promise of power and success that most of us in the corporate world, no make that all of us striving for success be it in love or career must wear this fashion jewelry.

fashion jewelry

Speaking of fashion jewelry, I’m sure most of you are already thinking, “This girl is giving us a problem, does she know how much a Ruby costs?” Well, ladies calm down, there so many shops giving “Fourth of July Sale” pre and post holiday sale. Another option is online fashion jewelry shops. Surely, with these resources it wouldn’t be hard to find a piece that you would like and most importantly, would suit your budget.

fashion jewelry