Dress to Ace the Corporate Ladder

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Sexism still exist, be it at school or at work or anywhere else specially those fields that men generally has the highest ratio. Climbing the corporate ladder is extra tough for ladies, there where even times that being a lady, one need to work double or triple times just to meet-up and catch up the expectations of the men around them.
corporate fashion
Nevertheless, we, the ladies of the modern day cannot be defeated. We also have an ego that might be even bigger than yours. We have a certain power, a charm that most men in general doesn't have, a combination of wit and a honey like smile paired with our killer stilettos and your out to face a one tough battle.

Anyway, first things first, ladies, we need to dress up to success, surely a pair of ankle boots is one way, but girl I’ telling you, having another pair is not a bad idea. Not because you are in the corporate world means you need to stick to grays and blacks, well yeah, suits in black makes you look really professional but adding a little bit spice like fashion jewelry is not a bad idea.

Here are some corporate styles that you should try according to what your boss’s attitude is like.

The Robot: Business and nothing else. All work and no play. "I am your superior. You do not breathe unless I tell you to." Something like this, a workaholic, someone who always aims to be the top. Having a boss like this requires a strong stamina and the love for challenges since with this type of boss gives a high level of stress and being always on the go is not surprising at all.
corporate style
Dress like a boss during Monday. It's the start of the week, either you and your boss have a pending assignments or you need to meet up with a few clients. Looking all professional is a must.
dress like a boss
During Tuesday, the weight as well as the volume of tasks will either be heavier and a lot more stressful because of some pending luncheon, dinner, staff meetings. Or, it would be lesser, better be prepared. Adding some spice to your boring sleek black style is something you should think about, its only Tuesday, you're still oh so far to Friday. You don't want the stress to build up this early don't you?
women corporate fashion
Its a Wednesday! For God's sake, take a break from the Black Parade, you're not attending a funeral, neither a widower. Show some arrogance, not by being the "Always righteous one" but be someone "unshaken" no matter how heavy and how stressful your tasks are. Always remember that your not the only stressed out employee, so you better not show how tired you are.
office dress
Show some feminine side. By this day of the week, most probably you are half way through the weekly tasks. Well, that is if you are not slouching out. But if you are slouching, guess you're not going to have a nice Thursday night out with a gorgeous colleague that has been eyeing you the whole week.
corporate style
Finally, a dress down Friday. But this doesn't mean you'll be caught wearing tattered shirts and a good old Levi's. Remember you are aiming to Climb the Corporate Ladder. You still need to show who can be the next boss during the Friday Dinner with a couple of your colleagues and some of your superiors. Not by acting like an asshole but by using your killer lady charms. Perhaps the quote "Charm your Way to the Top" is not a bad idea after all.

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Featured Product: Suede Shoes

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Footwear is an important component of our wardrobe. Just like any piece of clothing in an outfit, a pair can get you walking like an A-list celebrity or a pauper in the street. Remember that it’s not only the style clean and well maintained bamboo shoes are really comfortable. They can surely take you the extra mile.

bamboo shoes

Here are 2 extremely important reminders that will keep you dancing confidently in your blue suede shoes like Elvis:

The suede brush is your shoes’ best friend
If you’re reading this part, I’m pretty sure you know by now that suede is a delicate material. It is not as cleaning friendly as leather, but the suede material has its own distinct appeal. Just think of the texture it adds to your outfit, right?

how take care suede shoes

Brushing your suede shoes before and especially after use can greatly prolong its life. Make it a habit to remove dirt from your shoes before they could turn into stains or invite molds to live on your precious pair. I’m really inclined to believe that this is the secret of Elvis Presley’s blue suede shoes.

Pre-treatments can save you a great deal
It may not seem practical to fix anything before it’s broken – but it does. Just like in taking care of your health, prevention will always be better than cure. Take the time to scan through shoe care products at the grocery store next time you shop for home supplies. Read up on what substances can help preserve the suede material of your shoes.

ankle boots

Your family and friends would probably recommend getting a leather protection or a preservative spray which since these are commonly used for this purpose. Remember that these substances can make or break your pair of suedes. It doesn’t hurt to be sure by researching thoroughly, asking around and consulting shoe care experts.

Remember: Haste makes waste
This is probably the golden rule of shoe care. Hurrying, in any form, can lead you to drop, bump or splatter anything, anywhere. And this includes you. Decrease the risk of ruining your outfit for the day giving an ample time to prepare. Always a lot a lead time to get you help you relax and settle down before any action at work or in school begins. But when the inevitable happens, don’t panic. Getting a stain on your suede is not the end of the world. Just wipe it out and pretend nothing happen. Wage the cleaning battle when you get home where you have the right tools that would help you deal with the delicate problem.

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One More Night: How to Keep Your Man Want You More than You Want Him

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Sitting on a salon for hours makes your brain gone wild, from one gossip to another, each movement of the people around, the things they are wearing almost everything, so to keep my mind busy from meddling from their affairs and being the “maldita” I suppose I am, the best and most safest way one can do is to keep busy reading magazines, that is if there is no wi-fi available.

relationship tips
Anyway, browsing the magazine I already forgot the name, was it Vogue or Candy, doesn’t matter, an idea pop up my mind, well not just an idea but lost of it, fashion, jewelry, shoes, cosmetics, relationship etc, etc, and here is one of those topics that pops my head.

“Trying to tell you no, but my body keeps on telling you yes
Trying to tell you stop, but your lipstick got me so out of breath
I'd be waking up, in the morning probably hating myself
And I’d be waking up, feeling satisfied but guilty as hell”

Isn’t this bittersweet? This certain phrase came from the lyrics of the song One More Night of Maroon 5’s Overexposed Album and it keeps on ringing in my head. If only Adam Levine choose me and not those Victoria’s Secret type he wouldn’t experience this. (Oh come on, I know your raising your browse, but hell, who didn’t have hot’s for Adam Levine?)

Well going back to the topic, (have I already mentioned?), our theme for today is How to Keep your Man Want You More than You Want Him. It’s not a step by step process, just some itsy bitsy teeny weenie bits of ideas, things you already have combined with your boldness that needs just a little bit more push a prowess that all women have in their DNA.

1.A Red Luscious Lips. Surely not all women would look good on a red lipstick, but a luscious one would probably catch attention. Practice your pout, I don’t care what shade you’ll be wearing, but I’m hoping it’s not black. Choose something with shine and moisturizer to keep your lips look kissable for hours (4 to 8) as well as prevent lips from drying. Remember to wear one that is transfer resistant just in case you receive a bone melting smooch or two.

Little Black Dress
2.Try something different. Sticking to a routine is good when it comes to certain things, but when it comes to a relationship it’s a total turn off, boring, and might lead to separation. For example, Friday Night is movie night, instead of going to a movie house prepare a meal at home, rent a DVD, and cuddle on the sofa, it might lead to something much more better and hotter.

Maybe he already reserve a ticket, of course you don’t want to waste it, so I suggest to wear your little black dress that has been hanging on your closet for months, put on a nice shade of gloss, slip on your killer stiletto and be naughty and nice by going panty less. Then tell me what happened next (wink wink).

Strength, Ambition, Confidence
3.Strength, Ambition, Confidence. Only Knights and Prince’s would want a girl that always act like a damsel in distress, someone who always needs attention, protection and care, practice your strength, show him your dependable, that you can take care of yourself when he is away or when he needs someone to lean on, being too clingy leads to a fucked up relationship and even knights need someone they can count on even kings need a queen whom he can trust his kingdom during war.

Have an ambition, your world should not revolved solely on him, have a life of your own, an ambition you would chase, you would work hard for because the moment you become a mother and wife, you’re full attention will be fixed on your family.

Keep in mind that when you are strong, when you are working towards your dream, all will lead to confident, witty and attractive women that only losers would shy away.

At the end of the day, it’s just a give and take type of journey, you need him more than he needs you and he needs you more than you could ever know. Don’t be too fixated that you need to be much stronger than he is, more confident, more ambitious than your man. Remember that in every man there is a boy, always.


Style of the Month: Leather

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Reaching the Vixen Boiling Point, master the Art of Buying Leather Clothing. Oh, My, Gosh! Fall, the season to flaunt your ankle boots around town! Though this style has been taking the most fashionable streets by storm, we can all look forward to wearing these pairs more often to keep us warm in this season.

Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2012
Another fashion staple that can keep us warm is leather. And I’ve got 5 tips for you on how to find that piece of leather clothing that will bring you to the vixen boiling point while keeping you warm.

Leather-Of-All-Trades: Choose Versatile Pieces

Wearing the same piece of clothing over and over again (even if they’re washed) is not the best idea. If you’re not Steve Jobs and your favorite piece is not a black turtleneck – then forget about it. When shopping for new additions to your wardrobe, always consider its "dressability". How would you be able to spruce it up with the other items in your closet? Will it look perfect with one of your jeans or dresses? If not, then you might have to let it go for now unless you plan to buy an entire outfit just to accommodate that piece.

It helps to visualize outfits in your head while scouting for new clothes. This can really help avoid impulse shopping for pieces that doesn’t fit your actual style. Save your dollars for pieces that you can see yourself wearing for at least a year.
2012 Fall Fashion: Leather and Fur

Tone It Down: Bring In Your Feminine Side

Leather is a pretty strong material. Aside from being thick, it exudes a certain level of convention and an air of strictness. If dark plain leather doesn’t represent your clothing personality, take for a ride by mixing it with pieces that are so you. Try throwing in some Florals, polka dots or pastel colored numbers to soften up your look.

Body Talks: Consider Your Body Shape

Fashion is all about flaunting your personal style and preaching your dressing beliefs. However, it is also an area where all eyes can be locked up on you the moment you walk by. And I’m pretty sure you know – you don’t always get people looking at you for the right reasons. Don’t give anyone the opportunity to trample with your style. Always consider the assets that you want to highlight when getting leather clothes. Remember that your sister’s leather skinny jeans may not be as flattering on you.

Straighten Facts: Real or Synthetic?

Clothes always come in different materials. Though two pieces may be made from cotton, they would most likely have different levels of that component present in them. One could be 100% cotton while the other can have as little as 40% of it. Same goes for leather numbers. Are you fancying a piece that’s authentic leather or a faux one? If you are aiming to save a couple of bucks, go for the latter. But if you’re looking for a trench coat that can last you several winters, I say you should invest in a piece made from real leather.
Fall 2012 Leather Fashion

Thrice As Nice: Pay Attention to the Fit, Feel and Finishing Touches

Falling in love at first sight is wonderful. But when shopping for clothes, this may get you in a trouble or two. Always pay attention to how a leather piece fits you. Aside from how you look, feeling good while wearing a piece is important as well. Don’t forget to check on the little details like the buttons and seems as they will make all the difference.

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A Look Back At Christina Aguilera’s Transformation

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My, my. Aging has definitely hit some people hard. And unfortunately for celebrities who are always on the spotlight, people can see how they change – from their fashion styles to their fashion jewelry, to how they wear their hair, their figures and especially their faces.
Christina Aguillera

Christina Aguilera, who has always been in constant wordless competition with Britney Spears ever since they both started in Hollywood has been plagued by critics for her fashion, body and style transformation. Here’s a look back at how things have changed since the day she got what every girl wants.

Sweet. Young. Fresh. Bold and talented. That’s how Christina Aguilera looks in this picture. Despite the fact that her hideous gold midriff-cut top and gold pants may not be passable for today’s fashion style, it was what everyone was wearing at the time she wore it. She was an icon. An icon for singers and fashion for young ladies. Besides, who wouldn’t want to look as sweet as she did back then? Back then, she didn’t even need make up to look good!

Christina Aguillera

A little older a few years later, Christina Aguilera looked fashionable elegant in June 2006. Her bustier dress was highlighted by a diamond chain necklace and a bright red belt that clung to her hour-glass figure. She even matched her lips to her belt and the red clip that kept her hair in place. She now wore more make up, but her face was still pretty much as gorgeous as a few years before.

Christina Aguillera

Looking a tad bit too “birthday cake-y” in this outfit for the 2007 Grammys, Christina Aguilera finally found out how to tan herself. Unfortunately, in this light pink strapless gown with brown chiffon bow, the orange skin really didn’t make her look better. However, we do have to give her props for adding those huge diamond hoop earrings to her outfit – it definitely helped to spice up her dress. Careful on the tanning, Christina, pink and orange do not go well together.

Christina Aguillera

Here’s the Christina we know and love. Fresh faced, simple, elegant and sophisticated. In this simply gorgeous Versace gown, the singer shines at the Golden Globe awards in 2010. She wasn’t overly sexy, she didn’t have too much make-up. She was just right. Her beautiful dress was partnered with a pair of crystal dangling earrings and bracelets that made her outfit simple but definitely elegant. After appearing in a Lady Gaga type of outfit a few years earlier, this was definitely a huge relief for fashion gurus.

Oh we love you Christina, but there’s just something not right about this outfit. Maybe bright purple and bright pink are just too bright to go together. The singer definitely looks healthy and her face has gained some weight compared to her former looks. However, her huge multiple rings are just too much for her outfit and the crystal necklace that hugs her neck is just too much for her overly bright outfit. Something to remember, folks, bright purple is never stylish without reason.


Lindsay Lohan: A not so Surprising Scandal

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A sultry congressional aide reportedly had 50 photos of La Lohan in his phone. This gave birth to this very public hullabaloo with the Liz and Dick star. She could just have thrown her chunky wedge boots at Christian which could have knocked him out easily – just sayin’.

lindsay lohan scandal

According to a Mail Online news, Lindsay and the accused Christian LaBella met a New York nightclub on Saturday before the incident. Both partied hard until the wee hours on Sunday and went with some other friends to the classy W Hotel to continue the happening. It was here that Lindsay found out of the massive number of photos taken from the group’s shindig. This made her upset to the point of snatching the camera and deleting the photos herself.

lindsay lohan scandal

Was La Lohan having a bad hair day that’s why she didn’t like those photos? Well, the police might not have taken a look at that angle as of this moment. But for the meantime, here are 5 effective ways on how you can say goodbye to bad hair days:

1. Know your hair type
From experience, I’ve learned that good understanding is necessary in order to care of something or someone. It’s pretty logical I think. One would be able to give what is required only when you know what it is. The same goes for our hair. How would you be able to make dry hair healthy if you don’t actually know it’s dry, right?

2. Eat a balanced diet
What does food have to do with our hair? Well, a lot. The food that we eat is our body’s main source of nourishment. With that, the nutrient that we get from our food intake goes up to our scalp and down to our hair. That may not be the best illustration of it but you know what I mean. Start eating right to get glowing skin and a healthy hair.

3. Cut the vices
Smoking might help you relieve stress but we all know it carries tremendous health hazards with it. The ingredients contained in a cigarette stick and too much alcohol is harmful to the body. They deplete our reservoir of vitamins, minerals and nutrients thereby making us look limp from the skin up to the hair.

4. Get enough rest
Are you too busy to rest? Then you might just have guessed why your hair is not as bouncy. Lack of sleep can cause the body to skip its natural process of repairing and healing itself from daily wear and tear. Allow your body to recharge from time to time to get the most out of it.

5. Go for hair products that cater to your type
It may seem like getting to know your hair is a no-brainer but spending a considerable amount of time in the task would help you create a more comprehensive profile. Since there are many ways to classify our locks, read about hair length, texture and thickness to know where you belong. After that, it will be a breeze to find appropriate products for your hair.

Lindsay Lohan is at it again. What would she do next? Perhaps you have some ideas in mind, why not post it down below and let's see who will guess right.


Royal Scandal: Empowering the Royal Dutchess

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Who would’ve thought that after her engagement and wedding to England’s well loved prince, William, Kate Middleton would continue to be up front and center on the pages of the English tabloids? Only this time, it was not about her great fashion sense that can make an ordinary pair ankle boots look like a million bucks. She was not wearing a McQueen wedding gown. In fact, Kate was not wearing anything at all. I’m talking about the nude photos of her while spending the day sunbathing. These controversial shots were published in Closer magazine.

royal scandal

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William have remained mum and calm amidst the issue. According to the Royal family’s spokesperson, they are letting the ongoing legal case do the talking for them. These actions would surely not make the matters any worse.

Looking at the glitzy world of the rich and famous, many have fallen victims to the sly paparazzi lingering around them. These “celebrity spies” cover almost every inch of this plant just capture a would-be-scandalous photo when these celebrities let their hair down.

Here are 5 of the most scandalous paparazzi shots that walked the World Wide Web in recent times:

demi moore

Celebrity Shocker # 1 Demi Moore

Before, seeing steamy photos of Demi Moore in Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter account could have passed as sweet. I wonder if Demi creeps out when she sees her photos online but not in her ex-husbands page.

johansson scandal

Celebrity Shocker # 2 Scarlett Johansson

I’m pretty sure it scared the hell out of Scarlett when the phone got stolen. True enough, her sexy photos that she took for ex-hubby Ryan Reynolds spread like wildfire over the internet after the stealing incident.

lohan scandal

Celebrity Shocker # 3 Lindsay Lohan

I’d like to classify this case as do-anything-to-get-attention-when-your-career-has-gone-bad. La Lohan just can’t seem to find her attention grabbing niche. Aside from all the free publicity she’s getting from the police and legal courts, the Freaky Friday star was caught on by surveillance camera walking away with a $ 2,500 necklace from a jewelry store in Los Angeles.

prince harry scandal
Celebrity Shocker # 4 Prince Harry

In one of my previous posts, we’ve dished out on how Harry joined the ranks of the celebrity wild child. Naked pictures of him from a wild Las Vegas party went viral all over the internet after it has been published by TMZ.

They are only 4 of the prominent individuals who have suffered (or somehow benefited) from the cruel hands of our technology today. Popular is not much of the “in” thing today, it’s more or less getting viral that counts.

As for Kate’s royal mishap, she’s not the only one - which makes it less of a fuss, if you ask me. We can just probably think of it as a right of passage into the world of the rich and famous. Let’s leave the matter to their army of lawyers. In the meantime, we can all savor the moment (photos) while they last.