A Month of Idle Time

Sunday, September 15, 2013 Jae Rustia 0 Comments

idle time quotes
It was early of this month when I decided to finalized things, be-over-with-and-done, I resigned, packed my things and become the bum that I currently am. I kinda feel a little burn-out though that's not the main reason why I decided quitting, there are things that are hard to explain and things that have no explanation at all. Sometimes you just feel like there's something missing, something wrong, or maybe you just need a little time for yourself.

So there, I quit, one week of rest feels really good, sleep really late and wake up whatever time you like, eat, sleep, watch some movies at home, re-runs of America's Next Top Model, clean a little, wash some laundry, that's basically what my first week is. 

The second week hit's and man, I feel so bored with the sleep and eat routine, there are no good shows to watch, laundry to wash, I started cramming with my books that was bought months and months ago sitting lonely on my book shelves.

I picked-up Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James which I borred from a friend, heard this one is good, It didn't last long, by the time I flip the pages to Chapter 5 Im over, guess I will take a few more months to pick it up again so I browse again and notice I have a copy of Crescendo, the second installment from Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush Hush series, I've read Hush Hush and it's okay, on the other hand, Crescendo is something I dont have the interest of reading as of Chapter 2. With that being said, I lost interest with books, opened my laptop and hit Mangable where a collection of manga or Japanese comicks is found translated in English, my dashboard indicate that the series I am following are updated so I started reading them one by one.

Thankfully I have some "business" that needs my attention, like catching up with colleagues, eating out with my family to have some bonding time, travel with my friends and some papers that my dad needs and since he's out of the country, I being the "on leave" daughter was asked to finished those tasks.

It's been raining all day and all night these past weeks, I hate going out with this kind of weather, but things should start rolling again, I don't want to be a bum and as I saw my bank book I kinda feel lonely because for a whole month, nothing has been added.

As of earlier, I started sending my CV's and resume's and hopefully, by the end of this month, since Im feed-up of being "on vacation mode", I can be a part of a new team and start my journey to the stressful life if being in the Information Technology related Industry.


Hot Stuff: Celebrity Scandals

Friday, September 06, 2013 January Gemorie 0 Comments

celebrity scandals

That moment when an A-list celebrity’s “stupid actions”, “wham bham photos” and other “private moments” leaks out online and becomes the hottest trending topic.

Honestly, what’s this celebrity’s taking almost naked if not naked pictures, videotaping their crazy invitation only parties, their steamy private moments using their gadgets, GADGETS where the contents can be copied, gadgets that are easily misplaced and stolen.

And that’s not all, remember the latest MTV Music Video Awards, when Miley Cyrus, a former Disney star, the Hanna Montana we all grow up watching started twerking, bumping and grinding, and mind you, her transition to adult stage started after getting an Oh so short haircut, takes pictures of herself, tongue-sticking-out, wearing her panties, post it on instagram and voila, a hot trending topic.

Miley Cyrus MTV Music Video Awards 2013

Then there is Justin Bieber (though I don’t see him on celebrity red carpet as often as before) peeing on a mop bucket! Oh my gee! Really, what’s with this celebrity’s doing crazy things in public where the paparazzi’s are in every nook and cranny ready to pounce at every stupid thing they do at every crazy word they say.

So okay, they got the attention of the public, but man, do you want to be regarded forever as “The guy who pee’s on a mop bucket” or “The girl caught making out” maybe “The prince who’s partying naked”.

If you really want a remembrance of your private moments make sure your gadgets are password protected, transfer it on a zip file and encrypt a password, in case you misplace your things you can be assured that it would take time before someone can open your gadgets, and if ever they got the chance to guess your password, your private moments are protected by an encryption.

If you are a public figure, be always cautious, with your actions and your every word, remember, the paparazzi’s camera is always ready to take a shot.