“Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” And This Applies to Your Shoes Too

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I always thought that men and women had their own ways. I just didn’t realize early on that they were so different in every possible way.

Sure, we have tons of biological, intellectual and developmental differences among many others but it never occurred to me that men and women are still complete opposites when it comes to shoes.

Fast Facts
  • 75% of women own more than 10 pairs of shoes VS. 88% of men have less than 10 pairs of shoes
  • When purchasing a pair of shoes, women opt for style while men go for comfort
  • 90% of women would notice the footwear worn by another; 75% of men wouldn’t even bother
  • 8 out of 10 women have about 9 pairs of shoes which they have only worn once, twice or not at all. On the contrary, 8 out of 10 men do not own any pair that they haven’t worn
  • Men usually pay more for a pair shoes than women do
This infographic below was truly an eye opener for me. With my growing collection of bamboo shoes (a brand i didn't ever imagine I would love), I must say that this holds true for me and most of my gal pals. I’ve yet to confirm the information with my male friends. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they turn in the same results.

Take a look at it to be amazed yourself.

bamboo shoes
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What do you think? Surprised with facts shared by this infographic? Let me know what you think by leaving comments, questions or even stories below.

From time to time, it’s good to remember how different men and women are just to keep things in perspective. These differences usually highlight our different needs and desires which allow us to be more sensitive of our current environment. Though the line which separates men from women is gradually blurring out, I think where we used to be should never be forgotten. Looking back at where we came from doesn’t only show us where we are headed but it also gives us a sense of pride for what has been accomplished as well as a heart that’s thankful in every way for that journey that has been.

Never let differences get in the way of coming together and achieving greater things. Oh! By the way here are some Shoes for Success.


Featured Celebrity Style: Kristen Stewart

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Beautiful, talented and cheating on dating one of the hottest actors of today’s generation, Kristen Stewart has been known for more than just the lead actress of the famous movie series The Twilight Saga. After starring in Snow White and the Huntsmen movie, Stewart stabilized her position as one of the most idolized, looked-up to actresses in the world.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Reunite

While she holds a grand position in Hollywood, unfortunately for Ms. Stewart, she hasn’t always been part of the “best dressed” list of celebrities. In fact, because of her casual, rock-glam style and simplicity, Stewart has made some pretty bad choices on the red carpet – at least, until recently.

Nowadays, Stewart has recently been making positive impressions on the fashion police, with her simple, outfits and non-all black dresses that actually complement her non-expressive, but definitely pretty face.

Kristen Stewart Cheater

With all her pretty outfits these days, I’m sure you’d like to discuss which ones I’m talking about.

For instance, during the MTV Movie Awards, Stewart wore a color-block dress that looked elegant on her figure. The only accessory she wore, however, was a suspicious (engagement?) looking ring. While this ring was only so elegantly colored, it was definitely simple enough to catch the attention of the press. I think this ring would make a really good accessory for just about any color-block dresses.

breaking dawn

On the other hand, while promoting Snow White and the Huntsmen and before the photos of Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson were released into the world, she was seen out and about with the Director Rupert Sands (whom she cheated with) and the rest of the cast. During this premiere, she wore an elegant suit, accessorizing it with a really cute, designer fashion jewelry on her finger. While her dark, beautiful eyes made wonders with her suit, I thought the accessory would’ve worked better on a dress with lighter colors instead.

For many years, Kristen Stewart has definitely worn some really bad choices. Fortunately for her, now that her fashion score has gone up, her fans have many more to look for in the future, well considering she has fans after her cheating on Robert Pattinson blows over.

breaking dawn

What do you think about the evolution of Kristen Stewart’s fashion? Does her simplicity work for you too?


Don’t Call Me “Babe”

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It amazes me how a simple don’t call me babe hashtag in twitter will cause a really huge debate between both genders. It was fun, the debate I mean. It started from a question posted by someone until it escalate and became like a wildfire. The question is something between these lines “Is it okay to call a woman you don't know a pet name?”

I found out that Babe is also the most hated endearment for ladies. Maybe because babe is used by everyone, a slip of the tongue thing, I remember a classmate calling almost the whole student female population babe so as to skip remembering names. Babe is also a pet name widely used specially by the guys who wouldn’t want to make a mistake of calling the wrong name for their number 2, 3, 4 and so on.

You might find it annoying, really! But don’t you think that maybe its part of the culture, an affectionate way to call a stranger babe, well sure it’s kind of distasteful, sometimes arrogant, there are times its also scary, nevertheless, babe is a term use by “urban sophisticates”, it would depend on the tone of the one who called you that.

So remember not to call your girlfriend/s “babe”. Among other most hated endearments are baby doll, baby girl, sweetie pie, muffin, Baby, Pumpkin, Puppy, Honeybun, Sugar pie, Pudding, Sugar anything to do with baby, baking ingredients, pastries and sweets.
Here are some of the best endearments that your girl would probably approve off. Dear, Dearest, Love, Lovey, Princess, Angel, Precious, Honey, Darling, Sweetheart, Heart, Mine.

Some couples used a much, how’d you call that, I’m kinda lost for the right term, private name? Let’s just call it a private name. Like “My Life”, “The One”, “Destiny”, “The Mrs.”, “My Boss”, “The Ball and Chain”. Isn’t that sweet, for sure they wouldn’t admit it to their friends.


Selena Gomez on the 69th Annual Venice Film Festival

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selena gomez spring breakers

What happens when a former Disney princess lands a new role as one of the four college girls who rob a restaurant, got in jail, bailed out by some local drug and arms dealer leaving them with a bundle of dirty works making their spring break oh so adventurous some of you would probably want for themselves?

selena gomez

Well that’s Selena Gomez, also known as Alex Russo of Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place and now one of the wild college girls in Spring Breakers in a Harmony Korine’s production. She plays the role of Faith, which they say is the least wild among the four, but would still shocked her Disney clad fans with her cruising the streets of Florida wearing sexy bikini’s in hot Lamborghinis in a drink- and drug-fuelled orgy of beach parties and pranks.

selena gomez spring breakers

Who would have thought this cute little princess would turn out to be a lovely, sexy and intelligent lady. Justin Bieber is one hell of a lucky gay, I mean guy.

69th Annual Venice Film Festival

Catch Spring Breakers on the nearest theaters, but as of the moment checked out Former Disney Princess Selena Gomez as she walk her way on the red carpet of the 69th Annual Venice Film Festival wearing a Versace Atelier gown paired with a Sergio Rossi heels and a simple yet elegant fashion jewelry pieces from her clutch bag made by Judith Leiber to Lorraine Schwartz jewelry creating a beautiful elegant lady.

justin bieber