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Thursday, February 23, 2012 January Gemorie 5 Comments

They say “diamonds are girl’s best friend” and I couldn’t agree more. Diamond, sapphire, ruby, or any other gemstone jewelry doesn’t fade, will never leave you and  stick with your forever, unless you lost it, can be passed from generation to generation and most of all you will definitely love.

Recently as I am browsing for some gift ideas for my sister, I stumble upon cute, eye popping jewelries. Hold on to your seat, I am telling you, they are really lustful.

Starting my entree is the 18K Ruby & Diamond White Gold Infinity Pendant

0.12 ct Diamond Posy Pendant set in 18K White Gold

0.32 ct Pink Sapphire & Diamond Lady Bug Pendant set in 18K White Gold and the other one is 0.31 ct Sapphire & Diamond Lady Bug also set in 18K White Gold

1.52 ct Diamond & Sapphire 14K White Gold Royal Pendant

0.23 ct Diamond Book Infinity Pendant set in 14K Gold

And that's it, already picked your choice? I cant blame you, as I stated earlier, these jewelries are so pretty. What can you say?


Award Season, A Season For Fashion Policing

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

When we talk about award season,we also talk about celebrities’ fashion. Apart from our excitement on who willbring home the trophy, we are so excited about who stands out during the redcarpet. The parade of stars at the red carpet is one of the most awaited foryou will see celebrities dressed to impress everyone.

It is no surprise that everyafter awarding ceremony, we look forward to seeing who the best dressedcelebrities were and who were spotted by the fashion police spotted to befashionably offensive.

Looking at the photo of Adelewhile performing Rolling In The Deep at the recently concluded 54th GrammyAwards, you can’t help but notice the fabulous white gold ring she is wearing. Thewhite gold ring is simple yet elegant like Adele and her golden voice, it’srocking our world.

white gold ring of Adele


Valentine Tip: Look effortless with Gemstone Jewelry Earrings

Monday, February 13, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

Areyou ready for your Valentine date? Let’s see, you already have that littleblack dress, or is it red? Nice pair of stiletto, a new haircut, a new coat ofa cute nail polish, perfect hair and make-up and that lovely purse. But wait,where is your accessory?

Makeyour night look effortless by using those stud earrings you have in yourgemstone jewelry box. Gemstones are classy and elegant and it would complementthe color of the dress you have chosen.


Jewelry Gift Ideas For V-Day

Thursday, February 09, 2012 January Gemorie 4 Comments

I can now feel the spirit of love month most especially Valentine’s Day is nearing. This is one of the most celebrated occasion come February. An occasion where people in-love are so excited about because they are too busy planning their date and the mind bogging which gift should I give comes in. Here, I will give you precious gemstone choices you could give your partner.

White gold ring is your choice if you want to give your partner something that could be worn at any occasion. Depending on the style, your partner can be very sophisticated, just stylish, or could be very sexy. Choose which mood suites your partner best and have him/her that perfect white gold ring.


Amethyst and February

Wednesday, February 01, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

amethyst gem
Welcome to the season ofhearts! Are you excited, because I am? Anyway, since its February I amfeaturing Amethyst, the dream stone.

Amethyst or amethystos in Greek signifies remedy against darkness due to theproperties in which amethyst carries. It symbolizes piety, humility, sincerityand spiritual wisdom. It is said to be a dream stone because of the propertiesin which amethyst carries.


Sweet Fun Facts about Valentines Day

Wednesday, February 01, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

It’s the season of hearts, I've already given you some ideas to give to your loved ones, now let’s have some sweet and funny facts about the season of hearts.
April birthstone jewelry
Did you know that almost all jewelry boutiques are dropping their items up to 50%? Yes, every girl’s favorite diamonds, April’s birthstone jewelry is on sale and up for grabs. The funny thing is, a very few percentage was being purchased by the guy’s. Most items are bought by girls as a present for themselves.