Award Season, A Season For Fashion Policing

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

When we talk about award season,we also talk about celebrities’ fashion. Apart from our excitement on who willbring home the trophy, we are so excited about who stands out during the redcarpet. The parade of stars at the red carpet is one of the most awaited foryou will see celebrities dressed to impress everyone.

It is no surprise that everyafter awarding ceremony, we look forward to seeing who the best dressedcelebrities were and who were spotted by the fashion police spotted to befashionably offensive.

Looking at the photo of Adelewhile performing Rolling In The Deep at the recently concluded 54th GrammyAwards, you can’t help but notice the fabulous white gold ring she is wearing. Thewhite gold ring is simple yet elegant like Adele and her golden voice, it’srocking our world.

white gold ring of Adele

We do not only keep an eye oncelebrity designer clothes, we also take a closer look at their jewelries. Whowear the most outstanding jewelry is trending topic once the camera rolled forthe awarding ceremony. Even looking at engaged celebrities’ ring finger to seetheir engagement ring were that big of a deal.

Let us not forget to take aglance at the celebrity shoes and clutch bags. Designer shoes and bags werealso the things to watch out during awarding season. This is becausecelebrities often set the trends in dressing up and affects a lot of people’sdressing behavior.

You think that fashion police’s duty ends when theawarding ceremony ends! Uh uh, think twice. Remember that bigger stars attendthe after party and don’t miss out their wardrobe change for they have to diefor wardrobe, jewelries, shoes, and bags at the after party.