Valentine Tip: Look effortless with Gemstone Jewelry Earrings

Monday, February 13, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

Areyou ready for your Valentine date? Let’s see, you already have that littleblack dress, or is it red? Nice pair of stiletto, a new haircut, a new coat ofa cute nail polish, perfect hair and make-up and that lovely purse. But wait,where is your accessory?

Makeyour night look effortless by using those stud earrings you have in yourgemstone jewelry box. Gemstones are classy and elegant and it would complementthe color of the dress you have chosen.

citrine stud earrings

Gemstonesare believed to carry some healing properties. For an example, wearing anaccessory with November’s birthstone jewelry citrine can help relieve digestiveproblems and stomach ailments. It’s advisable to wear this especially if youare going on a restaurant to eat out. I know you’re not going to eat like a pigin front of your date but hey, you might not eat that way but more or lessyou’ll have a full course meal. That means, entrée or appetizer, soup, salad,main entrée usually meat, dessert and wine. And after this dinner, more or lesseither you stay on that restaurant or transfer on a bar to talk and get to knowmore about each other. You wouldn’t want an upset stomach don’t you?
garnet stud earrings

Garnetis also one of the best options as it extracts negative energy from the body.How come I say this is a good alternative? So that when your date turns out tobe a disaster garnet will extract all the negativities in you keeping you awayfrom strangling your date.
topaz stud earring
Topaz on the other hand, restores eyesight and balances the energy in the body. What’s the connection; so that when the time comes that you are getting fuzzy on the way he sweet talks you to bed, you can still regain your senses and see clearly how a jerk he can be.
sapphire stud earring

Valentine’s is a fun activity that is why there are a lot of single men and women who are joining the blind dating activity. This means that you really don’t know the personality and sometimes the physical qualities of your blind date; thus, sapphire is something that you shouldn’t miss as it opens your mind into perceiving beauty. This way, you can at least have the patience to get to know the other person first before judging him/her by his/her looks.