2016 Summer Beach Essentials

Wednesday, April 06, 2016 Jae Rustia 0 Comments

2016 Summer Beach Essentials| JanuaryGemorie

The summer is just right around the corner and I know you’re just as excited as I am. The long cold winter nights are over, dry skin and chapped lips are almost recovering as spring slowly makes its way for summer.

Aside from longer days which means more time playing under the sun, it also means a long vacation and what else, going to the beach! Here are your summer essentials for 2016, I also included some fashion must haves just in case you want to be upbeat with what’s new and what you should put at the back of your closet.

1. Swimsuits: Let’s not forget that summer means wearing swimsuits. It doesn’t matter if you have that #PerfectSummerBody, whatever your size is, you can wear a swimsuit. The best tip I can give is to choose one that would complement your curves.

The current fashion trend is consisting of sporty cut-away bikinis. If you also notice, one-piece swimwear’s are also seen being worn by celebrities, just make sure to look for something with little details like cut-outs, off shoulder silhouettes or something with classic cut ruffles or lace details.

If you still feel unsure or insecure, bring a cover up, wear a sarong or a sheer dress over your swimwear.

Rash guards are also seen being a trendy option for those who are too sensitive to the sun or who don’t want to show too much skin.

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2. Skin and Hair Care Products: Most of us want some good tan but too much sun can break our skin. Make sure you include a sunscreen with a good enough amount of sun protection, at least something with 30+ SPF. Also, include an exfoliating scrub or body exfoliator and moisturizer to help bring back the glow and moisture of your skin.

If you are prone to blemishes, my best advice it to bring tinted moisturizer, it’s not too heavy so you’ll still achieve the no-make-make-up-look.

You should also bring hair conditioner’s, texturizing hair spray or oil that is advice for your type of hair. Salt water and too much sun damages your hair follicles. Putting some oil on your hair before going out helps in protecting it and keeping it soft. On the other hand, texturizing spray enhances your natural waves.

I would also like to include waterproof cosmetics like mascara. I know this is being too vain but hey, I like my lashes long and thick looking, wearing a water proof one will help me avoid smudges and look pretty at the same time.

Include some lip gloss or lip moisturizer with lots of SPF in your make-up bag to avoid chapped lips. A few sheets of facial wipes and blotting paper to get rid of sweat, grease and grime and a bottle of baby powder to dust off sand.

3. Accessories: Add some glam or a pop of color using different fashion accessories like:
Flip flops, as much as you love wearing your stilettos, it’s not a good idea to wear one on the beach, instead bring on comfy sandals or flip flops.
Sunglasses, the current trend for round faces consists of geometric shapes, rectangular frames to help elongate your facial features and cats eye shapes to sharpen your look. For the those with a more defined jaw, you should opt for curvy frames like butterfly or a round edge cats eye.
Bring some straw hats or fedora hats whenever you got out, it’s not just for protection it’s also for fashion proposes.
Camera, well not really an accessory but a must have beach essential

4. Sand Toys: If you’re going to travel with kids, this is a must have item to keep them busy during the scorching hours. And as the saying goes “you’re never too old to make sand castles or play in the sand”.

5. Extra Bag: Bring an extra bag that is waterproof to put on your gadgets, and another extra bag where you can put all your used clothes and other stuff.

How about you? Do you have a list of summer fashion tips and tricks? Did I miss something? Share me your tips.