Summer Fashion

Friday, April 20, 2012 Simone Lerwick 0 Comments

Summer 2012 Trends
Summer is just a few blocks away, excited? Yes I am, simply because summer means vacation, travel, food trip, long sleeps, party, white sand beach, cute guys (wink, wink), summer sale and a lot more.

Well I have a question, are you a homebody who spends summer reading books, cooking, or snoring the day around or are you the type to go on travel? I am a homebody but I do travel a lot during summer, white sand beach, mountain climbing, walking or biking in a park near our house, food trip and some shopping.

Anyway, since it’s too hot outside, I bet most of you will just stay inside your house or somewhere shaded, but since the air is humid isn’t it good to wear something comfy? This is where our fashion prowess comes in.

Whether you are on the beach or just taking a long walk on a park, be fashionably comfortable during summer. Take a look at the image below.

2012 Fashion Trend Summer| Summer Fashion Tip

This is from the collection of Victoria's Secret. Isn't it nice to stroll around feeling comfortable, sexy and fashionable. Simple clothes can turn into something even more beautiful by adding easy tricks such as wearing a hat, a fashion jewelry, a nice women shoes or sandal, a flip flops is also cute.

Summer 2012 Fashion Trends| Womens Shoes

Speaking of shoes, since summer is coming,  I bet there will be countless summer sales on products related to summer, wholesale womens shoes, clothes and accessories. I just so love summer :).

Summer 2012 Fashion Trends| Hats

Another fashion accessory you might wanna add are hats. Hats can block the sun rays that directly hits your face not to mention it can also hold your hair from strong winds if you are on the beach or mountain.