Dress to Ace the Corporate Ladder

Monday, October 22, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

Sexism still exist, be it at school or at work or anywhere else specially those fields that men generally has the highest ratio. Climbing the corporate ladder is extra tough for ladies, there where even times that being a lady, one need to work double or triple times just to meet-up and catch up the expectations of the men around them.
corporate fashion
Nevertheless, we, the ladies of the modern day cannot be defeated. We also have an ego that might be even bigger than yours. We have a certain power, a charm that most men in general doesn't have, a combination of wit and a honey like smile paired with our killer stilettos and your out to face a one tough battle.

Anyway, first things first, ladies, we need to dress up to success, surely a pair of ankle boots is one way, but girl I’ telling you, having another pair is not a bad idea. Not because you are in the corporate world means you need to stick to grays and blacks, well yeah, suits in black makes you look really professional but adding a little bit spice like fashion jewelry is not a bad idea.

Here are some corporate styles that you should try according to what your boss’s attitude is like.

The Robot: Business and nothing else. All work and no play. "I am your superior. You do not breathe unless I tell you to." Something like this, a workaholic, someone who always aims to be the top. Having a boss like this requires a strong stamina and the love for challenges since with this type of boss gives a high level of stress and being always on the go is not surprising at all.
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Dress like a boss during Monday. It's the start of the week, either you and your boss have a pending assignments or you need to meet up with a few clients. Looking all professional is a must.
dress like a boss
During Tuesday, the weight as well as the volume of tasks will either be heavier and a lot more stressful because of some pending luncheon, dinner, staff meetings. Or, it would be lesser, better be prepared. Adding some spice to your boring sleek black style is something you should think about, its only Tuesday, you're still oh so far to Friday. You don't want the stress to build up this early don't you?
women corporate fashion
Its a Wednesday! For God's sake, take a break from the Black Parade, you're not attending a funeral, neither a widower. Show some arrogance, not by being the "Always righteous one" but be someone "unshaken" no matter how heavy and how stressful your tasks are. Always remember that your not the only stressed out employee, so you better not show how tired you are.
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Show some feminine side. By this day of the week, most probably you are half way through the weekly tasks. Well, that is if you are not slouching out. But if you are slouching, guess you're not going to have a nice Thursday night out with a gorgeous colleague that has been eyeing you the whole week.
corporate style
Finally, a dress down Friday. But this doesn't mean you'll be caught wearing tattered shirts and a good old Levi's. Remember you are aiming to Climb the Corporate Ladder. You still need to show who can be the next boss during the Friday Dinner with a couple of your colleagues and some of your superiors. Not by acting like an asshole but by using your killer lady charms. Perhaps the quote "Charm your Way to the Top" is not a bad idea after all.

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