The Living Dolls

Friday, May 04, 2012 January Gemorie 3 Comments

Real Life Barbies
As a girl, no matter what age we are, we oh so love dolls, who wouldn’t be when they are so perfect? Face of an angel, shiny long blond or raven black hair,  slender figure, fashionable clothes, designer bits and pieces of fashion jewelry, bags, shoes and all, big brown, blue or green eyes with thick curly eyelashes that there is a point in our lives that we envy them, wanting to be like them, to grow up just like a doll.

And you know what? There are girls of this generation who did their best to be a living doll. Some might think its pathetic but hey, as I’ve stated, at a certain point in a girls life she wanted to turn out to be as lovely as a doll, and this girls just follow that dream by using cosmetics, prosthetics and fashionable clothes and jewelries while others undergo surgery. 

Lets start with those who uses cosmetics, fake eyelashes or prosthetic's as a trick to look like a barbie. This girls are also the one's with a lot of patience when it comes to shopping clothes, accessories and stuff at wholesale womens shoes, accessories, clothes section of all malls and sale stores.

Dakota Rose (KotaKoti)
Korean real life barbie doll Dakota Rose or KotaKoti in youtube. 

Dakota Rose (KotaKoti)fashion jewelry

Real Life Barbie Doll and her Fashion Jewelry

Next is the one who undergo surgery on my opinion because she stated she didn't but many have proven she did went into a surgery- and the reason why I am writing this topic Valeria Lukyanova of Ukraine/Russia (all articles I've read tells she came from this and there that I don't really know where she came from).

Valeria Lukyanova Fashion Jewelry

Valeria Lukyanova Fashion Jewelry as Barbie

And thats it, the real life Barbies. You can find more on the internet, there are lots actually


Alexis Wilke said...

Do you really think that these girl are happy? I'm thinking that the end result is probably not exactly what one would expect.

@Alexis Wilke

to answer your question, I don't know if they feel happy especially Valeria Lukyanova because she looks like a wax to me. But as for Kotakoti, guess she loved her looks, she's even posting a tutorial on how to apply make-up to look like a doll and she said she doesn't tried surgery all make-up, shoes and fashion jewelry doll inspired.

Rana Louai said...

if you want to no the truth go on
dakotakotiisfake (dot) tumblr (dot) com (dash)

it was all over the news, its so sad