Featured Trend: Burgundy Fashion and Jewelry

Tuesday, November 06, 2012 January Gemorie 1 Comments

Burgundy will be big this coming season. If you've been following the recent fashion week shows, you certainly know that burgundy will hit big in keeping us warm this cold weather. This color is set to grace tops, dresses, bottoms, footwear and even your stylish pair of Bamboo Shoes.

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As this color begins to dominate the wardrobe of style stars all over the globe, here are 3 must-have closet staples in the rich and deep color of burgundy:

1. Leather Pants

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With the cold weather just up our sleeves, wearing leather pants is a great way to stay warm while making a fashion statement this season. Wearing leather in an unconventional color can make all the difference in your outfit. Instead of having the regular black or brown pants, step it up a notch with this trending color for the coming fall/winter season.

In getting the right pair of leather pants, here are 2 rules that you should follow:
  • Get the right fit. Leather is not a lousy material. It’s supposed to cling on to your curves to show the real you. Keep this rule sacred. Don’t purchase a pair that’s too tight or too loose on you. To know whether you've landed the perfect fit, walk around the store with the jeans. Try to sit and wiggle around. If you can do these things at ease then you've found the one.
  • Go for versatile pieces. In buying clothes, make sure that the piece you like can fit into your current wardrobe. This avoids loading your closet with jeans, tops, dresses and everything else that you won’t actually wear. Remember, it is an unforgivable sin for chic shoppers to purchase pieces because they’re cute. Functional will always be way better.
2. Purse

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Little things matter. Like a slight outfit malfunction, your purse can make or break your look. Burgundy is a great color that brings with it a distinct personality of its own. With that, make sure to keep other components of your look simple when bringing in a striking color such as burgundy. Going overboard with accessories or wearing over the top pieces can make your outfit look too busy or worse, looking like heading to the dumpster.

3. Peplum Dress
We've seen this style flourish in the previous. Most of us certainly didn't get enough of it so stylists, designers and other style stars are welcoming it back fresh from the fall/winter season's catwalk.

fall/winter fashion trend

In wearing a peplum dress in burgundy, always remember that this piece of your look automatically becomes the focal point. Not only because it constitutes most of what you are wearing but also because of its color. Tone down the other pieces of your outfit to make it stand out. A black leather jacket and a classic pair of pumps in the same color can complement your look really well.


Definitely going to buy myself some burgundy leather pants now that I read your post. And everything else on your list if I weren't so broke from too much traveling :) but the leather pants definitely a must!