The Secrets To A Happier Relationship

Monday, February 23, 2015 Jae Rustia 0 Comments

The Secrets To A Happier Relationship

Let’s embark on a journey towards happiness and hopefully pick something along the way that can help our relationships happier.

Happy vs Unhappy: Studies say that the ratio for happy couple is 5:1, while couples who had called it quits are at 0.8:1. This means that the happy couples have five positive interactions for every negative one, versus the 0.8 positive interactions for every negative one that divorced couples go through.

Communication: The determining factor in whether couples feel satisfied with sex, romance and passion in their marriage is by 70%. Happy couples and successful marriage spend at least 5 hours a week of being together doing anything or maybe just talking.

How do we cultivate positive interactions on a daily basis? This can be done by giving compliments, showing appreciation either big or small deeds done for us, relieving fun memories and doing something nice to our partners.

In the Bedroom: It is also important to give importance the activities inside the bedroom. As the survey shows, the happiest couple have sex 2 or 3 times a week, people are 55% more likely to report higher levels of happiness when they have sex every few days and having sex once a week makes people 44% more likely to have positive feelings.

Celebration!: When it comes to strengthening the relationship, studies show that the most crucial factor is how you celebrate your partner’s good news. In one study, people who did this 3x a day for 1 week increased their happiness and felt less depressed afterwards. Also, couples who have new experiences together report more loving and supportive towards one another, and more satisfied with their marriages. This can be done by simply showing enthusiasm, asking questions, congratulating their partner and relieving the experience with them. Oh, don't forget the anniversary, the birthday and that mushy day called Valentines Day, simple things to the most grandest gestures can bring more fire to your relationship.

The Michelangelo Effect: A couple in the happiest relationship also brings out the best in each other, they help each other get closer to becoming their ideal selves. In another study, couples who were asked to recall a moment that involved shared laughter reported being more satisfied in their relationship than those prompted to recall positive moments in their relationship. This can be achieved by sharing an experience together like going for an evening walk, dining in a new restaurant, exploring a place they’re never been, cooking together and going to a concert.

Kung-Fu (Fighting): Not all relationships are perfect, through course of time, a clash is inevitable. Let us look on how a happy couple and unhappy couple tackle this important part of being in a relationship.

When happy couples fight, they tend to defuse tension by showing humor, expressing affection or conceding on certain points that their partner make while unhappy couple tends to criticize, show contempt, roll their eyes, act defensively, resort to name calling or tune out.

After Effect of I Do's: Based on a two decade British study, the people who are happiest with their marriages are those who have been married 5 years or less, don’t have any children, have college degrees and the man of house is employed.

With regards to being married, Americans reveals the top 5 reasons why they get into marriage. The top reason is Love at 93% followed by Making a Lifelong Commitment at 87% then Companionship at 81% succeeded by Having Children at 59% and lastly due to Financial Stability at 31%. In addition, couples who can put a positive spin on their marriage have a 94% chance of experiencing a happy future together.

Plus One-Two-Three: One of the most important phases of a couple is having children. For some, this can be either a blessing or a curse, depending on the couple. Based on studies, right immediately following the birth of the first baby, 33% feel just as satisfied or more satisfied than before while 67% experiences a big dip in marital satisfaction.

Education: Education comes next to having children. Married couples are unhappiest when kids are in pre-school mainly because of separation anxiety and the feel of their kid/children growing up to soon while couples’ happiest levels increase once again once the youngest kid has grown up.

From the Beginning to the Twilight Zone: Lastly, Marriages leads to a big happiness boost for 2 years, on the average. After that, couples’ happiness levels tend to return to what they were prior to the engagement.

A happy marriage is also worth an additional $105,000 a year in terms of life satisfaction while experiencing the death of a spouse/partner is like losing $308,780 per year.