The Growing Trend for Athleisure and How to Rock this Style

Monday, April 04, 2016 Jae Rustia 0 Comments

Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift wearing Athleisure

“When I first came back to London from Australia about three years ago, I would walk around in my leggings and people would give me odd looks, but these days it’s so much more acceptable to feel confident going bare faced in yoga pants in public”.
-Madeleine Shaw, author of healthy lifestyle book Get the Glow

I feel you Ms. Madeleine, I often travel to different places and most of the time, almost everyone is watching your every move not because you’re a foreigner but because of your fashion style or your choice of fashion.

For example, I was in a different country one time and it was summer, most of them are wearing dresses and me on the other hand is strolling around wearing my yoga pants and T-shirt in that blazing afternoon looking like I just got out of the gym, and their faces were like “what the heck is she wearing?”. 

Sometimes, store keepers will keep an eye on you like you’re not going to pay your stuff. It was stressful at first but maybe I got used to it and now whenever I remember it, I just find the experience hilarious.

Then suddenly, I don’t know where it started, I just woke up one day and notice that everyone seems to be wearing yoga pants and other sportswear beyond the gym.

So how can you look stylish wearing that sportswear when you’re not working out? Here are some simple tips.

Sportswear for Function and Fashion|JanuaryGemorie

1. Choose pieces that is a combination of function and fashion. The best example are track pants, tracksuits, yoga pants and sporty kicks.

Tracksuits, sweatshirts and hoodies are commonly seen being paired with skinny jeans or miniskirts in whatever material - best to choose one that would complement your chosen track suit, or will make your top be the highlight instead – you can either pair it with a sporty sneaker or an ankle boots.

On the other hand, track pants, sweat pants, leggings and yoga pants can be worn on a professional/business environment given you’ve chosen one that have a tailored look. And your workplace offers a more casual dress codes.

Tapered joggers, yoga pants and tracksuits, probably one’s that are ankle length and in block colors such as black, white and gray are the common options, black as the most popular. You can pair in with stilettos or pumps to make the ensemble looking more professional.

Kendal Jenner for Athleisure Fashion Trend

2. Dress for the occasion. They say you can’t wear gym clothes on a date, but with the right piece’s mix together, you’ll definitely look way hotter than the girl next table wearing a dress with a plunging neckline.

The best tip is to wear neutrals, in a color palette of nudes, taupe’s, heather grays, dark blues, and charcoals. If you want patterns, choose muted one’s and don’t wear a beat-up sneaker or it will kill the look, instead pick up classic sneakers in white.

Add a feminine touch by wearing dresses and instead of your good old high heels pair it up with sneakers. Choose silk or something with a pop of color when wearing athleisure in neutrals. You can also use a hoodies or tracksuits but make sure you accessorize properly.

sports accessories

3. Accessorize Properly. Speaking of accessories, jewelries inspired in sports are everywhere, all you need is to choose an accessory that would make you look sophisticated or whatever the occasion calls into. Even bags in sporty styles can now passed as stylish.

Classic Adidas|JanuaryGemorie

Tennis shoes, classic Adidas shoes or white sneakers are what seems to be the "in thing" for celebrities rocking athleisure fashion, so you might want to stock up on that.