Easy Tricks to Make Your Outfit Look Expensive

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 Jae Rustia 0 Comments

There are those days when we feel tired with our good old fashion style; wearing skirts or dresses can be impractical to some women so slacks and blazers and pumps are your go to fashion. In most cases this ensemble can be a bit boring if you wore the same type all throughout the week, or worst, your entire career life.

In most cases, almost all of us who work in a business type of environment are required to look professional and dependable. But changing your wardrobe every season can be utterly expensive and impractical, not to mention most fashion brands, be it fast fashion or designer brands releases new items every season.

Most items being released by designer brands are perfect only for the runway where model type of bodies wore the said clothes. In addition, this type of fashion trend are only affordable for celebrities, or, you can actually purchase one that will go a long way but it will make you swim with debts your entire life.

Fast fashion brands on the other hand are more affordable but you've gotta be wary since you might come across someone wearing the exact same clothes you are wearing.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to look expensive without spending all your hard earned money on designer brands or wearing clothes from fast fashion brands all the time without anyone noticing.

1. Get your clothes tailored:

With fast fashion on the rise, you can purchase dresses that looks expensive at a cheaper price, but then again, you might come across someone who wears the exact dress you are wearing, talk about awkward moment eh.

Another thing about fast fashion is that there is a universal size they follow, S M L, which most tailors cringe because every person has his or her own body type and size that would flatter or break their style.

You love that women's jumpsuit you see on fashion magazine but it's a designer brand and it's price is way above your budget? Then again, you found one in an online shop although you are not sure about whether the size would really fit you? Why not visit a textile shop? Have a list of whatever suits your taste and bring it to your good old tailor together with that magazine copy for a custom made dress perfect for your size.

2. Wear Single or Two Tone Colors:

An easy way to look expensive is to wear block colors such as an all white or an all black ensembles, add a good pair of fashion accessories or your one and only designer bag to create stunning statements.

Another option is to combine colors, black on white, red and black, blue and white. Just keep this items in check, fading one's are a no go unless you bought it that way or it was jeans.

3. Iron your Clothes:

Looking sleek and put together make you seem to radiate with luxury. Remember, crinkled clothes make you look unkempt. Make sure that your clothes, especially the one's that really needs ironing is ironed and properly kept on your wardrobe, without stains or rumpled sleeves.

4. Invest in Timeless Pieces:

Go for classic wearable pieces like the little black dress that can be worn on a casual Friday or on a more formal event. Choose a camel tone coat that can be worn during cold weathers, just remember to choose your silhouette wisely.

The current fashion trend for 2016 are bold and block colors of red's and blue's, you can add style by picking pieces with print stripes. What's great about this haul is  that it can be worn every season.

Another tip is to invest in designer bags with classic designs if you can afford it since it can go a long way and it wont go out of style not to mention that the value just increases unless you wont take good care of it.

You can make this classic pieces work on this era by combining what's on the latest trends, this way you wont need to spend huge amount of money.

5. Invest in Statement Pieces:

What make's a classic outfit stunning are the accessories and statement pieces. As mentioned above, be it a designer piece or not, as long as you've chosen the best design that would go with different outfits in different events it can be paired to any clothes anytime

Jacket's or coats and a niece pair of shoes are great statement pieces that when paired with cheaper or more subdued items makes the wearer look more expensive.