Birthstone for Good Luck

Friday, January 13, 2012 January Gemorie 1 Comments

Well, it’s the first Friday the 13th of theyear 2012. I bet most of you are thinking about having a bad luck during thistime, well you are not the only one, in fact there are lots of superstitionsthat come’s with this time, in fact lots of people believe and proved thatFriday the 13th is the most unlucky day of the year.

One of the examples is if you travel or begin a newproject during this period, bad luck will definitely happen. But for a busyperson, or someone who has a career, don’t you think this isn’t ideal? Well,yes, so why not wear birthstone jewelry? Birthstones are said to bring goodluck in health, career, relationship and more to the person wearing it. Whetherwe believe this or not is always up to us. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurtfollowing some simple rules regarding those beliefs, plus wearing a niceaccessory with your birthstone is not a bad idea at all.

Here is the list of the 12 birthstones according to monthsand what it can do to the one wearing it.

Garnet, those born in the month of January can wear agarnet, it comes in different shades of deep red to pink, clear, green andblack. This birthstone is ideal for those who can’t avoid traveling during theFriday 13th as it is said to “keepthe wearer safe during travel”.

Amethyst, those born in the month of February should wearthis gem as it is said that it guards the wearer against intoxication.

Aquamarine is for those who were born in the month ofMarch, also for traveling, in this case, traveling by boat or ferry, So if youare thinking of a cruise this April and it lands on a Friday the 13th,don’t forget to wear an accessory with this gem.

Diamond, the hardest and most expensive birthstone, thosewho are born in April should wear one because diamonds doesn’t only mean“everlasting love” it also bring courage. (I guess courage to face Friday 13th)

Emerald is for those who are born in May. It isCleopatra’s most loved among all the gems, this signifies patience (to lastuntil the end of Friday 13th), growth (instead of thinking it’s abad day, work you ass off) and wisdom (comes after growth), Emeralds are also linkedto love, fertility and rebirth.

Pearl is associated with being pure. Itis said that it is Aphrodite’s hardened tears of great happiness. If you areborn in June, better have one.

Ruby “the king of gems” is July’s gem, it protects whoeverwears it from bad luck and evils. It also affiliated with love and passion.

Peridot “evening emerald” and is August birthstone. Actslike a dream catcher, it helps, (actually more on protects) its wearer fromhaving a bad dream or nightmares.

Sapphire embodies wisdom and purity; those wearingsapphires are being protected from getting poison and are guarded amongst evil.


Opal repels evil and embodies confidence. It also protectsthe eyesight and is epitomize to faithfulness.


Topaz gives an increased in strength, it is November’sbirthstone that signifies love, intellect and affection.
Turquoise is believed to steer evil spirits. December’sbirthstone relaxes its wearer’s mind and is associated with success, goodfortune and love.


Turquoise jewelry is very hot now. Turquoise was believed to prevent accidents, and cure diseases of the head and heart.