A Rainy Monday

Monday, August 06, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

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It’s been raining really hard this morning and the sun didn’t shine that much since last week. It would be great if we could just stay home, sit beside your special someone, watch a movie, maybe cuddle in bed and have some hot soup or a cup of your favorite chocolate drink. But then, all of us need to get up, take a bath and get our ass off to work.

It’s still raining, the raindrops outside and the air conditioner inside are making the cars wind shied foggy. The traffic is killing all my patience with all those horns I can hear on all directions. Everybody is rushing to finally get to where they are going. And yet, despite the loud horns, you’ll still hear footsteps, big and small, fast, passing thru the side of the car. Indeed they are rushing.

The green light signals me to move forward finally reaching the intersection, turn left, and then straight ahead, once you see that tall building surrounded with gold glass go straight to the basement and look for a space to park your car.

Inside the elevator going to the thirty second floor, people look dashing with their own style, some wear simple jeans and shirts, some wear skirts, most wear the usual black garb. Thank goodness we are not required to dress to kill, simplicity is still the best.

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Since its raining, more ladies opted to wear skirt, that summer colored and feminine cut ones that are soft and flowing. But I guess I’m different from the rest, I wore my usual dark denim jeans, paired with a four inch navy blue open toe high heels and a blue silk blouse, on my wrist is my favorite wrist watch that my mom gave, two pair of earrings on my ear, a coral pink lipstick, bronze blush was on my cheeks and a natural colored eye shadow for my eyes.

Walking out of the elevator slowly, greeting each and every person “Good morning” I saw one of my subordinate, with a wide smile reaching out a hand with a cup of coffee.

As I reached my table I saw my folders filled up over the weekend, it is as if they mate at night and give birth to new ones at dawn, and in the morning before I reached my work station, they would be there, sitting quietly, waiting for me to finish them up until the end of the shift.

I sat on my chair, give those nasty folders a glimpse, open my laptop, check my emails and again, just like another Monday, I was consumed with my own world where different web design and computer programs occupy most of my eight hour shift has come.

It is indeed a Rainy Monday Morning.
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