Summer Tips for a Better You

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

Summer Tips

A few weeks back I’m sure you’re still enjoying the summer heat with your friends on the beach, strolling in the parks with your fashion jewelry, summer dress and all those summer related stuff. But as of today, the blazing heat that summer is bringing has been taking its toll on all of us. Surely, inside the comfort of your home, school, office, shopping malls and restaurant or wherever you are where air conditioners are in full blast there wouldn’t be a problem, but honey the moment you open the doors and step outside this cool places you’ll melt

Summer Protection

Although, there are sun block’s for skin protection, shades are for the eyes and there are certain hair conditioners and fashionable hats for hair protection. Nevertheless these are not enough, surely after a week’s work you’ll visit your favorite spa salon for a relaxing massage and scrub as well as a new haircut or maybe get some hair treatment for hair revitalization.

But then, getting outside that fully air conditioned room is a battle, and sometimes it’s a matter of saving or spending? So here are some useful tips that might help spend less but still gain the same results, even better.

Body Scrub, why not instead of visiting a spa, make your own scrub, less expensive all natural, and everything is in your kitchen? Options vary from sugar, salt and coffee.

Let’s start with a simple sugar and oil scrub. Mix granulated sugar either washed or brown (brown is more suggested) with oil (any kind of oil, scented are much better). Apply and gently massage onto your skin, rinse as usual. This concoction helps in stimulating your glandular system, exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and gives a softer, more moisturized skin.

home made coffee scrub

Next would be coffee, get your coffee maker and see if there are remaining granules inside the pot, there is, go and take it, add some lavender oil and used it as a scrub. You’ll get an instant glowing healthy tan and a moisturized skin without chemicals.

homemade hair conditioner

Hair Conditioner let your hair breath from chemicals shampoo and other hair treatments bring. Instead go check the fridge, see if there are eggs, crack one or two, add some vinegar and apply this on your hair and scalp. Rinse after 20 minutes and see for yourself what the results will be. By the way, mayonnaise is also an option, same procedure without the vinegar.

Cucumber or Tea Bags for Puffy Eyes

As for the eyes, put a slice of cucumber on both eyes. If you have used tea bags, just heat it up a little bit, once warm, put one bag each eye, and leave for 20 minutes. This helps blood circulation, thus at least reduces dark circles.