Your Friends Don’t Like Your Girl?

Friday, August 10, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

There you are walking in cloud nine, hand in hand with your girlfriend, a wide smile on your lips, a proud glint in your eyes as you introduce your girl to your buddies and suddenly, Boom! Your friends look sceptical on your girl.

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Ahw! Doesn’t that hurt? You where there, so excited to introduced your girl, happy whenever you see her getting along with your friends, laughing, exchanging jokes, but what if all those are a facade of a very dark reality, your friends find it an obligation to get along with your girl and they don’t want you to tag her along the next time.

A heart breaking reality not only to your but also for your girl, as much as you adore her, you can’t make your friends feel the same, well, don’t you think if they adore her the same way you do-specially your guy buddies-makes it even more complicated? He, he, he, just asking, anyway, the topic here is that your pals seem to not like your girl, so what can you do?

Well, the first thing you should do is to let them warm up to her, introduced her first to a girl pal that you think has the same interests as her, slowly let them became friends, then one by one you’ll notice that almost all your girl pals, maybe even your male friends girlfriends will gradually became at ease with her.

Surely, not all of them will love her, but civil enough to exchange pleasantries with her, some jokes at some point, just don’t force them to like her. It takes time and effort before they can finally warm up to her, perhaps you can bring her to you and your buddies favourite hangouts, common parties or have a party of your own, Friday night dinner is a good thing or better yet introduce her to sports that you and your male pals are playing.

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A reminder though, as a girl myself, don’t force your girl to do things she doesn’t want to. It’s the same as what you apply to your buddies, to be able to be accepted, let her express who she really is and not to pretend to be someone else she is not just to be one of the gang.

Introducing her to sports as what you are your friends are enjoying just like what is stated earlier is a good idea specially if she is into new things, but what if she is as clumsy as I am, or she’s not into sports? Perhaps she has asthma or maybe she just doesn’t want to, but then just to be accepted as a member of the circle you and your friends belong she did her best, but something came up, an accident or she just make something to drag her even further away from your pals. Pretending is not an option. Go back to the first suggestion, and I assure you, it will work much better than you expect it to be.

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Never tell a gossip to a girl, come on, as much as you want her to know everything about your friends up to the most detailed things about their lives, your childhood with them, all the antics you are your friends have made throughout the past years, the secrets only you and your buddies share. Never and I mean never even commit the sin of revealing things that only your group has always considered sacred. Let things take their own course before divulging such vital details, plus the fact that girls, oh so love GOSSIPS.

Make a deal. One of the negative things that having a girlfriend can bring is that it takes your time that you supposedly should spend with your pals to the point of forgetting important events or occasions such as a buddy’s birthday. You see, if girls are into a planner where every single event is written, you and your guys are somehow the same. Well, you don’t use calendars but birthdays are the most important event in your group and surely this is an event all of you have memorized, imprinted in your brain that your body just follow on its own,  in fact those are the only events where almost all of you are present, admit it or not.

So make sure to never forget such important event, or occasions that have been planned long before you have a girlfriend. Never compromise your time with your friends or else you’ll be facing an unfavourable consequence.

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Last, let’s see, as stubborn as you are they are probably planning of snubbing your girl as well as your efforts just to spite you so make sure you tell them straight and clear that no matter what they do, whatever they say, nothing can stop you from seeing her or weaken your love for her. With this, I hope everything will work out fine.