How to Deal with Your Broken Heart

Friday, August 17, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

sad girl

A few months back, someone, let’s call her ME, is trying to mend a broken heart. Yes! I got my heart broken again, whew. It’s really devastating, after two years of being together, we realized things have changed big time, we are not the same person we used to be, or so it was what we both agree, and thus we decided to end our two year long relationship.

This is not the first time ME broke her heart, but still, the same rules apply. Whatever memories you’ve shared, lessons you’ve learned, everything you shared together should be forgotten, or so ME thinks.

How to deal with your broken heart? One would definitely start with throwing important things he/she gave you, things that remind you of that person, but don’t you think that it is a waste? Why not instead of throwing things, recycle, donate it to organizations, less junk for our mother earth you can also make someone else happy.

But did you know ME didn’t throw, recycle nor donate anything. Yep, she didn’t, she just redecorate her room. A fresh start a new beginning, well, ME did throw junks, movie and concert tickets.

The next thing ME did is call her girl friends, nope they didn’t party, what’s there to celebrate anyway, getting your heart broken is not something one should be happy about.


Instead, they went straight to a salon and spa, spend time talking, crying, laughing and crying again. Then ME have a new hair style while her gal pals opted for a body scrub, facial, manicure and pedicure which ME also avail. Pampering yourself and looking good leads to confidence. When you are confident enough it would be easy to accept things thru.

After a good pampering, they decided to spend time at a diner, ordered tacos, quesadilla, pizza and pasta while sipping tropical punch, pina collada and a few glasses of margarita and tequila. Again they talked, laughed, cry a little, smile some more.

After that night out, ME was again alone on her room, things that used to be there are no longer there, she didn’t throw it, she just changed its position, the usual picture of a happy and sweet couple on her nightstand was changed with an image of a smiling girl. The usual night routine no longer exist, instead she create a new routine.

crying girl

At the end of the day, after you’ve done everything you can Cry, just cry that is one of the most important things she discovered. Bitterness and Pain, Happy Memories, a future together, all those thing you’ve shared, plans you’ve made will soon be forgotten, in time everything will heal, there will be someone who would cross paths with you again.

Don’t be afraid of a new love, a new challenge and the fear of losing it again, remember that God give us challenges to help us learn to make us grow proud and strong.