Gym Essentials to Look “Effortlessly” Good

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 Jae Rustia 4 Comments

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I haven’t been in the gym for a very long time. In any case, I was never the type to wake up before dawn to prepare for my gym class before heading out to whatever activity I need to do that day. In addition, I’d rather go straight home and rest than visit the gym after office hours. I don’t have the energy left to at least run a few miles after a busy day at work.

I do run during weekends but that was a very rare event. I do crunches and squats but after a few repetitions I will find myself doing something else, like watching Netflix.

Anyway, recently, my office mates are all about cutting calories and getting fit, not to mention the cute guys at the gym or their yoga instructor.

Kidding aside, I think I’ve been gaining weight, no wait, let me rephrase that “I am gaining weight!!”. The stress of becoming a part of a new team and a new job, my slightly sedentary lifestyle, my binge eating habits when I am stress all adds up to my love handles and its freaking me out how my jeans won’t fit the way they usually do.

I decided to check out one of the many fitness facilities around the office. I found a few good ones with great fitness classes. But it’s kind of intimidating looking at the gym enthusiasts. They all look fashionably great.

The last time I was at the gym, I look like a sweating pig on white T-shirt and jogging pants, but these gym goers look all amazing, like running on a full speed treadmill wouldn’t make them sweat.

While most of us aim to be on tip top condition, looking good while sweating seems to be something we should also look after, in any case no one would want to be caught red handed, especially in a place like this where there is a possibility to meet a lot of people.

Here are some simple tips to look effortlessly good while working out.

1. Invest in good sportswear: Dress for comfort, pick up sportswear pieces that will make you feel comfortable, not too baggy, not too tight, you should be able to move without feeling discomfort. Pieces that absorbs sweat and dries out easily are a go to.

Yoga pants and leggings seems to be the in thing, bold colored sports bra or razor back sando’s, crop tops and a size bigger than your original size white shirt can be seen to most gym enthusiasts.

2. Good trainers: As a girl our rule of thumb is that “good shoes brings you to good places”, same with picking rubber shoes and trainers. You have to choose one depending on the type of workout you are into.

Running shoes are made especially for running. Trainers are the best options when you are into sports but it still depends on what type of sports you are into. Cross-trainer are also a go-to option when you’re going to spend more time on the treadmill or just have some light jogging or brisk walking exercises.

3. Bring a Functional Bag: Come on girl, we both know this, you won’t follow the rules of the fitness facility no matter what the gym assistant tells you. I’m sure you will bring this and that with you inside the gym. Better bring a slightly bigger bag that can hold your stuff and can be more functional. Like sportswear pieces and accessories that you can bring beyond the gym, it’s called athleisure fashion, and believe me, you’ll get hooked to this trend.

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4. Go for waterproof: No matter what I tell you, you will still push the no makeup-makeup-look in the gym so better invest in a water proof mascara, a good lip gloss that has better hydration qualities, a well-groomed brow and nothing else. Again, nothing else in your face aside from a water proof mascara, lip gloss and polished brow.

No matter how good you are when it comes to the no-makeup-makeup-look, it will dissolve in a messy, sticky sweat that will be seen on your towel, and it looks gross.

You should also invest in colorful hair tie’s and head bands, to accessorize your hair.

5. Water bottle: No matter how good you look, fainting from lack of water is more horrible than getting caught without makeup on.

Anyway, I am already trying to increase my stamina before I enroll in a fitness class. At present, I am regularly taking a jog, well more like brisk walking - during weekends and taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

I’m also cutting on calories little at a time, decrease in junk food intake, eat healthier foods and sleep at least 6 hours, yes that’s the longest I can get during work days.

And that’s my list. How about you? Did I miss something?  


Lili Vu said...

These are great tips! Though I do my workouts at home, I love the waterproof makeup idea with the lipgloss and the brow. Great post!

I absolutely love this. Awesome images too. Have a great new week!

Style For Mankind

Alice said...

These are great tips for the gym! I too have been putting on some love handles and yup, some of my jeans no longer fit...time for me to get off the couch as well!

xo, alice / T Y P E N U

Some great tips! I agree that it's definitely worth investing in quality sportswear (from a functional point of view and also from a motivational point of view- if you're wearing nice things you're more likely to go to the gym!)