Reasons to Hit the Gym Aside from Losing Weight

Thursday, April 28, 2016 Jae Rustia 2 Comments

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Did you ever felt humiliated or feel so down every time the media bombards us with their "perfect body images" or "tips to get fit this summer" it's as if you are not doing your part to stay fit and healthy.

Most of the time, this kinds of news and images hits our self esteem, sometimes even the latest fashion trends can be annoying. Its like the time you spend sweating on the gym to be fit, to be healthy, to be able to wear the clothes that you are comfortable with is still not enough.

Perhaps being thin is what's ideal, but most women would not agree in that, even I myself believe that being thin doesn't always mean your healthy and being fat doesn't mean your slouching on the couch eating junk all the time. Chubby girls can be fit too, and not because your a few pounds above the scale means your overweight, what about muscles? Muscles weigh more heavier than fat!

Not because one is too thin or overweight means they are neglecting their health. It just means that each person, each body type responds differently to a certain fitness routine. And not because someone spends more time in the gym means all their goal is to shed all those extra pounds, there are other reasons why one spends time working their ass in workout centers and believe me, you should too.

Everyone of all sizes are now more competitive in the health and fitness department and here's some of the reasons why.

Physical activity such as brisk walking releases endorphin's, a chemical in our system that triggers a positive feeling in the body which means you wont snapped when things doesn't go the way you want it to be or when work is filling up.

Less stress means you are unlikely to be depress or feel anxious. Also, being stress free acts as an anti-aging solution. For one, physical activities doesn't only releases happy chemicals, it also strengthen our bones and builds muscles that are strong enough to prevent damages for years to come.

It's kind of a cause and effect thing. A less stressful daily life results a happy disposition. When you are happy, you became more focus with things, more relaxed with your choices thus, creative juices overflows in your system, which only means work is done pretty easily equals more time for yourself and your family. Combine it with healthier options and having strong bones and muscles and you'll last a couple more years to play with your great grand kids.

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Another thing about being in the gym are the sportswear pieces each enthusiast wear. Yoga pants, running shoes, those nice crop tops that shows a great view of abs and biceps. Not to mention who would want to see a sexy butt doing squats?

Extra Info: Did you know that there was a time in the past that women are not allowed to compete in a marathon? They think we are fragile, but there is one women who proved them wrong, Kathrine Virginia "Kathy" Switzer, best known for being the first woman to run and complete the 1967 Boston Marathon under entry number 261 in 1967. -Wikipedia


New clothes are my favorite part of exercising :)