2012’s Met Costume Institute Gala: The Best and Worst Dresser

Wednesday, May 09, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

2012’s Met Costume Institute Gala

The celebrities we looked up to, fashion names whom we want to dress us up, brands we want to wear, a red carpet that we dream of walking into. One gathering, two of the most iconic fashion names, countless stars, a worthy cause, one fashion gala, “2012’s Met Costume Institute Gala”

See your idols as they doll up with their branded clothes, designer’s shoes, and fashion jewelry that would either impress or flunk depending on how they will carry their selves.

Here are what’s for me are the worst dressers of the night.

Kirsten Stewart never fail to amuse the hell out of me, name a few events where you’ve seen her dress and carry herself well and lady I’m telling you, there are so few, and this event was no exception to think she’s wearing a Balenciaga dress. She did no justice, and the reporters stated she’s smiling, whoa wait a second was that a smile or a smirk? She seems more annoyed than happy.

Kirsten Stewart 2012’s Met Costume Institute Gala

Marc Jacobs, designers are really artists, most of them are weird.

Marc Jacobs 2012’s Met Costume Institute Gala

Emma Stone to think I loved her guts on her chick teen flick Easy A. So far this is her worst event, entering the red carpet wearing a child’s dress with her hair tied up like a grade school student who would be attending a friend’s party.

Emma Stone 2012’s Met Costume Institute Gala

Florence Welch lead singer of Florence and the Machine attended the gale wearing a ahm, what was that? I don’t know how the hell this dress became Alexander McQueen’s “over the top creation”.

Florence Welch 2012’s Met Costume Institute Gala

Jessica Chastain wears a figure unflattering dress by Louis Vuitton. She made a really bad choice for this night. The 200 hour to complete dress should be for someone else, someone with deadly curves because she literally looked bulky and boob less.

Jessica Chastain 2012’s Met Costume Institute Gala

I’m sure there are even worst than them, too bad I didn't notice.
Check out who are the best dressers on the nigh.