Be Fabulous in your Little Black Dress

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

Be Fabulous in your Little Black Dress through wholesale womens shoes, fashion jewelry and other fashion tips form the latest fashion trends

The little black dress or the greatest weapon almost all ladies have in their closet. Have you read my previous post “My Guilty Pleasures”? I was at my lowest at that time, I feel ugly and unworthy, I was so down I decided to take some shopping splurge instead of pigging over food and be depressed again after a week’s time because of weight gain.

I choose shopping for a simple reason that I can still earn that money in 11 days and I can wear or use whatever I have bought and payday is 15/30. On the other hand, gaining weight would take a lot of effort to shed off.

Anyway, when I got home one of my friends called and asked me for a night out. As I’ve said I’m depressed and I feel ugly but decided to say yes. I took out my little black dress. It looks boring at that time, very different as I remember it.

I decided to add some fashion jewelry, a necklace to be exact but I feel like it doesn’t suit. I decided to browse my closet and rummage over my drawer until I find what I’m looking for. Truth is it took me an hour before I felt satisfied.

Fashion Tips. Be Fabulous in your Little Black Dress by adding some fashion jewelry

Nevertheless, I wanted to share you some small stuff that might help you in a way or in the future if you came on the same phase as me. You know, when the time you feel depressed and everything is boring.

Here is the first one. Be fabulous in fashion jewelry. A simple silver necklace can do the trick, but then if you have a sexy neck, forget about wearing one and opt for a simple earring. Bracelets is also an option you shouldn’t miss but then again, if you will go dancing the night out, I don’t think that would be a nice idea unless you’ll feel comfortable.

Be Fabulous with Big and Chunky Fashion Jewelry

Wearing fashion ring is also nice, those with chunk like gems, but if it’s a date with your boyfriend make sure you wear it on the right or just avoid wearing it on your wedding finger. Another trend you might notice is head dresses such as jeweled head bands, bobby pins with small gems, berets and small hats with feathers.

Be Fabulous with headdresses and berets with fashion jewelry

Clutch bags, since it’s on the trends and more or less as a lady you’ll need to bring some make-up and cologne for retouch, then some cash or maybe your credit cards, and of course cell phone. Clutch bags are the greatest option, not too small for you to forget and not notice and not too big for your hand to hold.

Shoes, yes shoes, well you probably know that. If I’m not mistaken a quote says “a ladies shoes should always be pretty, for it will bring you to places you can’t imagine, beautiful, surreal places”. If you are on the budget, wholesale women’s shoes is the answer or just wear whatever’s on your shoe rack, just remember to check if it looks good on your dress.

Be fabulous by putting make-up on, wearing fashion jewelry and shoes you got from wholesale womens shoes

Lastly, put on some make-up. Curl your hair if you want. Spray a nice scent, be fab and confident.