Spicing Up your Sex Life

Monday, June 25, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

This weekend Yahoo posted something that is very interesting to me, and since I am a fashion geek I say to myself this should be shared to all of you. Moreover, I think this is the best time to write it up since the holiday is coming, Fourth of July remember?
jewelry display
Begin your day with a little bit of teasing, start up with a nice and sexy maxi dress and your best jewelry on your jewelry display since most probably you’ll stay somewhere near the beach (don’t tell me you aren’t, it’s the fourth of July, time for a little chilling) wear underneath your gorgeous bikini suit and undress your maxi if you are going to take a plunge or a nice sunbath. This is a sure way to torment him slowly.
fashion jewelry display
fashion trends
Well if you are not going out of the city perhaps you should have a nice pair of mini skirt or short shorts and again check out for the perfect pair of jewelry on your jewelry display. A stroll in the park is not a bad idea right or perhaps try something new, maybe a new sport, how does biking around the city sounds like (it’s possible, most streets are probably car and traffic free)?
2012 fashion trend
Maybe biking is a bit of a strenuous idea, why not try a candlelight dinner, surely it wouldn’t be hard to reserve a spot in one of the most dined in spot in the metro. Wear a nice dress, red or black, maybe blue and pick out your best diamonds on your jewelry display. Why those colors you might ask, well aside from those are my favorites, red stands for fierce, a promise of a fiery night, black is for authority and power, elegant and sleek something that might stand for “tonight it’s going to be my turn” or maybe something like the lyrics of a song from Ludacris

"Baby, tonight's the night I let you know
Baby, tonight's the night we lose control
Baby, tonight you need that, tonight believe that
Tonight I'll be the best you ever had"

Sounds sexy right? On the other hand the color of blue stands for strong and steadfast, sounds like a perfect night.

The day has been too long right? Have you had enough teasing? Would it be too much for a lacy corset for bedtime? Maybe not, if you are up for a really nice teasing a push up bra paired with a lacy bikini is a sexy idea.
jewelry display
To make your night even sexier, spicier, wear your corset or you push-up bra with a nice stiletto. Did you notice that whenever you are on heels you feel more confident, more powerful, and more independent? Confidence is sexy, wearing heels makes you look sexier than ever.

You want some tips? Wearing skirts, a short dress or shorts, make sure that you moisturized your legs, add some shimmering powder for an attractive luster, or if you are up for a tan even better.