Style of the Month: Prints and Patterns

Friday, June 22, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

Style of the Month: Prints and Patterns

Browsing the internet one can really get thousands of ideas. There are times where you are thinking about a certain topic, tried searching for further details, taking notes of the information you gather and then just because of a certain change of window, something came popping on your mind again.

And you know what’s the worst part is? Forgetting the real reason why you are gathering certain information as new ideas came flooding on your mind that you can’t help yourself but to put it on print and share it to every one.

Well, this is it, one faithful summer morning I was collecting a data about a certain work related topic, changed tab and then boom it’s Pinterest a social network where people posts images, women’s apparel at most flood on that web page at that moment. And I was awestruck as new ideas rush in my head I was itching to put it on print and here it is “Style of the Month: Prints and Patterns”

cubic zirconia rings

This photo is reason why my head becomes covered with something else. The first thing that caught my attention was the clothes she was wearing, vibrant, colorful with different print in all sorts of patterns. It looks so summerish and the fashion jewelry she was wearing is so cool, remember the trend for this year, simple but chunky, tribal and colorful beads. Then I notice her expression and I was lost, left with no other choice but to leave what I have been doing and instead finish this update.

fashion jewelry

As I keep on browsing, I stumbled upon this photo, not so different from the first one, but attention grabber just the same. The models are not wearing any fashion jewelry but the print and patterns of the apparel they are modeling are really nice.

fashion rings

In this picture as you can notice the bottom is not the real pair or can not even be considered as a nice pair for the printed blazer and patterned blouse, it's just that I cant find something suitable so I just advised you to either wear a denim jeans, perhaps a skinny jeans or a skirt. And don't wear a necklace as a fashion jewelry with this type of clothes, well that's my own style, but if you look closely, the inner shirt is filled with patterns and ruffles so better not wear a chunky or tribal necklace. Just wear an earring of maybe a bracelet, that would be much better. As for the printed jeans, well I cant help it so I decided to also published it.

fashion necklaces

Another summerish dress that caught my attention. Green, yellow, orange are all combined in a white dress. Summerish, hmm simple, lemon, oranges, green leaves, all those zesty summer fruits that's so refreshing it also makes my eyes refreshed.

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Lastly, nice clothes should be paired with the same nice accessories, and this are not just fashion jewelry, shoes are also important same as bags.

fashion jewelry

Well, did you have fun? I do, aw, what time is it? OMG I still need to finish my report. See you later.