June: Pearls, Flowers and Weddings

Friday, June 08, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

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I wonder what is it about June and weddings, anyway that was way back, when I was still a child and whenever the month of June approaches there are so many couples (mostly my relatives, either my aunt, uncle or any of my cousins) getting married, while on some days of the month either we attend one my relatives, sometimes my parents friends, even our neighbors wedding anniversary dinners.

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But as I’ve said, that was during my childhood days, slowly as I passed this phrase I notice how great the season is, the trace of winter is gone, the weather is so fine that you can taste summer through the breeze, the fields are gradually getting greener every single day and flowers are starting to be in full bloom. And that was when I realized that weddings are really great during the month of June.

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Nevertheless, I won’t pick June when the time comes that I walk down the aisle, (that would be a few more years) maybe May, my birth month or perhaps sometime from the "ber" months. I don’t want to join the June brides, as much as possible I want to be the only bride to get my vows on a certain month if that’s possible, but then again, I notice that churches and other venues are always jam packed for wedding events whatever time and date.

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Talking about wedding dates, June I think is the halfway of summer, flowers blooming everywhere, their scents surrounding the whole place, oh by the way, June's birthstone jewelry is pearl, and an old saying somewhere in Asia stated that a bride shouldn’t wear pearls on her wedding day, include it on her wedding dress or any part of her body, for she is bound to cry all throughout her marriage if she do so. But no one said you cant add pearls on your wedding cake.

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