Shoes for Success

Monday, June 25, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

womens shoes
When it comes to shoes I’m sure every girl has a pair of two, be it a designer one, something bought on a wholesale women’s shoes store, on a sale, a hand down, a customize we have it.

I found out something useful when it comes to shoes, useful for all of us who wants to gain success, work or love. See below for the must haves.
wedge boots
Black women’s shoes, be it high heels, wedge, peep toe, heel less or whatever type it is, black shoes is a fashion staple for all of us girls. It can be paired to any color, can be worn from day to night in an array of clothes not to mention sexy.

Something worth pondering, wedge boots is something you should try, they come in different styles so there wouldn’t be a problem looking for a pair that would match your corporate attire or the dress you are planning to wear for your night out.
White Shoes, same as black, white or beige is a must have when it comes to women’s shoes, it can look corporate especially on dresses and it also helps you stand out from the many who wears black.
wholesale womens shoes
Printed Shoes, usually you wouldn’t even dare wear this type, but I assure you this one is something you should try, it spice up the boring black, grey, white corporate attire, it gives an edge, and somehow it sends a powerful aura.
heel less wedges
Neon Colored Shoes, hot pink, metallic blue, crimson red, those colors that are being in the trend, loud and sometimes multi color. Same as printed shoes, for me neon colored shoes are also a must have, it can be paired to any dress. It sends a powerful aura of confidence with a sexy and womanly twist that every lady should have especially in a tough competition industry. I found bamboo shoes cool and feminine at the same time.
Studded Womens shoes
Stud Designed Shoes, well its not so bad to have a pair or two since there are dress down Friday right, most company’s allow their employees to wear casual clothes during Friday, not to mention payday usually comes at Friday meaning time to relax in a nice restaurant or meet with friends somewhere.

Well that’s it, some of you might think this is useless, that you already know these facts, but there are others who are just beginning to bloom so this would probably help them, I do hope this would help.

Anyway, be it a designer brand or something bought in sale, maybe an online store that offers cheap and yet fashionable items, it actually doesn’t matter where you bought it, what’s important is how can you handle those shoes.

Have a nice day.