Halloween Fashion Jewelry

Thursday, November 01, 2012 January Gemorie 2 Comments

Everyone likes unique pieces of jewelry. It makes up a huge part of your outfit and sometimes, it can make all the difference between a simple outfit and an elegant (or horrific) costume. Now that Halloween is upcoming, it’s time to discuss the best types of fashion jewelry for Halloween. And when we say “Halloween jewelry”, we actually mean gross, disgusting, creepy and borderline psycho. Don’t worry though, if you have plans to really scare some people on Halloween, you’ll probably succeed and more.

Here are some of the craziest pieces of jewelry you’ll ever find. We warn you, they’re pretty CRAZY!

ethnic fashion bracelet

Teeth Be Told

Okay, is it just us or is this bracelet completely disgusting? This design includes a set of what looks like real-life teeth, embellished in gold, strung together by a chain. It looks completely real, however and it’ll make a fabulous addition if you happen to be going to a Halloween party as a teeth ripper. Or if you want something more charming, how about going as a tooth fairy? Now that’s pretty cute.
But nope, this bracelet still gives us the creeps.

photo pendant

Smile Much?

If we didn’t know better, we’d have thought this necklace came from a Pedophile. That’s not something you’d want anyone to think about you. This necklace filled with Barbie smiles in can tops looks just as creepy as it is puzzling. Can anyone wear this just for the style? Probably not. Try wearing this to a formal event and you’ll be creeping out everyone in the area.

creepy pendant

Hands to Heaven?

If there’s a design for jewelry with Barbie smiles, then there’s also a design with arms. As amusing as this necklace looks from afar, it kind of reminds you of any massacre movie. But oh well, if you’ll be wearing this to a Halloween party, then you’ll definitely scare a few people and creep many girls out. Scare people on Halloween? Mission accomplished!

thorn necklace

Death by Hanging?

Seriously. This girl must have some kind of death wish to wear this kind of necklace. Just think of how many mishaps one can encounter if they wear this to a party. Sure, it looks really cool and makes a perfect accessory for a glam-rock, wish-I-was-goth kind of party. But when you think about it, this looks more than just the creepy little crown of thorns Jesus was presented when he was being sent to his death. It looks scary and risky. Think of what would happen if she fell down somewhere? What if someone from around the block mugged her and pulled her by the neck? Now that’s a true Halloween scene.

Suicide Mission

Now this is something pretty perfect for a Halloween party. Do you really want to scare your friends? This is definitely one piece of jewelry that will creep and scare everyone who sees you. Looks pretty real right? Just hope that the Principal or your mother doesn't catch you wearing it. They’ll probably ban you from any party in the future. Or they’ll get a psychologist to check you out.

Perfect for Halloween eh!, Hope you like my list, you might wanna check out the most sought after Halloween Costume.


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