Ruby and July

Monday, July 09, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

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It’s already the month of July, my, my how time flies so fast, I still remember my first post on this blog, it’s also about the birthstone for the month of January. At that time I still don’t know what to write, to share to my readers, I’m basically blind on what to post. Nevertheless, as time passed by, slowly I started to realize what I wanted to share, and then a definite plan is established, I am a girl, I love fashion jewelry, gossip, fashion trends, shoes, etc.

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Anyway, going back to the subject, since its July wouldn’t it be nice to post something that is related to this month? The holidays are over, reality strikes back, we need to work our ass off in a fashionably nice way. Consequently, since it’s the month of July why not wear the birthstone Ruby to compliment this month?

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So you are not born on the month of July? Does this mean you can’t wear the Ruby birthstone? Of course not, Ruby represents deep passion, integrity, a promise of power and success that most of us in the corporate world, no make that all of us striving for success be it in love or career must wear this fashion jewelry.

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Speaking of fashion jewelry, I’m sure most of you are already thinking, “This girl is giving us a problem, does she know how much a Ruby costs?” Well, ladies calm down, there so many shops giving “Fourth of July Sale” pre and post holiday sale. Another option is online fashion jewelry shops. Surely, with these resources it wouldn’t be hard to find a piece that you would like and most importantly, would suit your budget.

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