Your Ultimate Guide for the Spring Fashion 2016

Wednesday, March 23, 2016 Jae Rustia 0 Comments

January Gemorie

There’s so much to love about spring. The change of season where the temperature is perfect for strolling around while savoring the scenery of changing colors, from snow covered branches to warm browns and greens, the flower buds that’s starting to bloom and everything else.

The time to update your wardrobe has come, shove back your heavy sweaters and coats at the back of the cabinet and bring in some of your mom’s spring collection. If you haven’t notice it yet, our current trend came from the 90’s down.

Not your style? It may look daunting and outdated but believe me, you’ll definitely thank your mom for having a full wardrobe of spring fashion saved from her time.

1.Denims – a nineties style that’s making a comeback. Dresses, skirts, even shoes and bags in denim material are seen in the previous spring fashion shows and even celebrities.

Have you seen Selena Gomez wearing that acid-wash-colored-with-a-few-torn-parts-skirt? Even, Zayn Malic, previous One Direction member shared a picture of her “humored “girlfriend Gigi Hadid wearing a long dress with a side boob slit in a denim looking material.

Spring 2016 Fashion Trend

2. Dress – keep your flirt up ladies, the combination of fashion and comfort items are in. The 2016 spring fashion trend features a lot of lace materials, slip dresses and jumpsuits. You might want to start shopping now.

Jumpsuits in block basic colors of white, black, blue and red seems to be showing up as a good option for office outfit, while those bright colored and printed ones are great options for outdoor fun.

3. Tops - Crops tops, Cut-off sleeves in Crochet, Suede, Net Style’s, Sheer type of material.

Spring’s weather is kind of still on the unpredictable stage, one moment its hot and sunny, next the cold wind is blowing. Cut-off sleeves and crop tops give the comfort you need in case the weather suddenly change.

Clothes made of suede materials are also a good option when it comes to unpredictable weather, they are thick enough to be worn during a slightly colder weather and are light and comfy for a spring stroll.

On the other hand, crochet, net and sheer styles are great buys to kick off your spring break/summer outfit.

4. Shoes – time to slowly tuck away your thigh-high boots, SLOWLY because this boots are still good options when wearing a dress or short skirts. Although, I suggest you leave the ones with block heels, or your flat-form type boots.

Start collecting sling-back sandals, flat-form shoes and sneakers for spring/summer getaways. While block heels, mid-heels, denim pumps, cutout suede sandals are great buys for a more formal setting.

Spring 2016 Shoes

5. Accessories - Handbags with embellished details like tassels, pompom, intricate beading designs, or in big bright colors are introduced by many celebrities.

Round sunglasses and suede hats also seems to be the in thing.

Additional Info:
- Choose flora printed dresses, plaids and stripes. Clothes with geometric or animal prints as this style “You exude sheer strength and are an unstoppable force no matter what life throws at you.”
- Invest in good sportswear. Have you seen Kendall Jenner rocking her yoga leggings outside the gym? Or Taylor Swift wearing her tracksuit while having a chitchat with friend after gym class.

Is there any trend I forgot to include? Feel free to drop me a comment.