Wedding Jewelry Must Have's

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

With all the stress a wedding preparation requires, how come a bride still looks very lovely? Well for one, of course it’s the inner joy of finally getting married to the one you love, next would be the lovely dress she is wearing or perhaps the way her make up was applied and lastly the wedding jewelry.

I remember the last day before my cousin got married. We are all frantically searching over her mom’s jewelry box since she forgot about her something blue. But we can’t find anything blue except some blue gemstones. One of my crafty cousins ordered us to collect all those little blue gems. In the end, she created a headband using all the gemstone jewelry we collected.

wedding jewelry

The next problem we encounter that final day is her bridesmaid. She asked our opinion about her earring, and we said NO! But then again, Sammy, the bridesmaid is still insisting of wearing that chunky earring. The next day we realize it’s not that big, but it still got the visitors attention that should be for the couple.

Okay, enough of my stories. Let’s talk about what a bride can wear during her wedding day. The basics, or should I say what I have seen on most brides.

First is the tiara or a hair ornament. Have you seen the movie Breaking Dawn? Bella wear a hair ornament from her grand mother which her parents added some sapphire (if I’m not mistaken). That solves the “something blue” and “something borrowed”.

birthstone jewelry

Earring. Well as you notice almost all brides wear an earring. A pearl earring is a common one. Some uses the drop type of earring but generally, something that isn't too flashy or chunky. For an example, the earring Kate Middleton wears during her wedding.

Bracelet. I guess this is an optional thing. Some might want to wear one while other chooses none. I don’t have an opinion on this really. If you are going to wear gloves, why not add some gemstones on it?

Necklace. I’ve seen only a few brides wearing a necklace. But for me I think it looks good especially for tube or bare shoulder type of wedding gowns. It actually creates a much slender effect, simply this means much more sexiness.

The Garter and the Veil. Have you seen a garter with little gemstones on it, or a veil with small birthstones on the edges? Well, I have! My father’s subordinate got married; we are invited so we drop by and say our congratulations. The bride’s veil looks gorgeous especially up close, while the garter is surrounded by little emeralds if I’m not mistaken since it is the birthstone jewelry for May.

And that’s it. Hope this helps and entertain all of you.