Garnet and January

Thursday, January 12, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

garnet, birthstone jewelry
Those who are born on January share the same birthstonewhich is Garnet or granatum in Greek, meaning “pomegranate seed”. It is a deepred-almost like a blazing stone, which is why Garnet is a fire element, a stonethat represents “Love and Devotion, Faith and Sincerity”.

Although the most common color for this birthstone jewelryis blood red, there is in fact a wide array of red shades. Pyrope is the mostintense red colored garnet while Almandrite is a deep red with a brownundertone. Spessartite is the combined or somewhat in the shades of red, brownand orange while Rhodorite ‘s shade is raspberry to purple. This happens whenPryrope and Almandrite is combined together with some iron.

Nevertheless, garnet is not just a stone in red shades. Thereare some varieties in black and green. Andradite is in different shades ofgreen while Ugrandite is also green but in a much deeper shade. Demantoidgarnets, the most valuable, expensive and the rarest among the garnets are in greenshade birthstone jewelry.

January’s birthstone jewelry has been existing even beforeChrist was born. In the Ancient graves in Czechoslovakia, necklaces adornedwith garnets are found, according to studies it was during the Bronze Age.

Garnets are believed to have some healing and protectionpowers during the earlier times. Warriors would always bring garnet forprotection during battles or war. Hunters are also believed to bring thisbirthstone jewelry to protect them from snakebites. Consequently, to provethis, archeologist found garnets in the graves of warriors and nobles from theAncient Egypt dating back 3100 years before Christ.

And in a war between British Troops and the Hanza tribeduring the 1892 ,would you believe, Asiatic tribes added garnets to theirbullets with the apprehension that garnet are more deadly than the lead intheir bullets?

As of today, garnets are still used for healing andprotection. Garnets are also used for life force stimulation, for business andcareer, romance and friendship, and a lot more. So therefore, I can say that garnet is a "Must Have" not only for those who were born in the month of January.