GIFT IDEAS FOR HER: Top Gift Ideas for Her

Monday, January 23, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

Would you believe Valentine’s Day is coming? My, my how time flies so fast. Just a couple of weeks ago I’m thinking of what item to purchase for my loved ones for the coming Christmas season and now here I am, thinking again, browsing every website, coming in and out of every boutique to look for a nice, cute gift for the important persons in my life.

If you are just like me, getting giddy, excited and a bit hazy on what gift to give, here are some items I found nice, cute, simple and most of all affordable that you might want to try.

I’m starting with gifts for her. Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, girlfriend, girl friends, whatever, here are some ideas that might clear your mind on what a girl might loved.
birthstone jewelry

Jewellery. Tell me anyone who would refuse a nice necklace? Well this are for the ones whom you are really close. Make it a bit more personalized by using or looking for something with their birthstone jewellery. Also, did you know that every piece of jewellery tells a tale or a meaning? Bracelets are hand cuffs, no more like it strengthen relationships, Necklace tells a bond that will stand the test of time, while Earrings are a reminder of an event you will never forget, and rings are for eternity.
make up set
Make Up Kit. Yes I know what you guys are thinking. How the hell can you go inside a boutique selling beauty products and asked a sales lady where the lip glosses are? I know this is kind of funny. But hey, think of how loud your sister would shriek once she opened her gift and see a set of make up?
gemstone jewelry

A bottle of Perfume. Every girl loves being fragrant, sweet smelling and a bottle of perfume is definitely a great idea. Look for a cute bottle; personally I loved collecting bottles of perfume. Consequently, if you know her favorite brand or a brand that she still doesn’t have much better. Oh by the way don’t forget to look for a nice smelling fragrant, it would not be good if you purchase one just because it’s a cute bottle.
birthstone jewelry
A clutch bag/Bag. Well yeah, some girls love bags. Small clutch bags are good for you mother, grandmother and your aunt. Backpacks, hand carry bags and shoulder bags are for ladies going to school or working.
gemstone jewelry

Shoes. Ask a girl who doesn’t have a collection of shoes. Be it a Chuck Taylor, stiletto, high heel shoes, boots, whatever. Girls have a pair or two. Just be sure it will fit.

Hope this helps. Watch out for my next updates on Gifts for Him.