GIFT IDEAS FOR HIM: Top Gift Ideas for Him

Thursday, January 26, 2012 January Gemorie 1 Comments

Aspromised here is the list of items that would probably, or most likely be agood idea for a valentine gift for him. Be it your Dad, grand father, brother,uncle, boyfriend and boy friends.

birthstone jewelry

Jewelry Notice how I love jewelries? Well it’s the mostbasic, it’s like “I have no other choice”,“I really have no idea what to buy” or “Ohmy God I am running out of time!” admit it or not, I’m sure all of us havespend so many nights, or even tried preparing months before, of what we wouldpurchase for him, but still ended up buying a bracelet or a necklace, maybe aring. And so for a change, make it a little too personal. Look for somethingwith his birthstone jewelry. Or if you have some artistic side, make it yourself,you can purchase different materials be it in the market, hardware or online.

swiss knife

Swiss Knife I know how common this gift is, but hey it’s veryuseful and handy plus the fact that at this time, there is a huge array ofchoices to choose from, there are different colors and functions, sizes andweight.

gift certificate

Spa Treatment For me this is the best option. If girls are vain,so does some men. But its not about vanity, it’s about relaxation. Tell me oneperson who doesn’t want a massage, maybe a facial or a foot spa. Consequently,both of you can enjoy this right? It’s like hitting 2 birds in one stone,relaxing while being together.

personalized beer mug

Gift Certificate Though I don’t really recommend this but if youhave spend so many days, weeks or even months of thinking what he wants or whathe needs but still have no clue, GC’s are the best option. Let him spend it theway he wants.

Personalized Mugs Well boys will be boys. Personalized items such asbeer mugs or coffee mugs are in the trend. It won’t take so much of your time.If I am not mistaken certain shops sells and accept job orders for personalizeditems.

Andthat’s it. All items mentioned are taken from my reliable sources so this willdefinitely work. Wink wink J


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