Featured Product: Suede Shoes

Saturday, October 20, 2012 January Gemorie 1 Comments

Footwear is an important component of our wardrobe. Just like any piece of clothing in an outfit, a pair can get you walking like an A-list celebrity or a pauper in the street. Remember that it’s not only the style clean and well maintained bamboo shoes are really comfortable. They can surely take you the extra mile.

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Here are 2 extremely important reminders that will keep you dancing confidently in your blue suede shoes like Elvis:

The suede brush is your shoes’ best friend
If you’re reading this part, I’m pretty sure you know by now that suede is a delicate material. It is not as cleaning friendly as leather, but the suede material has its own distinct appeal. Just think of the texture it adds to your outfit, right?

how take care suede shoes

Brushing your suede shoes before and especially after use can greatly prolong its life. Make it a habit to remove dirt from your shoes before they could turn into stains or invite molds to live on your precious pair. I’m really inclined to believe that this is the secret of Elvis Presley’s blue suede shoes.

Pre-treatments can save you a great deal
It may not seem practical to fix anything before it’s broken – but it does. Just like in taking care of your health, prevention will always be better than cure. Take the time to scan through shoe care products at the grocery store next time you shop for home supplies. Read up on what substances can help preserve the suede material of your shoes.

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Your family and friends would probably recommend getting a leather protection or a preservative spray which since these are commonly used for this purpose. Remember that these substances can make or break your pair of suedes. It doesn’t hurt to be sure by researching thoroughly, asking around and consulting shoe care experts.

Remember: Haste makes waste
This is probably the golden rule of shoe care. Hurrying, in any form, can lead you to drop, bump or splatter anything, anywhere. And this includes you. Decrease the risk of ruining your outfit for the day giving an ample time to prepare. Always a lot a lead time to get you help you relax and settle down before any action at work or in school begins. But when the inevitable happens, don’t panic. Getting a stain on your suede is not the end of the world. Just wipe it out and pretend nothing happen. Wage the cleaning battle when you get home where you have the right tools that would help you deal with the delicate problem.

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