The Color of July: Crimson Blush

Monday, July 16, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

When I was younger my favorite colors are pink and sky blue, I remember exchanging scented stationary papers in different shades of pink and sky blue, my friends would usually order their snacks on a pink colored lunch box, and the funny thing is all girls would boast on how cute and pretty our school bags are when in fact, we have the same color of pink, most of the time either Barbie or Hello Kitty.

Then I entered high school, still the fascination in pink and sky blue doesn’t fade. You’ll see me with a pink head band, sometimes a sky blue scarf with little pink prints. My notebooks are covered with pink little patterns, sky blue cut out name while the remaining things are either in pink and sky blue.

When I entered my senior high, the pink fascination slowly shift into something much darker, but is still there, I think that part of me will never fade. Nevertheless, I opted for something brighter, from sky blue comes blue and from pink I fell in love with red.

I love the mystery that crimson red gives, the power it exudes and the confidence each wearer visualized. It gives a hint of femininity with an immeasurable confidence. And I wanted to be just like that kind of lady, feminine but confident, strong but knows when she can’t handle it alone, someone soft yet at the same time strong. Can you still understand what I am saying? I hope so, because it’s hard to explain what I feel when it comes to this color.

Anyway, I decided to choose crimson blush as this months color it is a dark red color with a hint of pink simply because the pink blush is a part of me, something I can never erase, sometimes might forgotten but will always remain as a part of me. On the other hand, the dark red represents the birthstone jewelry of this month which is ruby.