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What is the first thing that you notice when it comes to Korean fashion? Let’s jot it down, first would be their accessories, have you notice how feminine and cute their fashion jewelries are, from hunky bracelet’s and necklace pendants, rings up to the most detailed accessories they have and more.

They love black, the Goth fashion for their jewelries, clothes and make up except they are not wearing too much foundation just black liners for their eyes, but what’s more eye catching would be their love for the vibrant colors of summer, hot pink, acrylic green, neon blue, crimson red, and glitters.

Korean girls love to wear head accessories of the Sanrio Characters, hello Kitty at most, perhaps because it’s pink. If they are not wearing a hair accessory, surely their crown and glory are fixed into something cute, spiky, sometimes curly or dyed, its too rare to see a Korean girl wearing her hair the usual bland straight and black, its either curly, dyed, with ribbons or colorful bobby pins, oh and they loved bangs and some extreme hair cuts.

Another thing you probably notice is their love for nail polishes, even their guys sport a black polished nails.

Images came from KoreanFashionOnline
What else, the girls loves wearing shorts, skirts and dresses in vibrant summer and spring colors, not sure though if it is because of the summer season, but then again, even in winter you’ll see these girls wearing floral prints.

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Image Credits to Korean Fashion
Next would be for the boys, most of the Korean boys wear white and colorful jeans of green, red, hot pink, or if not they would probably sport into checkered ones, then they will pair it with a white shirt with cute prints and eye glasses.

Oh, and both genders loves hats, and shirts with vertical or horizontal prints.

What else, hmm I can’t think any more, this post is just a random one. It was like I’m in a middle of a very important work then I opened a new page and boom! Korean’s. Then I was transferred into a different dimension where time and space collapse in front of me and nothing else matters but to have this post.