Crimson Red Shoes: Color of the Month

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

Happy Fourth of July everyone, did you enjoy the brief summer holiday? Well, I was out of the country working, so I didn’t enjoy it as much as most of you probably did. Where did you spend the Holiday? I guess most of you went to the beach, stroll at the park or take a very, very long nap.

Anyway, its Monday again, a new week has begun and all of us will definitely face all the challenges this week has to offer. Honestly, I’m already thinking about the weekend, I want to take a really long nap, perhaps a nice weekend rest sipping some vodka, my foot hurts with this silly wedge boots I am wearing all day, sometimes the whole night, my clients are so hard headed.

wedge boots

Aw! Ranting through this pages (smiling really wide); let’s just go back to our original topic. So I will be out of the country the whole month of July. And since I am miles away waiting for the designated time of every appointment in my calendar. I would sit at a coffee shop, take some sips on my latte and a big bite on my favorite blue berry muffins. As the hands of time ticked slowly, I can’t help but notice the lovely shoes the ladies around me, passing by, on the streets-are wearing, and since it is the month of July where Ruby is the main birthstone, why not feature something on the same color, crimson red.

I notice that most ladies here would either wear something flat, a sandals or a doll shoes but most of them opted for a wedge boots, perhaps because of the weather, its rainy here if you wanted to know, there is even a typhoon if I am not mistaken, its hard to walk wearing heels during the rainy season so most of the ladies are either wearing a flat form heels, slippers or as I mentioned wedge boots.

wedge boots

Some caught my attention, too bad I didn't bring my camera, and if I did, its prohibited to take photos in certain areas, and as of the moment as I am writing this post, I am inside a cafe in a hotel that doesn't allow taking pictures of people, and arguing that I only took the photo of the shoes is not a better option so I just browse the net and look for something close but I ended up taking picture of the shoes I want for myself.

Anyway this post is just so I can express my excitement for this month, as stated on the earlier paragraphs, today's July, the birthstone is Ruby which is red, and I wanted to feature something to commemorate not only this month but also the color of ruby.

I hope you like this post, as for me, I think my clients will arrive in a minute or two. Updating you later. Oh check out my previous post Ruby and July.