A Look Back At Christina Aguilera’s Transformation

Sunday, October 14, 2012 Simone Lerwick 0 Comments

My, my. Aging has definitely hit some people hard. And unfortunately for celebrities who are always on the spotlight, people can see how they change – from their fashion styles to their fashion jewelry, to how they wear their hair, their figures and especially their faces.
Christina Aguillera

Christina Aguilera, who has always been in constant wordless competition with Britney Spears ever since they both started in Hollywood has been plagued by critics for her fashion, body and style transformation. Here’s a look back at how things have changed since the day she got what every girl wants.

Sweet. Young. Fresh. Bold and talented. That’s how Christina Aguilera looks in this picture. Despite the fact that her hideous gold midriff-cut top and gold pants may not be passable for today’s fashion style, it was what everyone was wearing at the time she wore it. She was an icon. An icon for singers and fashion for young ladies. Besides, who wouldn’t want to look as sweet as she did back then? Back then, she didn’t even need make up to look good!

Christina Aguillera

A little older a few years later, Christina Aguilera looked fashionable elegant in June 2006. Her bustier dress was highlighted by a diamond chain necklace and a bright red belt that clung to her hour-glass figure. She even matched her lips to her belt and the red clip that kept her hair in place. She now wore more make up, but her face was still pretty much as gorgeous as a few years before.

Christina Aguillera

Looking a tad bit too “birthday cake-y” in this outfit for the 2007 Grammys, Christina Aguilera finally found out how to tan herself. Unfortunately, in this light pink strapless gown with brown chiffon bow, the orange skin really didn’t make her look better. However, we do have to give her props for adding those huge diamond hoop earrings to her outfit – it definitely helped to spice up her dress. Careful on the tanning, Christina, pink and orange do not go well together.

Christina Aguillera

Here’s the Christina we know and love. Fresh faced, simple, elegant and sophisticated. In this simply gorgeous Versace gown, the singer shines at the Golden Globe awards in 2010. She wasn’t overly sexy, she didn’t have too much make-up. She was just right. Her beautiful dress was partnered with a pair of crystal dangling earrings and bracelets that made her outfit simple but definitely elegant. After appearing in a Lady Gaga type of outfit a few years earlier, this was definitely a huge relief for fashion gurus.

Oh we love you Christina, but there’s just something not right about this outfit. Maybe bright purple and bright pink are just too bright to go together. The singer definitely looks healthy and her face has gained some weight compared to her former looks. However, her huge multiple rings are just too much for her outfit and the crystal necklace that hugs her neck is just too much for her overly bright outfit. Something to remember, folks, bright purple is never stylish without reason.