Style of the Month: Leather

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

Reaching the Vixen Boiling Point, master the Art of Buying Leather Clothing. Oh, My, Gosh! Fall, the season to flaunt your ankle boots around town! Though this style has been taking the most fashionable streets by storm, we can all look forward to wearing these pairs more often to keep us warm in this season.

Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2012
Another fashion staple that can keep us warm is leather. And I’ve got 5 tips for you on how to find that piece of leather clothing that will bring you to the vixen boiling point while keeping you warm.

Leather-Of-All-Trades: Choose Versatile Pieces

Wearing the same piece of clothing over and over again (even if they’re washed) is not the best idea. If you’re not Steve Jobs and your favorite piece is not a black turtleneck – then forget about it. When shopping for new additions to your wardrobe, always consider its "dressability". How would you be able to spruce it up with the other items in your closet? Will it look perfect with one of your jeans or dresses? If not, then you might have to let it go for now unless you plan to buy an entire outfit just to accommodate that piece.

It helps to visualize outfits in your head while scouting for new clothes. This can really help avoid impulse shopping for pieces that doesn’t fit your actual style. Save your dollars for pieces that you can see yourself wearing for at least a year.
2012 Fall Fashion: Leather and Fur

Tone It Down: Bring In Your Feminine Side

Leather is a pretty strong material. Aside from being thick, it exudes a certain level of convention and an air of strictness. If dark plain leather doesn’t represent your clothing personality, take for a ride by mixing it with pieces that are so you. Try throwing in some Florals, polka dots or pastel colored numbers to soften up your look.

Body Talks: Consider Your Body Shape

Fashion is all about flaunting your personal style and preaching your dressing beliefs. However, it is also an area where all eyes can be locked up on you the moment you walk by. And I’m pretty sure you know – you don’t always get people looking at you for the right reasons. Don’t give anyone the opportunity to trample with your style. Always consider the assets that you want to highlight when getting leather clothes. Remember that your sister’s leather skinny jeans may not be as flattering on you.

Straighten Facts: Real or Synthetic?

Clothes always come in different materials. Though two pieces may be made from cotton, they would most likely have different levels of that component present in them. One could be 100% cotton while the other can have as little as 40% of it. Same goes for leather numbers. Are you fancying a piece that’s authentic leather or a faux one? If you are aiming to save a couple of bucks, go for the latter. But if you’re looking for a trench coat that can last you several winters, I say you should invest in a piece made from real leather.
Fall 2012 Leather Fashion

Thrice As Nice: Pay Attention to the Fit, Feel and Finishing Touches

Falling in love at first sight is wonderful. But when shopping for clothes, this may get you in a trouble or two. Always pay attention to how a leather piece fits you. Aside from how you look, feeling good while wearing a piece is important as well. Don’t forget to check on the little details like the buttons and seems as they will make all the difference.

Look great and stay warm this season with anything leather. Perhaps you want to check out Korean Fashion, a nice spice to your fashion style