Lindsay Lohan: A not so Surprising Scandal

Tuesday, October 09, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

A sultry congressional aide reportedly had 50 photos of La Lohan in his phone. This gave birth to this very public hullabaloo with the Liz and Dick star. She could just have thrown her chunky wedge boots at Christian which could have knocked him out easily – just sayin’.

lindsay lohan scandal

According to a Mail Online news, Lindsay and the accused Christian LaBella met a New York nightclub on Saturday before the incident. Both partied hard until the wee hours on Sunday and went with some other friends to the classy W Hotel to continue the happening. It was here that Lindsay found out of the massive number of photos taken from the group’s shindig. This made her upset to the point of snatching the camera and deleting the photos herself.

lindsay lohan scandal

Was La Lohan having a bad hair day that’s why she didn’t like those photos? Well, the police might not have taken a look at that angle as of this moment. But for the meantime, here are 5 effective ways on how you can say goodbye to bad hair days:

1. Know your hair type
From experience, I’ve learned that good understanding is necessary in order to care of something or someone. It’s pretty logical I think. One would be able to give what is required only when you know what it is. The same goes for our hair. How would you be able to make dry hair healthy if you don’t actually know it’s dry, right?

2. Eat a balanced diet
What does food have to do with our hair? Well, a lot. The food that we eat is our body’s main source of nourishment. With that, the nutrient that we get from our food intake goes up to our scalp and down to our hair. That may not be the best illustration of it but you know what I mean. Start eating right to get glowing skin and a healthy hair.

3. Cut the vices
Smoking might help you relieve stress but we all know it carries tremendous health hazards with it. The ingredients contained in a cigarette stick and too much alcohol is harmful to the body. They deplete our reservoir of vitamins, minerals and nutrients thereby making us look limp from the skin up to the hair.

4. Get enough rest
Are you too busy to rest? Then you might just have guessed why your hair is not as bouncy. Lack of sleep can cause the body to skip its natural process of repairing and healing itself from daily wear and tear. Allow your body to recharge from time to time to get the most out of it.

5. Go for hair products that cater to your type
It may seem like getting to know your hair is a no-brainer but spending a considerable amount of time in the task would help you create a more comprehensive profile. Since there are many ways to classify our locks, read about hair length, texture and thickness to know where you belong. After that, it will be a breeze to find appropriate products for your hair.

Lindsay Lohan is at it again. What would she do next? Perhaps you have some ideas in mind, why not post it down below and let's see who will guess right.