What to Do After Thanksgiving? 5 Simple Tasks You Can Do To Prepare For the Busy Holiday Season

Friday, November 23, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

I've already pictured the perfect moment. After a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, where my new pair of ankle boots got the spotlight, I’d be retiring to bed and would be waking up to a normal life – oops! But the following day is Black Friday – I might not be getting the rest I've been dreaming of after all.

Hot Deals for Christmas

It took me a quite to get into to the holiday spirit this. Nope, I’m not Mrs. Scrooge but thinking of all the hustle and bustles of this season just makes me want to sulk all day long. Good thing I got a pair of edgy ankle boots from my sister that really got me all hyped up for the holidays.

If you’re a bit wary of what would happen after Thanksgiving, I’ll share with you my simple to do list for this crazy season to keep me on top of my game and prepared for more shopping, parties and gift giving for the next month.

Here they are…

1. Refashion left over foods. Did you host a big family reunion? Chances are you’ll have a leftover meal or two. With the increasing costs of everything – please think twice or even as much as 5 times before you put that dish in the bin.

Reheating is not your only option nowadays. If you still have no idea what your meatballs can turn into, there are tons of food websites and blogs online they can provide you with recipes that will give your dish a second chance at the dinner table.

2. Clean out your closet. Holidays is a season of (gift) giving and sharing. You’d surely get a couple of gifts that would need a home. Free up some space in your closet by removing clothes, shoes, bags and accessories that do not fit your current personal style.

Since Thanksgiving begins this season of sharing, you should consider donating those items booted out of your closet to the Salvation Army or another charity of your choice. You can also look for a local thrift shop or a bazaar to see if you can make a couple of bucks for these goods. Let your booties find a new loving home in somebody else’s closet.

3. Write a holiday shopping list. With Christmas just around the corner, I’m pretty sure you’d be doing a lot of shopping for food and gifts in the next 30 days or so. Be on top of your game by creating reliable shopping list that won’t only serve as a reminder of the items you intend to buy but will also keep you on the budget.

4. Schedule grocery and shopping trips. Being able to plan ahead and anticipate needs this holiday season is your best defense against turning holiday cheers into jeers. Keep in mind that the holiday season is generally busy for everyone including individuals and businesses.

Start going grocery shopping for ingredients little by little to avoid the last minute rush. This would also help make sure that you get the goods that you really want. Don’t settle for your 3rd or nth choice because it went out of stock even before you could make a trip to the store.

5. Bring in the Christmas tree. Haven’t fully decorated your home yet? After Thanksgiving is a great time to go all out in putting holiday adornments in your home. To make things a little more creative, you can ask your guest to help decorate the tree with you after the Thanksgiving dinner. Kids would surely love this as they get busy with all the fancy decorations.