4 Ways to Display Your Jewelry on Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 January Gemorie 0 Comments

In a few weeks, it’ll be Thanksgiving. And just like that, you have to start taking down your jewelry display from last week’s Halloween. No more scary masks, cobwebs and pumpkins to display and everything you put up last week has to be replaced by decorations for the upcoming new holiday. If you think it’s easy to sell jewelry on Halloween because people need it for their costumes, it’s even easier to get them interested on Thanksgiving – especially if they’re the giving kind.

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To attract your market before Thanksgiving, you need to lighten your jewelry display. Here are some ideas to displaying your jewelry for Thanksgiving.

1. Lighten the colors of your display
From your overly dark display last Halloween, lighten all of your display to something more fitting for Thanksgiving – white, beige, cream and even yellow. Create a lighter background. This gives you a chance to display all of your colorful jewelry and help it to stand out more.

2. Pair couple colors together
In order to make a colored jewelry stand out, you need to pair them with something that will help them to look good. This is why black and white look good together. On a white background, black stands out because it’s the partner color of white. On a black background, white will also be the color to stand out the most. Pair up colors like yellow and green, blue and red and you’ll notice that the jewelry will help each other to stand out in a display.

3. Use embellishments
Just because you have a lot of jewelry display stands to help you with your booth doesn't mean that you can’t use embellishments to make it even better. You see, sometimes, display items aren't enough to impress a customer. Other times, you need to use embellishments to get people to notice you. For example, accessories such as ribbons and flowers both make a great decoration to your display. While it can take up a lot of space in a booth, embellishments are a really good addition to those who have jewelry stores. Instead of displaying your jewelry on an empty shelf, use embellishments like pins, vases, flowers, basically anything decorative to make your jewelry stand out.

4. Create a real background
Most jewelry stores create an illusion of a background for their display. They can either print a background or simply use cloth to make the jewelry stand out. However, instead of using portable jewelry display cases on a simple table with matching colored fabric and all the usual decoration, you can create a real background. For example, you can set a side table somewhere in your shop. Place a lamp, some books and decorate it as if you’re decorating your own home. Amidst the decoration, place colorful jewelry to give light to your side table. If you have a simple, clean side table, the colorful jewelry will be the only thing your customers will see.

When it comes to displaying jewelry, colors can be a big help. Use the colors of your jewelry to create an outstanding display.